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  1. carlarrows

    Is Wargaming thinking about long-term support for this game?

    I'm playing at 4K with all details on max... FPS stays either 58 or 62 (because V-SYNC is enabled) and never dips below it... and I only use one 980Ti. I'd say the game is doing pretty well for being "only" DX9 and 32bit. still DX9 is quite old and isn't taking advantage of latest GPU stuff... and I can imagine a lot more atmospheric effects and more graphical details that would enrich sea battles in WoWs the DX11 update in WoTs certainly worked and delivered performance increases but, if you push the latest APIs like DX12 or Vulcan, a lot of players on slightly older hardware (or older windows versions) will get screwed
  2. carlarrows

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    even when you have 7 most competent players playing vs. 7 other most competent players ... there will be 7 winner, 6 loser and 1 neutral as far as rank progression goes
  3. carlarrows

    what is a good ship to bring i too ranked?

    any tier 8 ship will do, as matchmaking is totally symmetric on classes (and tries to be on ships) ... just make sure you have a fully upgraded and fully equiped version of your ship and a decent captain (both ingame and yourself ) using flags is certainly advised and for BBs premium consumables are a must have only ship I wouldn't use in ranked atm is Lexi (CV), as the japanese tier 8 CV is more versitile and Lexi suffers from bad stealth and setup range on some maps is pretty close after playing ~40 matches in mid ranked I'd say: cruisers are hardest to play effectivly if your enemies are no fools, DDs have the largest potential to carry games (or to lose matches), BBs are BBs, CVs seem to be an odd nuisance thrown in ~ every 10th match
  4. carlarrows

    0.5.12 Update - Economy Changes Explained

    Looking at the two parts of the changes 1) repair costs are 100% "socialized" among all players now (total costs stay about the same as before) => I liked the way it was handled in 0.5.11 (fixed maintainance plus possible repair); I don't see any better team play or positive player behaviour arrising from these changes at all; Now everyone pays for YOLOs and players who have no "A" & "D" keys; 2) rewards are split up in more ways (while total rewards stay about the same as before) this hurts different ship classes quite a bit; all ships are still capable of dealing damage and sinking ships as before, while rewards for that are lowered; here some results in my Essex-CV to illustrate: in one battle I did well, was sinking 3 ships, doing solid 100k+ damage, didn't suffer any damage and my team won the match - yet I was at a slight net loss (no PA); next match (Essex-CV): I did poorly (2 kills, 50k dmg), enemy CV played his fighter protection well and my team was decimated and soon I was the last ship and was chased down the map by 5 enemies (lots of battleships)... got sunk eventually - yet on a lost match I got a net gain out of that(!), most likely because the potential damage by those battleships trying to hit me (was > 700k) is considered to be worth quite a bit of reward now; => I am ok with the general idea of spliting the reward in more divers ways, but it needs some balancing. In the end it can be hard to measure the positive impact of a player for a match (thinking of: effective smoke screens for team mates, disengaging from battle to win a match by points, ...). Maybe a part of the reward should be assigned by player vote, where team mates can upvote good player performance and also downvote for bad player conducts (could be an effective way to handle minor complaints ). sidenotes on economy: I don't mind that: => high tier (or highly competative) players are incentivized by general game economy to get PA (Wargaming has to make some $ too) => tier 9&10 players on average have to pay for battles (as they actually buy the privilege to be top tier in a match)
  5. carlarrows

    Game constantly crashing

    I had that same randomly occurring error some patch versions ago and so I been reading all related threads in the forum and tried the "solutions" (re-installing game, directx, updating drivers, disabling anti-virus, changing dll-files...) nothing helped... so I thought what else did I change in windows or even at the hardware level... but I added no new hardware and didn't tinker with windows, but what I did around that time was to tighten the RAM-Settings to actually match the best available performance of my RAM-Sticks. These tighter RAM settings worked well everywhere else and tools like memtest86+ performed without any errors. But in the end this was the only thing I changed, so I tested and tuned down the RAM frequency one notch again... crashes stopped... I even set the them back to the tight settings... crashes again... in the end I left RAM at a more loose setting and haven't seen any of those crashes since might just be the solution in my case, but maybe helps other captains as well
  6. carlarrows

    Bugs Feedback

    when ships get sighted the initial motion of that ship is very stuttering and jumpy
  7. carlarrows

    CV Plane Squad leaving map

    *confirm* I have now seen it happening twice while playing the new japanese CVs the torpedo air group was set to attack a ship and about to carry out the attack, but then the ship was destroyed before the attack could be carried out, resulting in the torpedo planes flying into off (out of map). I was totally unable to command them (move orders, attack orders, return to ship - all not working) and the last order of attack remained in place.