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  1. BelRiose

    Stop asking for Regia Marina Italian ships

    Hey mate, can you write something like this in WoT? Epico!
  2. BelRiose

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    PS: Fiat G55 exist as a land based torpedo fighter... Why not carrier based?
  3. BelRiose

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    why not the Dante Alighieri as a regular tier III BB?
  4. BelRiose

    Are you having fun in Ranked ?

    Reached rank 14, than lost 10 vs win 1 in a row....the only wy to have fun is to use a DD (the single win...). People with ships of any kind camp behind islands and is impossible to survive in any kind of attack with a cruiser that you lead always alone... all the rest of the team sleep behind a rock. Not funny to wait incoming victims without any manouver. Not for me...
  5. BelRiose

    hackusations thread

    Straight sailing along the whole cap with a sort of Mutsuki/Hatsuharu/or something like that, I oneshotted him at the third salvo from my Mogami (1 too short, 1 too long, the 3rd perfect...)....10 shots (on 15) on the target that blow in a glance...and whining went on for the rest of the battle.
  6. BelRiose

    Russian BB Novorrossysk (T6-7)

    Speed reduced at 18 knots for while (brits BBsw max speed was 24 knots...), then continue to fight at usual speed soon after, fighting efficiency untouched... Speed is a lot in game, to engage and disengage...I hate American BBs at the moment, I'm only at New Mexico, for this reason...can't engage/diesengage at will! The rule was this: in Jutland Battle, in WW1, they discover that engaging the same target was a disadvatage for aiming...for the shooters was impossible to understand which of the ships shooting at the target has the correct aiming.For this in Regia Marina the rule of engagement was like this: 1- "no focus fire on a single target, to detect missing and correct aiming"; 2- "show to enemies a single target, so tehy can't understand wich shooting ship has the best aiming". I don't know if it was a clever idea...
  7. BelRiose

    Russian BB Novorrossysk (T6-7)

    PS: in Punta Stilo (Battle of Calabria) Cavour and Cesare, with their 320 mm guns, faced the Royal Sovereign, Warspite and Malaya (all with 381 mm guns) with no fear. By the way, Royal Sovereign was never in firing range due to poor speed...
  8. BelRiose

    Russian BB Novorrossysk (T6-7)

    HMS Royal Sovereign was an heap of rust, never had seriuous improvement in all his career, 40.000 hp (less than a half of Giulio Cesare 1937) and 23 knots...simply, an old ship and russian prefer the Giulio Cesare obviously.
  9. BelRiose

    Russian BB Novorrossysk (T6-7)

    In any case is the best and more modern battleship USSR ever own (real battleships, not paper battleships). ps: ANYWAY, GIULIO CESARE/NOVOSIJRSK IT'S A BEAUTY, not a british iron-cube...
  10. BelRiose

    Russian BB Novorrossysk (T6-7)

    were I say this?I only show one of the differences... Tipical of post WW1 designs was the increased speed: nobody built battle-cruisers anymore, battleshipe where usually as fast a as battlecruiser... Yamato was a fast BB anyway, 27 knots! Fuso was considered very slow in WW2, for example...
  11. BelRiose

    Russian BB Novorrossysk (T6-7)

    Warspite: 75.000 hp 24 knots Giulio Cesare/Novossijrsk 93.000 hp 28 knots... in 1937 they fit a whole new engine EDIT: Warspite: 80.000 hp 23 knots...
  12. BelRiose

    Russian BB Novorrossysk (T6-7)

    Speed & engine HP ...almost as fast as a Kongo, more a Battlecruiser than a Battleship after works in 1937...
  13. BelRiose

    Italian ships...

    ..and that's all, folks...
  14. BelRiose

    Italian ships...

    where did I write that Itaian Tech Tree must be put in game before the Russian one? Show me please...
  15. BelRiose

    Italian ships...

    And now you, prove the opposit and tell me names of non-italian captain on italian ships after armistice... ..anyway, it's not important, in WoW anybody can serve on a ship...so there are no USSR ship in my fleet, ''cos the commander is italian... By the way, a ship build in italy, with an italian commander in WoW is an italian ship, clear... even with CCCP flag.!