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  1. ArnieDude

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    I'm sorry but what on earth are you on about? nobody is asking to be invulnerable... And it doesnt deserve a rest until its actually balanced.. Currently its not. Its simple so I'll explain it to you one last time: HE bombers do too much damage to DD's, rockets are not effective enough against DD's and torp bombers are way too weak. So, WG need to make sure that all three squadrons will be useable against their intended target. Of which HE bombs against DD's in their current form is an example of how it shouldn't be.. Is this clear enough for you?
  2. ArnieDude

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    Its funny though that in the last few patches very little balancing tweaks are going on. Maybe they want to observe the state of the game over a longer period of time? But US dive bombers (not just the midway) against DD's is really silly at the moment.. with only one drop they regularly remove half the HP of a DD. The main thing is that they are too easy to aim. As soon it will not be as comfortable to bomb small targets you can consider them balanced I think. Another factor is how poor the US torp bombers and missile squadrons currently are.
  3. ArnieDude

    Why the game is devolving.

    Its also boring to sit at 20 km. I agree. :) Although some ships are designed to keep their distance. You don't have to play this way though ofcourse and can choose ships and playstyles that involve more direct action. So it happened once in a ton of games that you had to choose between capping and taking the win or going off to do some damage and potentially lose? Eh, these situations are rare enough and indeed normally not a choice between one or the other. But if capping were rewarded more it would possibly become that. So hence its a good thing its rewarded as it is at the moment. Because we don't play this game to sit in cap circles. :) And if people want to sit at 20 km, let them.. they will lose more games eventually.. I guess this is one thing about a game like World of Warships and World of Tanks, being so dependant on teammates. You just have to develop a care less attitude towards the games you lose. Just keep looking at your own performance to see where you can improve and accept losses when they happen, because they do happen.
  4. ArnieDude

    Why the game is devolving.

    I think its fine that only capping doesn't give you that much XP. Isn't the whole point of the game to have fun naval battles? Battles, meaning you get to shoot and watch pretty explosions and such? Why would you be happy with a game where you only cap and do nothing else? Thats boring and should be discouraged rather then encouraged. Also, what does the title of this thread have to do with capping and its related experience gain?
  5. ArnieDude

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    Lol shoot down planes, you're funny WG.
  6. ArnieDude

    GUI fix/ revamp is needed before new ship lines

    Yup, this should be high up their list at this point. Somewhere since the introduction of the new directive mission system and the arsenal introduction its become insanely inefficient.
  7. The flooding change is solid I think. But the radar change... what are you thinking WG? When you first announced the proposed change I was pretty happy, because it sounded like you would actually reduce the power of radar. But seeing the actual numbers you are planning to implement I'm very dissappointed. So ok, its actually going to be a buff to russian radar ships? If anything radar range needs to go down, not up! The six seconds idea is decent, but in most games this wont really make a big difference to the DD, as the radaring ship is the one responsible for most damage. Teammates need a few seconds to get alerted to a DD being lit up in general anyways, so the spanking will still be happening, especially now that the range and duration is increased. And having the indicator there for when a ship is using radar will make teammates more alert now as well, so once those 6 seconds are up, all hell is breaking loose. So, you have a great opportunity to actually balance radar, but instead you're making it even more imbalanced? Oh yeah, another thing I forgot to mention, this makes radar ships even more annoying to DD's as their radar range is extending their detectability range, which IMO is a really bad feature. A radaring ship should use skill in order to hunt down DD's. But this reduces it to simple smashing that radar button as soon as you are detected without spotting anything yourself. Reduce the radar range to below the detectability range for this cat and mouse game to actually be interesing.
  8. ArnieDude

    Which GUI improvements would you like to see?

    For me the performance is what they should fix first. They have been adding a lot of clutter to the interface in the past few releases and its so clunky it got to a really annoying point. I also second the question as to why the port has to be using 100% CPU while the game at that point should actually be doing very little. So please, so new features until the current state has been cleaned up.
  9. ArnieDude

    Jean Bart: Armour Buff

    Jean bart doesn't need anything, its a really strong ship already. As mentioned above, the playstyle is simply very different from the other BB lines. You have speed boost and reload booster for a reason... :)
  10. ArnieDude

    Thank you for your Hard work wg!!

    The problem is that they cannot do this tuning on the testservers as they explained in one of the dev blogs. And this makes sense.. on the testservers everyone just wants to play the new carriers and there are no games taking place that accuratly reflect the situation on the live server. On the live server there's actually people playing normal ships with a wide variety of commander specs. So all the data of the games currenly being played will give WG a lot more information then continued testing on the testserver ever would have. Obiously its not ideal, but its easy to understand why this is done the way it is done.
  11. ArnieDude

    Thank you for your Hard work wg!!

    Good post and necessary to counter the endless complaining. :) I agree with this. The update has actually shaken up the game a lot, there's actually some nice variety depending on having carriers, or none, which already is happening. So it seems the initial excitement of people going for CV's is already wearing off. What is nice about the rework is that one CV can only be at one point at the same time. So we have no cross dropping that cannot be avoided and individual attacks generally do less damage then what was possible with the RTS style carriers. Given that WG have already clearly stated that balancing is really only now getting properly looked at I think the future is looking pretty good for the game. It seems people forget how few CV's we had playing in the previous iteration, so now that air power is in a lot more games its effect are felt a lot more. But I certainly prefer the current iteration to play against CV's compared to the old. We just need to be a bit patient when it comes to the balacing and give WG time to clean it up. DD's will be fine at some point in the future again I'm sure. :)
  12. ArnieDude

    The hell is wrong with Hipper's guns?

    Funny thread this. I find that the Hipper is actually one of the few tier VIII cruisers that does relatively well in tier X matchups. Mostly due to what JimmyThePirate explained well.. its great at long range harrasment all game long. Sure, its rate of fire / damage output in terms of DPM is not amazing, but if you can keep yourself in positions where you always have targets available its not that much of an issue. Its also one of the most tanky tier VIII cruiser IMO, keep it angeled while dodging shots and only freak lucky shots will really punish you. If you have trouble with its HE damage I think you need to tweak your aim a little bit. Or have lower expectations per salvo. :) And always keep looking for positions where you have decent broadsides, the AP of the Hipper is very potent also at long range. As an added bonus, while its not a brawler, you can still deal with 1v1's by keeping well angled on your way in and using those torps to great effect.
  13. ArnieDude

    Storm circle gamemode thingy

    I prefer this storm thingy over the cyclone nonsense we have in the game for a long time already. At least you can evade it somewhat if you don't like it. And it does not stop you from helping out teammates. So if you ask me its fine.. It also looks a lot better in game, which is nice.
  14. ArnieDude

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Matchmaking: Don't notice anything different here. Still a crazy amount of tier X battles when playing tier VIII. Battleship AP vs DD's: Great change.