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  1. Heyo guys, im curious with the 2019 camos they seem to miss a thing that most ships got back in 2018, for instance the NC when firing her main guns with the 2018 halloween skin she would fire with green smoke which looked pretty neat and kept things feeling kind of together in a halloween way. So why is it that the 2019 varients dont seem to have this?, the smokestacks billow different colour smoke, they have a unique horn, and an amazing skin "except khaba and shima" this includes other parts of them billowing different things for instance yamato has fire coming out of nearly everything, montana has green smoke coming from the crocs nostrils. But why do they not have colored smoke when firing like last year? Im aware i may be the only person who cares even slightly, but it just makes the ship feel a little less halloweeny.
  2. The_Aegis

    Server maintenance again?

    Huh its odd ive never seen it before XD
  3. The_Aegis

    Server maintenance again?

    Yesterday the server kicked me off for maintenance, which I've not seen it do before, again today it happend but not to my friend? Anyone else get kicked?