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  1. Ukio

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Oh wait, while I was writing the last post... This game I F@CKED UP completely! Died literally in the first 3 mins - radar-ed and HE-ed like piece of junk.
  2. Ukio

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I had so much fun again. Where is the table to put how much fun I had ? My favorite part is when I play like hell, do ~60K uptiered, cap and support DDs (who cares, its not in the points) and we did not even kill one enemy, because my entire team is FULL OF UTTER nice people who has nothing to do with a retardation. From 6 games today it happened 5 times - one team gets wiped out completely
  3. Ukio

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    LOOK AT THIS SH*T! LOOK AT IT!!! Ultra passive games, nobody cares about objectives - just camp behind islands. 3 Games in a row!!! 1 loss, 2 wins, but I do not care - if this is not a broken MM, I do not know what is!?
  4. Ukio

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Looks like I need to remind you this was not MM at all - just people waiting in the queue. Hopefully the developer have enough imagination to make something out, that is a bit better than "equal type, equal tier, plus minus 2". This is a school-grade-project complexity matchmaking.
  5. Ukio

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    The MM being absolute crap is a long thread, that probably dates since release. At this point I think WG will do nothing to improve the situation. Today I lost a game, having 80 points less than the 1st player on the winning team. ... will play some other games.
  6. There were some Divisions - this is why. But check out the result - nice a?! Once again - insane MM, probably never gonna get fixed. But the tables show how satisfied are the players, so all cool, no need to change anything. And yeeah - no bots here, just usual 27% peak of players. Keep going WG, really good job!
  7. Ukio

    EU server full of bots at the moment

    Bots? Makes sense ... I see a lot of inadequate play. Especially with DDs.
  8. I think WG set up a debuff on my account - seriously! I was R4, now R7 and falling down. Yesterday lost ~12 matches, won 2. I played really really good - but no matter what, we lost. Today - this is what happens.... the games are not even close. Our teams got absolutely obliterated. I know that your fingers itch to tell me how average player I am - yes, I know. Anybody any ideas? I will continue playing for today, just to see how far this goes.
  9. Ukio

    Checklist : what WG must fix in wows asap?

    How about permaban of people like you? This game has SERIOUS issues - blaming on the playerbase makes you part of the problem. FIX THE RETARDED MATCHMAKING SYSTEM!!!! No, the problem is not me - it is you Wargaming! Also the scribblers like the Lieut_Gruber who pretend the bull in the shop does not exist. Thanks WG - Rank 4 to Rank 6 in one hour:
  10. I push with GK - it is meant for brawling - I play it as tank. Unfortunately torps, DAKAs, russian-mega-pen ... stops me every time. I have about 55% win rate with GK ... but 6 losses in a row, with pitiful dmg is ... bad even for me.
  11. GK - with all bells and whistles - legendary module, 19-captain.... also one of my favorite ships - but because all DAKAS it is unplayable. I barely make 40-50K and die. Yes, with fire prevention and survivability. Also really like how heavy cruisers just bow-tank me - my shells causing 1000 dmg - theirs - 6-7K, despite the caliber and armor. Will try one more game, just to see if I can improve my personal record of 7 losses in a row with same ship. .... [Update - no record - won the game! Amazing!] Oh yeah, thanks for the matchmaking also - really good!
  12. Ukio

    This is the level of players these days

    Again - this is the level of players you get! No, I am not that good - the opponents were really bad! Analysis in red and green - hope you have enough grey to figure it out. Yes - the GK ret...."player" from my team should probably be banned for life.
  13. Ukio

    This is the level of players these days

    Wow THE Credit Card GOD has spoken! Stop playing division for a month and come back to us on 55% winrate :D And yes - you miss the point completely. So if you remember yesterday, before screen was deleted, I scored about 200 points by doing NOTHING and dying the 1st in the first 2-3 mins of the battle. Now check this out (about 15 mins match): But wait! THERE IS MOREEEE! And only 2 games later! Full Tier X game! Unlike the top one this is a loss (this is why 100-300 score) ... so what is the excuse on these two ret ... "players" ?!?
  14. Ukio

    This is the level of players these days

    Did not mean to shame these guys - BUT IT IS FOR SHAME. Me making THE WORST game ever and there are still 2 - not one but TWO "players" who do worse? Also - when I say I do not put much effort I mean I still end up in the first 10 places - imagine what teams I am playing with.
  15. Ukio

    This is the level of players these days

    That would be a good start :) Not really - just some division thing - wood/copper/gold/diamond would be nice Maybe based on the last 100 matches. To the question how I managed to achieve such great score: I got torped from a smoke near the cap then some BB lobbed AP over the island where I was hiding. I do not put much effort in this ship - just grinding. The only enjoyable thing with it is hitting DDs ...