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  1. The_Aegis

    Question about mosvka moving.

    Thats kind of what i thought but i wasnt 100% sure on it, i know in some games like world of tanks when replacing a vehicle they tend to give you the new one free. if i remember correctly that is.
  2. The_Aegis

    Question about mosvka moving.

    So i was looking at the details about mosvka being moved to a coal ship and a new one taking her spot. This leads me to the question of this - it states you will keep the mosvka if you have it instead of buying it via coal, but will you also be given the new ship thats replacing her? or do you need to research it and buy it again?
  3. Heyo guys, im curious with the 2019 camos they seem to miss a thing that most ships got back in 2018, for instance the NC when firing her main guns with the 2018 halloween skin she would fire with green smoke which looked pretty neat and kept things feeling kind of together in a halloween way. So why is it that the 2019 varients dont seem to have this?, the smokestacks billow different colour smoke, they have a unique horn, and an amazing skin "except khaba and shima" this includes other parts of them billowing different things for instance yamato has fire coming out of nearly everything, montana has green smoke coming from the crocs nostrils. But why do they not have colored smoke when firing like last year? Im aware i may be the only person who cares even slightly, but it just makes the ship feel a little less halloweeny.
  4. The_Aegis

    Server maintenance again?

    Huh its odd ive never seen it before XD
  5. The_Aegis

    Server maintenance again?

    Yesterday the server kicked me off for maintenance, which I've not seen it do before, again today it happend but not to my friend? Anyone else get kicked?
  6. So ive been saving as much coal as i can to get the salem, ive got over 100k or so now, but for some reason i cant apply the coupon to see how much coal i need?, i can use it for other things lower than salem but just not the salem? - its the only ship i can get for coal that i want. Have they removed the ability to use a coupon for a discount?
  7. Oh I see! So they do have the siren effect but they aren't actually stukas?
  8. I could have sworn in every game I’ve seen the Graf zepp when using dive bombers it had a Stuka siren sound..... am I hearing things?
  9. So i have a few tier 10;s but im unsure which ones should use the legendary upgrades and which shouldnt. My tier 10s are - yamato, conqurer, minotaur, kharbarovsk, audacious and soon to have montana. Which should use their legendary upgrades "granted audacious doesnt have one yet"
  10. The_Aegis

    Audacious, anyone made her work well yet?

    Personally I love the audacious although she is my first tier 10 carrier, I can easily push 100k damage with her "I don't consider it a lot but I'm still fairly new to carriers and learning how to use them" it's quite fun to play but then I just enjoy it in general, the bombers are hit and miss, the bombs are far too slow, I'm certain they have parachutes on them. The rocket planes are great for harassing targets and I find work well against dds, the torp bombers are also pretty near, although I'm sure they drop less torps than the other cvs I find they work really quite well. I'm trying to work out the best upgrades for the ship and captain skills though which is the hard bit.
  11. The_Aegis

    Captain question.

    Good point! Thank you sir.
  12. The_Aegis

    Captain question.

    Thanks for all the responses, I've played the game a loong time and I'm still learning things, heck I only just found out you can reinforce aa defences. I didn't know about shipcomrade, so thank you! I use the wiki for my skill builds all the time, it's where I got my yammy skill build. Now I'm just trying to get the audacious build but it being brand new it's hard to figure out.
  13. The_Aegis

    Audacious question.

    Hey all, just unlocked the audacious today, wondering if anyone has any useful builds for her yet? What upgrades and captain skills does she need to be effective?
  14. The_Aegis

    Captain question.

    I see!, i was mostly curious as in world of tanks you cant transfer a heavy tank crew to a light tank and such, which i know wows is not wot, but i wasnt sure. As for skills my commander is built as a yamato commander, so wouldm ake sense using him on things like the KII or possibly the atago. He uses skills such as expert marksman, superintendant, jack of all, high alert and concealment expert, all of which i think would suit both kii and atago pretty decently. Im not certain on that, i may have a few tier x's but im still learning what suits what.
  15. The_Aegis

    Captain question.

    Hi all i just have a quick question, i have yamamoto isoruku on my yamato, is it possible to run him on my atago sometimes or can he only be used on my premium battleships?