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  1. Guys, did ANYONE, I mean ANYONE get a Missouri or, Imperator Nikolai???? The whole Xmas packets sounds like a bad joke to me....
  2. Agree, 12" is a Battlecruiser belt, not a Battleship. And even if they had finalised the deck upgrade, it would not have helped much against 15" plunging shells (same as the additional deck armor of Bismark contributed negatively to shells deflection. Real BB protection is planned during construction, not added in form of panels afterwards. Ok, it could be a tier 6 premium like Warspite is a tier 6 BB. On tier 8 (Tirpitz class) I can only imagine it as tier 8 Battlecruiser like Atago.
  3. I am sure Wargaming is working hard to get the British line out. For sure, no naval game can establish itself without the Royal Navy! And I am sure, they must have tremendous balancing headaches.... On the issue of Hood, well for sure it is a iconic battleship. Spent decades cruising around the world as the most beautiful BB. Then exploded and sunk in less than ten minutes during its first battle encounter... I am not sure you would like to sail this ship into battle. Imagine the outcry of the players after every citadel hit.... Because after all, the Hood was a BATTLECRUISER with hardly any armor. And after the decimation of the battlecruisers in Jutland, they tried frantically to add armor to the Hood and renamed it to Battleship! The result is that plunging fire ripped it to pieces just as it happened with most of admiral Beatty's battlercruisers in Jutland. Probably classified as cruiser in the game, like Atago, still a huge target, and every hit will be a citadel... for sure not a ship I would enjoy.
  4. DesertStorm66

    Necessary Atlanta upgrades

    Atlanta is a ship that has a very difficult time. The main reason for this is that it is too op. BECAUSE of this, when an Atlanta is spotted, EVERY GUN of the enemy fleet will aim at it. From BB to DD, every single gun aims at the Atlanta. In practice, this means about half or 1/3 of the enemy team's guns. I do not believe even a BB can survive so much pounding for more than a few minutes.... I play a lot BBs, my priority list is: 1.Atlantas 2. Clevelands 3.Cruisers in close range 4.BBs I guess, every BB player gets the unfortunate experience being burned to death by an Atlanta and never forgets. So, it is because Atlanta is too op that caused its trouble. No matter how much you "buff" it, as long as it is the No.1 priority target, no buff can save it. So actually, it needs a nerf, in order to remove it from the NUMBER 1 kill list. My experience with my Atago is that the repair kit made a huge improvement to the profitability of the ship (before it was a huge loss maker unless you had a premium account). Thus I agree, adding a repair kit to Atlanta will and a somewhat better rudder reaction will improve Atlanta's chances of survival. My 2 cents. (and YES, this is NOT my WOWs account - just to avoid somebody starting complaining about my lack of experience)
  5. DesertStorm66

    Aim Assist Mod don't work huh?...

    So, let me see> Your claim to fame is the 259 battles on Imperator Nikolai I which gave you a win rate of 70% and this is the reason of your good stats! What a LOL you are, gold noob! well done... with three BBs (all three premium) what can your problem be with AimAssist?? WOWs statistics is really a good thing! Thank you for opening my eyes mtm78 ! Go cry me a river.
  6. DesertStorm66

    Aim Assist Mod don't work huh?...

    ROFL! Member since: 08-09-2012 and a fake account!? So, it is true, stupidity leads to blindness. And of course you are too intelligent to think that I do not bother to change accounts when I post in the forums.... Maybe you should check my WOT stats... At least Takru had enough brain to look at the number of battles played (correct, I have a different WOWs account). And still, you have no idea what real cheating is... and may it never happens to this game.
  7. DesertStorm66

    Aim Assist Mod don't work huh?...

    First of all, I like both WOT and WOWs very much because there are no cheats​!! Yes! For me a cheat is if in the game there is a BB driving around at 40knots. Or DD firing 18inch guns. Thankfully Wargaming has a system that prevents such cheats unlike many other games​. I presume not many of you had this experience with other games so, you are raising a storm in a teacup and convinced yourselves the world is reaching its end because of this mod. Stop this drama. 1. Be happy there are no real cheats in Wargaming games. 2. Of course I know if someone is shooting at me from 22km (and hits) there is something fishy going on. But aimassist is very easy to avoid as long as you are not sailing STRAIGHT! If you belong to the people who like sailing straight, you belong to your destiny. 3. Why do torpedoes have aim assist? And why nobody complains? Actually, I am happy people use this mod. Because I know exactly where their shots will land when I see the volley going off - and I know exactly where I do not want to be ;-) Oh, and make sure you get that captain's skill for two points (to warn you about incoming fire). Easy solutions for easy problems.
  8. DesertStorm66

    Planes Torps going though Islands

    Confirm. I experienced the same.
  9. DesertStorm66

    Pls buff income on Atago.

    Oh! Thank you. You just made me realise that the "summary page" is actually "rubbish". Probably they should add "Damage" on this page or anything that can justify such discrepancies because obviously, the current page does not.
  10. DesertStorm66

    Pls buff income on Atago.

    This! We talk about a Tier 8 premium ship which costs approx the same as a WOT Tier 8 premium Loewe or T-34 Both Loewe and T-34 are excellent money makers and great tanks for average players who do not pay for premium account. When I bought the Atago I was expecting Wargaming to stick to the principle. If my T-34 brings me 40-60k profit per average game, Atago should be making 200-350k profit per average game (based on the much higher price of ships and equipment). I think we should all report this issue to the bug section. At least I will.
  11. DesertStorm66

    Buy Atago or Atlanta

    Atago is a definite buy! 1. It is sexy . . . 10. It is sexy 11. Very fast, difficult to get hit at long ranges while you fill the sky with led and you remain undetected. 12. Packs a deadly torpedo punch if you ever have to fight close quarters Only one negative point: You pay a s÷%&$#@ of Gold (same amount as a T-34 or Loewe in WOT) and it DOES NOT MAKE CREDITS. WOW, please fix this!