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  1. Ukio

    CVs are crap now.WG normaly you would owe me 38k dbs

    There should be some punishment for stupid game-design-decisions like CV remake. Something like: "Now sit down and play T8 CV, for 100 games, over the weekend" I am more than amazed. They "TESTED" this for months!! Visually - perfect! Gameplay - crap.
  2. Ukio

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    Any gamer with a reasonable IQ would get it. Devs/game designers (I assume) have much higher than mine, so it is easy for them.
  3. Ukio

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    Just because people like you, who completely do not see the issue, I have posted 2 screens, 1 hour apart. THIS SHOULD ALMOST NEVER HAPPEN unless player skill is close in both teams. As many people stated - the ships are just finely balanced. And I agree. It is the players that lack the skill (including me in the second screen - I was deleted with 1 shot). Yes - these are extreme examples. But if they happen like 5 times in every 100 battles, then it is no longer extreme, but some huge flaw.
  4. Ukio

    Statistically impossibly bad matchmaking?

    I feel you brother - this is exactly as I feel. Almost lost interest in WoWs because of bad matchmaking. It is one thing to have 55% winrate, completely different when you end the game on top 5 positions all the time, and still have 55% winrate - this is really, really, REALLY frustrating. I stopped playing for ~1 year (in the meantime my 9yo nephew used my account), and I guess I will take another 2 year brake very soon. Hopefully they will change the minds behind the game and fix it.
  5. Ukio

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    Literally 2 games later - this is today, realtime and there is also one new topic regarding the same thing. Did WG "improved" the matchmaking last 2 days?
  6. .... but you choose to ignore it for years and not listen to any community proposal. Posting this, because this is not a particularly rare occasion.
  7. Ukio

    Reports - useless

    So will be yours - apparently the first 2 trolls, who has nothing to say to the topic. Anybody else? Or you are just OK with the next pointless WOWs "feature"?
  8. Ukio

    Reports - useless

  9. Ukio

    Reports - useless

  10. Ukio

    Ranking bug

    Yep, Wargaming stole 1 star from me. All is good after 1loss and 1win, but the star is missing.
  11. Ukio

    Ranking bug

    Just reached rank 6, but when I closed the battle report screen, port screens were showing still Rank7 with 3 stars (1 missing). The profile was showing rank6. I got the reward ... but the interface is still the same after 1 game.
  12. Ukio

    Operation of the week - no reward

    Perfect, Thanks.
  13. Where is the 24h premium??? Same happened last week with the previous mission. Did WG made this one time (months ago I have had 5 stars on this same mission)?
  14. And here is the potato specialist. As for the other specialist with Secondary-collection-by-hand-ready-to-show-off - > don't you think that the target also matters? The Kartofelguy is right in this case. Either way 400 hits - 3000 dmg - Thanks (Obama) WG :)
  15. My ship is Alzase 30 hits with Primaries = 36K dmg = Bad game design (1 citadel for 14K so this is even worse) 403 secondaries = 3600 dmg = Bad game design And before "the specialists" start writing - I do not care, these are 380mm guns, theoretically they should do more, even by luck. For secondaries - Alzase has one of the best (IMHO), but 400 HITS ... And yes - I am average, semi-active player, quitting very soon because BS like this.