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  1. i have a amd radeon card and i can 80 to 90 fps and i have my graphics in game set to ultra with no problem.
  2. thanks mate that was very helpful info which i did not know .
  3. you talking about coop
  4. what do other players think of clan training room where clan members go practice tactics for clan battles.
  5. It's so annoying that we cannot get into the clans page .
  6. Fighting to put your clan on the map and trying to keep it there is great fun for all.
  7. I was happily playing wow and a player was abusing nearly every player in the match and i got so fed up with him and other people telling him to shut up so i got beside the player being abusive and shot him with 6 torps aand killed him and i turned round in chat and said complain about that then and got the team killer status but it was worth it and got plenty of well done said in chat and we won the match with out him.
  8. Will there be clan wars in world of warships like they have in world of tanks and if yes when will it be included in game for clans to compete in.
  9. Are you looking for a Social, Fun, & Experienced PC gaming Clan? [uKSF] Clan Are Recruiting Players for World Of Warships, Battlefield, Rainbow6, CS:GO, FIFA, ARMA/DayZ, but we play many online multiplayer FPS games. Established in 2005, the [uKSF] Clan have Members from all over Europe, You Must be English Speaking, and you must be 18+ Years old and a working microphone. To apply to join [uKSF] you must Join TeamSpeak3, TeamSpeak Address Web site Address