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  1. Warships is a better game with a less toxic community but the Xmas events lack a lot compared to Tanks counterpart.
  2. samphilconlor

    HMS Dreadnought and HMS Vanguard: The First and the Last.

    Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it.
  3. samphilconlor

    HMS Dreadnought and HMS Vanguard: The First and the Last.

    So the only way to get the Dreadnought is to be forced to buy a T8 premium..... the one ship that redefined warships for all time.... the one ship that should have been in the game from the start..... riiiggghhht seems legit. Honestly WG it may not have made you much but I would have bought the Dreadnought to sit proudly alongside my numerous other premiums but with a blatant cash grab like this I think not.
  4. samphilconlor

    14 pnt capt bismarck (Secondary build) Advice

    Looks good just add Demo Expert when you get the points and you are good to go.
  5. samphilconlor

    Issue playing replays after game version upgrade

    Thanks mate don't suppose you know any sites that do this? They really need a more robust replay system.....
  6. Had some replays I was going to make videos from at the weekend but logged on today to get a few games and my client automatically upgraded.... now the replays I had saved won't play but the ones from today will. Clearly the change in version has borked replaying older version replays. Rookie mistake I know but is there anything I can do to get the replays I had previously to work? They were all taken around the 18th and 19th of this month if that helps
  7. samphilconlor

    Kicked out of battle?

    Yup died in battle but wouldn't let me exit to port, first time I'd seen that. Killed the client, rebooted and now can't get back in again. Frustrating as being a casual player weekend is best time to get those crates.
  8. samphilconlor

    Scharnhorst: Getting the most out of her?

    I use a secondary build and play aggressively in her, I have the same 8km secondaries you mention and they are really useful. Top tier you are a complete bully, bottom tier I agree the HE spam is a real issue, below is how I like to play it not an exceptional game but a good aggressive cap push. As tempting as it is to switch to HE stick with the AP in most situations and you will generally land more damage IMHO. https://replayswows.com/replay/28134#stats
  9. samphilconlor

    The worst tier 4 BB Arkansas Beta

    Apologies for resurrecting dead post here but can't believe the AKB is being viewed as a bad ship. Apart from the obvious lack of AA I don't really consider her weak anywhere and fully stocked with modules and a decent captain she is a beast. I am biased as I have my record number of kills in this thing 10 in one random battle and I am far from a good player. Anyway just back after a 6 month break so finding out what this RN HE thing is all about...
  10. samphilconlor

    How Wargaming can take more of my money.....

    Very simple solution here: 1) Put the Konig Albert back on sale like it is in the NA and RU stores, I'd like a stress free trainer for my German BB captains and missed it, Just like Ross from Friends I was on a break when it was first released but I've been back for months and it's never been sold so stop being silly and either rotate the ships on offer or just list all the current ships all the time. 2) Hire Brian Blessed to do a voice over for RN captains when you release the Hood, seriously just do it and take my money
  11. samphilconlor

    Royal Navy Cruiser line

    Really.... now more confused than ever. So now you can hide in smoke (momentarily) and flatten even more ammo against BB's than before before it disperses and then use your repair to heal the first citadel that lands. Think I'll just wait until they are released this is getting daft. Love the fast firing gun boats that's my preferred play style but they have to sort this ammo out. Thanks for the update though.
  12. The Konigsberg is awesome it's a keeper in my books I've had some great games in it to be honest if you get a T5 game it's borderline OP. Don't worry about this thread the Nuernburg is actually pretty decent I enjoyed it. Just unlocked the Yorck and that's nowhere near as bad as some make out the only bad point is the turret traverse. Apart form the Karl the line is actually pretty solid up to T7 from my experience. Just finished the grind on the Kirov and that was much much worse than any of the Germans, glorious guns when they work but that wasn't often enough and if the OP thinks the armour on the Nuernberg is bad he needs to play that. Lost count of the number of times I was citadelled through the bows or the stern. The entire ship was a broadside ;-)
  13. samphilconlor

    Royal Navy Cruiser line

    Has there been any clarification on what the features of the RN cruiser line is going to be yet? Last I knew smoke was removed and the rumour was of fancy AP with much better penetration at angle characteristics. Training some captains on my Campbeltown (and when I'm masochistic my Warspite) but I've reached T4 captain skills and have no idea what to take. Demo expert would seem pointless if there is to be no HE as some rumour, AFT your calibre is too big so it would only be for the AA range, survivability expert... meh, ASE nope, manual fire control for AA seems a possibility with those 102mm's but without knowing it's a bit of a gamble. With the massive prevalence of BB's at the moment I do fear for them if they are foolish enough to remove HE altogether.
  14. samphilconlor

    0.5.3 Commander Skills - Behind The Scenes

    Did that guy just take out a full health Des Moines with secondary fire only?!?!? And they think a Mogami is OP compared to that?
  15. samphilconlor

    Project R is up on EU

    263 collected now back to resuming the normal grind Only 2.2M pearls to go until we get to sail in it.....