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  1. Verikoira

    Naval Legends in World of Warships: Yamato

    time to take yammy to spin... it was old... allmost sold it
  2. Verikoira

    Collector's Club Launch

  3. Verikoira

    Server Down?

    server is up and running
  4. Verikoira


    so true To OP: start using cv then you can torp yourself...
  5. Verikoira

    EU server down

  6. Verikoira

    Server Down?

    darn... now i have to watch Jingles... what a waste of good wine :D
  7. Verikoira

    New Players Beware!

    Im drunk again... My games are 95% drunk games.... but my tip to Op is. play what is fun for you . And forget leveling.. levels comes in time t9-t10 aint so fun
  8. Verikoira

    premium vs promo

    what i know... promo prems are rare.. until wg see, there is buck to make those ^^
  9. Verikoira

    Warspite Back in the shop

    Yeah, Now i'm happy... I don't care how crappy is it... It's freaking Warspite ;)
  10. Verikoira

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    Sounds like Aotears have gone trough thinking prosess... Will it benefit me and is it worth for the bucks.... And let be honest... It is, just sprites on our screen..
  11. Verikoira

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    Mayby there is better things to use 50 euros, but i did use mine in Tirpiz. Now im waiting that sneaky sale on Warspite My first match in Tirp... NC wants some loving hugs ;) http://postimg.org/image/jsgg5tcpb/
  12. Verikoira

    Really? New Sound effects..

    Did I log in Futuristic navy game??? What heck are these new sound effects? Nice old WW2 ships and I hear some wierd sounds from Tekken.... SOUNDS like WOWS coffin get a another nail...
  13. Verikoira

    wows released sept 17th

    Yep.... but we can buy 60e tirpiz.... and wg is happy..