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  1. deathman16

    Is there going to be another set of directives.

    Huh, well that might mean I’m in for a shot at it then.
  2. deathman16

    Is there going to be another set of directives.

    Ah dang, was really hoping to get the implacable this way instead of grinding for it. The furious is awful atm.
  3. deathman16

    Is there going to be another set of directives.

    I thought you also get crowns from the directives?
  4. deathman16

    Is there going to be another set of directives.

    My question is then, if I already have around 2100 florins and I think 70 crowns will I manage to get the implacable? As that’s where I’m at atm, I have 2100 florins and about 70 crowns. I just desperately want to make it, I can’t afford to throw premium crates atm.
  5. deathman16

    Is there going to be another set of directives.

    Correct i already have hermes and furious, just the implacable left. Do you know when the next set of directives will boot?
  6. Ive nearly got the implacable but finding it hard to get the crowns required to pick it up, will there be another set of directives? if so when?
  7. Oh I didn’t realise there was another part of the campaign coming, if that’s so then I’ll likely get the carrier when those go live, I would exchange doubloons for crowns if I had the doubloons lol.
  8. Finding it super hard to get to the implacable, need 80 crowns to get it and holy heck is it slow getting those with 1 per mission. Spent £40 to get the Hermes and furious, ended up with the vanguard, duke of York, and hood from that so cant complain, but with the current state of crowns I might not see the implacable until it’s released.
  9. deathman16

    Alaska or Jean Bart.

    This will highly likely be an unpopular opinion question, out of the jean bart and alaska what one would be better or more fun, i primarily play battleships but am pretty keen on cruisers too, and the alaska "although being new" does look interesting. The jean bart looks as though it could be great fun and a similair style to the dunker.
  10. deathman16

    Missing saipan and kaga.

    I understand about them being moved as ive seen a few videos, but alas they still dont appear to exist.
  11. deathman16

    Missing saipan and kaga.

    No filters are active. Unsure what exactly is happening as i still have my enterprise.
  12. deathman16

    Missing saipan and kaga.

    I just came back to WoWs after a loooong break, and my saipan is missing, it says its been researched as well as the kaga, but neither of them show up anywhere. Anyone got any ideas?
  13. deathman16

    Musashi, How much free xp?

    Hopefully around 1mil to 2mil. Whilst I'm happy they are adding the musashi, I'm concerned about what it means elsewhere. She comes equipped with the same guns as the yamato, with just a 5 second longer reload. This ship will meet tier 7 vessels. I can't see a way to even balance her to bring her to a tier 9 vessel without really breaking her. I thought originally they would replace the izumo with her but again she would pretty much break the game at that point. Not sure what's to come with her.
  14. deathman16

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    This looks and reminds me of the Andrea Doria from navyfield