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  1. DarkSteel85

    A.R.G now recruiting

    We are still open to new or experienced players you are more than welcome to join us click on the discord link above o find out more,
  2. DarkSteel85

    A.R.G now recruiting

    Come on people time to conquer the sea's :D
  3. DarkSteel85

    A.R.G now recruiting

    We still have open slots available for people to take up arms against other clans so feel free to join us jump into our discord channel to find out more @ https://discord.gg/H7dVuw4 Good luck and fair seas.
  4. DarkSteel85

    A.R.G now recruiting

    A.R.G (After redemption gaming), We are now recruiting new to experienced players to take part in clan battles, if you would like to join a friendly clan that can take a joke your more then welcome to join us (as long as you can take one :p). We are on discord which most ppl prefer today and there is always at least one active person on usually on an evening so why not drop by our clan is also active on WoT, And we like a variety of ships DD,CA,BB,CV so whatever you like playing we won't beg you to change your preference. So Come and join us and lets raise a bit of Hell.