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  1. Olala

    What Wows was, what to bring back

    Oh I remember the good old days when I switch to ships from tanks , when it required sklill and effort to get to high tier, just to get farmed from out of detection range DD behind island with the HE shower of love :)
  2. Olala

    How to enable "dazzle"???

    My question is does DAZZLE affect CV as well, since they have no dispersion, does it work on the drop? I personally do not find it very useful, since, at knife fight distance, 4-10km dispersion is not such an issue, for BB's shooting at you with dead eye it means only 5% debuff, that may work for them since the worse spread might favor some random hits. For cruisers the same assuming u are in their base detection aura. Dazzle needs some buff, or as-is now, it may be only suitable for the carry smoke DD's that are "re-appearing" and become re-detected then hidden in smoke so re-activating DAZZLE over and over until the enemy realizes they have hydro/radar. ~OLL
  3. Olala

    Predict the first nerf/buff on Captain skills..

    BUFF: Outnumbered - reworked since its dead point sink (or renamed to POTATO SKILL) - at least to something like number of enemy ships in range exceeding 2 and more Dazzle to get at least 20-30s ... otherwise usless skill at 15s duration. DE - to get some former glory BB fire prevention to get more use - would be nice some thing progressive in terms of protection, moving from 25 to 50ish over the time with multiple HE hits, just to counter the HE meta, I have never seen so much HE spam as this patch
  4. Olala

    Expert AA Marksman

    The other day I have been testing full AA Monty, and it worked perfectly, propably as WG intended. 8/10 games I was in no CV game, therefore I had 7 dead points however did not have to bother with any CV. Besides that I did not find it that usefull perhaps moved from 15 shot planes to 21-5ish, that info is however biased, since it depends on how much enemy CV player is stubborn. On the other hand, Monty is miles away from its former AA glory days. Therefore I would not suggest it besides the MM mechanics that stack you in no CV games. ~OLL
  5. Olala

    Karma system is totally broken

    I do believe there has to be hidden karma score, since on chat ban, I do get dual - triple pink teammates often. When the ban is lifted I rarely get pink teammate. Therefore I do believe, there has to be score given while on ban/pink to bundle them into one team to get worse game experience as a punishment ( something like low prio Dota) ~OLL
  6. Olala

    Lot of game DC'ing

    So I do use secure net, I cannot decide on what is more frustrating, the amount of money spent for unstable game or that WG decides not to do anything about the issue. Happy times...
  7. best DD hunter.... MIDWAY... best at capping as well
  8. Olala

    Lot of game DC'ing

    Getting worse and worse... @WG can u stop streaming adult industry movies and focus on game? Please ? Do you need some Datacenter maintenance? Just got few games...BB start than in middle of map red with 1/4 of health...awesome experience <3 On top of me seems like, half team got DCed.
  9. Olala

    Lot of game DC'ing

    Hello fellow sailors, Do you lately experience lot of game disconnects? I do personally almost every 5th game get DCed and than I reconnect. No issue on my side ( did run all internet diagnostics; the line is more perfect than ever.) Is there something wrong with the WG (adult-movie-hosting) server ? Thank you in advance ~OLL
  10. Olala

    Ranked bug? From quali to rank7

    Well I have got a chat ban on top of that :) thnx WG
  11. Olala

    Ranked bug? From quali to rank7

    Yeah should have read it. thats mistake on my part... this new system is pure grind fest...
  12. Olala

    Ranked bug? From quali to rank7

    Oh Lord , if I only knew, I have to start all over, I would finish the quali... Lets go hell here we go again...
  13. Hello guys, today I wanted to get last 3 stars on my gold qualification, turned on the game, just to see I am back to rank 7 silver. Did anyone have this bug? What did you do in order to fix? Do I have to go trough the hell again? Thank you in advance ~OLL
  14. Olala

    What would be you'r dream ship in the game?

    HMS HABAKKUK https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Habakkuk For the CV balans reasons