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  1. Azuremare

    Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    Getting Citadels with HE is funny on CA. 3 games and not even tried to shoot AP and anyone yet. setting BBQs is just to much fun. armour is very weak as mentioned. This is not a ship for low bobs Worth 375k XP, I would say no, if she was a little bit faster at say 28Knots then I would be much happier. Plays similar to RN Ca in which I find right at home Overall its a fun ship, and glad it is out today., was thinking Thursday as per usual update day
  2. Azuremare

    Will RN BB Radar be worst thing ever ??

    More radar is not welcome, yet WG don't have any other idea for the RN BB line. High tier DD player base will drop, and those that remain will try to cap less. MM might give 3 radar ships per team, so you can avoid those ships early on. good luck doing that with 7 radar ships. Might be time to play mid tier only with DDs
  3. Azuremare

    Sooo, I got to the Lexington, what now?

    Go strike and sink dds in cap games early on, if you can't sink em keep them spotted for as long as you can. Yes you will lose some planes but risk has its rewards. I play very aggressive and try to hide behind a island near a cap or close to the middle of the map. Use the Lex as a no fly zone to protect my planes. 7.2km aa Maxed out. Sometimes I get a clear sky thanks to dumb red cv sending wave after wave at me. Most games it thins out fighters at least. Late game you can risk moving with a bb to give them AA cover too. Detonated a DD once with secondaries lol got rammed by a dd as well. Fun times Yes I do get games where I can't use this tactic and get shut done. But hey if it worked every time how's that fun. can safely say after 600+ games in lex, I've never seen anyone else do what I do. Using my ship as my Fighter screen
  4. You need to be taking some damage as well. Tanking gives a boost to xp/cred earnings. Stupid as it is with the current economy. Basically CV play is dead in this game, WG care little for it yet it remains in game. Look at the rubbish new cap skills coming up soon. Worthless!!! I used to love my Lex for earning good creds, now she rusts in port. I don't expect that to change, if ever
  5. Azuremare

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    CA CL What's the difference, none as WG don't make that difference in the tech tree. This new crusen 4 a brusen competition is funny. WG must be able to clearly see there is not enough data coming in from Random games for the bean counters to mull over. So some bright spark came up with s incentive to play RN. They never needed to do this for any other new line release. But it's not going to get average players to try the RN is it, not when the prizes are for Unicums only that come top 10 in each tier. I expect the results from this will only keep the RN as they are. If I want to spam invis Fire from smoke I can take a benson out that does it better, can stay stealth and drop torps. Keep the RN as it is, I'm past caring about it now. I dread to think how they will mess up HMS Hood when they get round to it. 1 Shot from a Bismarck should insta sink her. And I bet she's going to be a t7 premium too
  6. Azuremare

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    £27 for just the ship It should be OP This is a Pay2win game after all. A certain German BB P2W ship has torps. No one says she is OP.
  7. Azuremare

    Does Carrier class need a buff to it's economy? Poll.

    Very True And the quality of cv player is going down the toilet. Which is a good thing for my Strike Lex. Most games these days I get to sink ships at my pleasure
  8. Azuremare

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    OP nails it on the head RN CA line is a joke. For whatever reason WG don't want these ships to have HE other than Belfast. And they still gimp anyone that buys her by removing torps LOL For "light cruisers" they feel very sluggish. Leander and Fiji Will WG do a anything about how it. I doubt it very much As the few Unicums will make the line seem OP when they platoon in randoms.
  9. Azuremare

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Cash grab indeed I saw 3 guys in Belfast's platooning, and what do you know they got sunk quite early on. Without doubt RN CA need a lot of help from both teams to have a good chance of doing anything useful. If I want to drop smoke and spam shells I'm going to play a USN DD. They do it better in every department compared to RN CA. Only thing RN has the advantage over a DD while in smoke is its hydro. I really want to love Fiji but it's not impressing me with this play style. Think I will just play any other line and soon as I spot a RN CA think Easy XP and creds !!!
  10. Azuremare

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    Just had 1 game in the Fiji, it is WORSE than Leander by a ocean mile. You can not engage a BB at your gun range unless they sail in a straight line, and most will as they can laugh at you. While your shells take over 10 secs to land. Had a Bismark on 7k health and landed about 50 hits on him. could I sink him. NO CHANCE. Any CA with HE would of had him on toast before he had fired 2 salvos. If WG refuse to give RN HE, then fine at least give them a good buff for gun velocity. 152mm guns that have the same ach as USN dds guns is beyond a Joke and this MUST be sorted out before these ships and be useful. So should I get more skill, maybe but when I hardly see any Good posts about how RN ships are handling. Its not me its the ship !!!! We all know this RN line is a joke and the only ones laughing are WG. If I want to stealth up to ships and drop smoke I can do that in a Benson/Fletcher with my 15 point captains and have a much better time than this RN Trash !!! ​No more RN for me until this debacle is sorted.
  11. Azuremare

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    DD hunter my foot. Gun arch is a joke just like the range 5 sec travel time you have to lead a DD by 15 No HE is a disgrace Yes I will still play Leadner and am enjoying all the floors for some reason. I like hitting BBs for little to no damage at my max range. This line as it is will never attract new players. Will I push on to Fiji of course I will, but don't expect me to like it
  12. Azuremare

    Guide: British Cruisers

    I used free xp to skip up to t6 and il glad I did. My CA play is not great but I'm improving and find the demands of RN to be a challenge. You really can not yolo and need to work as a team to get the best out of them I feel. Enjoying the challenge but do feel HE is needed when facing well armoured ships This reminds me very much of my time on WOT playing whatever tank vs a tank 2 tiers higher. Just can't do squat to its front armour with normal rounds. Difference on WOWS is no matter the tier difference you feel you can cause damage with HE.
  13. Azuremare

    GG CVs

    WG do not want cv play in t10. that way the moaning Bb lot get there way. They would rather face a t8 cv and watch its planes get swatted out of the sky than risk facing a equal tier cv. I pretty much give up in my strike Lex if I'm in a t10 heavy match.
  14. Azuremare

    0.5.12 patch made cv broken

    It's true they don't want good cv players to play anymore. About 1 in 10 games since patch I am facing a good cv cap in my strike Lex. To be honest, for me this patch has been great. Yes I barely make a profit some games, but on the other hand I can drop bombs and torps as I please. So thumbs up WG, your killing the CV class for good players. Mostly bad ones remain trying to grind up for some reason.
  15. More nerffing of CVs I have to say making money is no longer part of playing a CV. I play strike Lex and have found the past week the standard of my opponent CV to be quite bad. I guess most good CV players have had enough. I'm quite enjoying playing V AS load outs that don't defend the team and allow me to delete ships as I please. Or spot with empty DB and they don't even try to shoot the squad down. One guy let me get "clear sky" he kept sending planes after me. WG plan is to only have idiots left to play CVs with just a few decent players left to slog it out. That way other classes can't moan about being deleted anymore. Because the ships stats will be dragged down by the 5 poor too 1 ok-good player