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    Low tier soviet DDs need turret traverse buff

    If they're supposed to be more high speed gunboats their guns need to be up to the task. Right now the tier 2-4 soviet DDs are both undergunned and have completely inferior torps, making them one trick ponies.
  2. KomissarBojanchev

    regarding the tier 9 ijn DD

    The akitsuki was a dedicated AA destroyer with modest torpedo armament, completely different in configuration to all other IJN DDs. So it should be a premium.
  3. KomissarBojanchev

    Imperator Nicholas I

    IMO a better russian tier 4 battleship should've been the Marat. Far more famous, has some serious disadvantages compared to nonpremium ships(200mm armour bieng among them) but unique because it has decent AA. The Nikolai I wshould've been part of the tree because it would've been quite equal to the IJN and US ships unlike the poorly designed imperatritsa maria and gangut alternatives.
  4. KomissarBojanchev

    High tier british cruisers

    The heaviest and most advanced british conventional gun cruisers built before converting entirely tocarrier escort ships as far as I know were the County class heavy cruisers and the Southhampton class. Unfortunately the former is only suitable for tier 7(tier 8 is kinda stretching it) and the latter is a direct equivalent to the cleveland, therefore tier 6 or eventually again 7. This leaves 3 tiers for which the british tree has no ships. How do you think WG will deal with this issue? Are there any paper designs existing or will adding unicorns become necessary?
  5. KomissarBojanchev

    periodic critical error

    My game crashes once or twice a day from the error. Does anyone else have it? Can it be fixed?
  6. KomissarBojanchev

    The server's lag is unnacceptabe

    Every single game in the last 2 weeks takes for me around 3-10 minutes to load and the server disconnects me 5-20 times. My connection is always 30-40 mb/s with 2-10 ms ping. I never play with a torrent on. The server needs to be improved drastically, otherwise the game is nigh unplayable.
  7. KomissarBojanchev

    Proposed CL/CA split

    I suggested the same thing 2 months ago, but back then the idea was ridiculed due to CAs and CLs being "too similar". A split like this would make it possible to add armored cruisers at low tiers where they belong due to the time period of their building.
  8. KomissarBojanchev

    How will the USS Michigan be balanced?

    I simply don't understand why they made the Michigan class the first US battleship. I somewhat understand that the devs want to add the absolute first dreadnought constructed by each nation but it doesn't seem right for the US. It simply has too many predreadnought performance characteristics that would make it completely inferior to all potential tier 3 battleships of other nations. I have no idea how it will be balanced. Let's compare it to the Kawachi: armament: although they have the same broadside, the kawachi has an additional 4 more 12 inchers making it still more useful. The kawachi's secondary armament is completely superior also. It can perhaps be balanced out for the michigan to have slightly better firing range and RoF but IMO this still wouldn't compensate because the difference in firepower is just too great. speed: the Michigan has predreadnought speed, which would make it the slowest battleship of all nations that will enter the game. I have no idea how that can be balanced armor: perhaps the only thing that is equal between the Kawachi and the Michigan. It still wouldn't completely compensate for the other shortcomings. There is also the chance of the Kawachi having more HP, due to being 4000 tons heavier. Why didn't they just add the Delaware or the Florida as US tier 3s? They seem on par with their potential same tier competitors.
  9. It's extremely annoying how around 80% of the time a torpedo hits at an extreme angle(1-10 degrees) it causes twice as much damage as one that hits perpendicularly . There shouldn't be any damage difference because unlike AP shells angle doesn't affect a torpedo HE warhead's damage. The only way it would explode at such angles is with a magnetic detonater but due to their unreliability they were used extremely rarely, not to mention that when many ships up to tier 4 were built, magnetic exploders weren't even invented. That is why I think it would be more authentic for torpedos to have a certain chance of being a dud once if it hits at an angle lesser than 15 degrees.
  10. Why is the lag so extreme? I don't have any internet connection or ping issues when it happens. This is the main reason my ship gets destroyed.
  11. I found it quite surprising that in WoWS the only usable crew is the captain. I thought the crew system would be something like WoT. Since ships had more than one person but they're too many to be managed in the game my suggestion is together with the captain to just add the chief officers of the different systems of the ships. The system would be the following rough example(I'm not an expert on ship management so its not gonna be accurate): Captain Gunnery officer(artillery) Chief Machinist(repairs and engines) Torpedo officer(if the ship has torpedos) Deck officer(spotting) Aircraft squadron commander(clearly for CVs) I think this wouldn't be that hard to implement since its just an analogue to WoT's
  12. I hope it's before official release since I can't wait to try out the New York, New mexico, or Montanas
  13. I hope they add more sparse maps next which allow for more open maneuvering.
  14. KomissarBojanchev

    At how many mm of armor should I start using AP?

    Due to lack of armor pen stats I don't know when to to do it. Is it at around 50mm?
  15. The soviets had the same amount or more of every class of ship except battleships as the germans in WW2, with massive amount of modern ships being built before it's oubreak. If the nazis hadn't siezed their shipyards, they would've had a navy bigger than italy's by 1943. They also had a large amount of advanced projects that could easily fill a tech tree top to bottom. I personally have no problem with soviet ships coming next since WG has to cater to their main playerbase and I'm extremely interested with playing some of their designs since I'm quite tired with the generic nations. Also the british tech won't be as easy to fill since they don't have any suitable tier X battleship or destroyer. The last british dreadnought plan had only 9 16' gu8ns while the last destroyer was the 5 gun battle class, both are hardly top tier materiel. Same goes for their cruisers. The most powerful british cruiser never had more than 8 8 inch guns. The soviets however can easily fill tier 10 with the project 24 superbattleship with 457mm guns, project 69AV carrier, Skoriy class destroyer, and project 66 cruiser with 220mm guns.