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  1. I looked up the word "shill" in the dictionary and there was just a link to @IEarlGreyTV funny that? Shame how a previously decent CC has sunk so low since taking the 40 pieces of silver.
  2. samphilconlor

    Lion is just utter Trash

    I've just got it so not much experience yet but the few games I have played I think I'm so relieved to be out of the Monarch I thought it was OK.
  3. As a playerbase this is so easily fixed. For the rest of this month and the whole of January don't spend any money on WG, none no ships (despite discounts), no premium, no signals NOTHING. The only way to make them pay any attention is to hit their bottom line as they have made it perfectly clear they are here for the money, stop giving them money and they'll never pull this BS again.
  4. samphilconlor

    How do YOU guys play Gneisenau ?

    ^ This Just finished watching Shipstorm a 3 x 3 tournament on Flamu's stream EU vs NA, "Omega" for the EU took a Gneisenau "Smolensk Is Fine" took a Sinop. Final battle came down to SIF's Sinop pushing around an island 10Km away from the Gneisenau, trying to sneak up on a cruiser. However the Gneisenau intercepted and torped him to oblivion. Like I say YMMV but i rate the Gneisenau and if competitive teams play it in tournaments it definitely has it's place.
  5. samphilconlor

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    Now that's an idea I can get behind. I was taking a break from the game when the Missouri came out and now feel I am at a disadvantage to everyone else when it comes to grinding credits, if I could do a 6 month campaign at the end of which I could get the ship by paying the same amount of resources it was originally on sale for I'd be happy. It'll never happen as rare ships are WG's cash cow. Just look at Type 59's in WoT whenever they came up for limited times the playerbase went crazy.
  6. No sooner said than done, please vote responsibly!
  7. Actually it is true. If you buys the ship it is circa 200 euros.... 200 euros for a pixel ship.... in what possible world is that normal. Are you seriously justifying paying 80 euros for a ship and then doing a grind as well? For that price I could buy two entire new games not just one pixel ship, this is not normal and should not be treated as such. I'm not cheap I am still on my years worth of premium, I have 29 premium ships god knows how many premium tanks and have invested hundreds and hundreds of pounds into wargaming's coffers over my eight years of supporting them but this is a step too far for me. I will certainly not be supporting them financially this festive period I'll be buying another game for fun and just grinding snowflakes in here this year.
  8. or am I reading something different? Yes you are really lets look at the facts: 1) It was advertised as being available for free for the majority of players 2) CC's were pressured to publicise the event and given misleading information on the test server about how easy it would be to achieve 3) The decision was clearly made to make the grind impossible for the vast majority of players (I don't know anyone planning on grinding this for free or indeed at all) 4) The total cost of what looks to be an average pixel ship is reprehensible up to 240 euros?!?!!?? You make Trump look like Mother Theresa in comparison 5) You go live without announcing the changes to be made or giving the CC's the chance to update the information they put out on your behalf? 6) You act surprised at the backlash?!? 7) Your servers didn't work on the day of release 8) You now go back and re-edit old posts to more correct wording to cover up your tracks? What I find amazing is that someone using the picture of Cpt Obvious is defending what is clearly an effort from a large company to mislead their customers and extract as much money as possible in a very devious manner.
  9. As we all know new commanders are being introduced into the game for 175K Coal which I don't have a massive issue with to be honest it's pricey but one commander can be put into multiple ships etc. However what we are lacking is a coupon for commanders. We have them for two different types of ships, signals, camo's and upgrades but not for commanders so why not? Should be simple to introduce and would be a good way to win back some much needed faith from the playerbase.
  10. samphilconlor

    Disconnecting after game finishes

    Apparently if you spend 240 euros on a set of boosters then they'll give you a new login to a top secret server that works.....
  11. samphilconlor

    Compensation for server downtime?

    So as the title says day of the huge Xmas update, very time limited (impossible) grind event that has the playerbase up in arms over how hard it will be and we can't even get on the server to play. I assume some form of compensation for our troubles will be forthcoming? I've got 80+ days premium on my account and I can't even play the game currently. Honestly don't think you guys could have shot yourselves in the foot any more today if you'd tried.
  12. samphilconlor

    server interruptions, 19h

    Same battle ended, screen froze can't get back in.
  13. samphilconlor

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Probably best if you don't ;-)
  14. samphilconlor

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    ^ This Those directives are beyond a joke, way to shoot yourself in the foot WG. Guess I'm just playing for Lutjens and saving for the Georgia this year via the snowflakes.