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  1. Falrinth

    Crashing frequently while entering port.

    Another error i got was related with visual redistributable c++ error (or something along those lines. Most of all these crash errors are very problematic in windows 10 cause the crashed wows client (black screen) stays at the front and you cant even open task manager, becouse the screen with "open task manager" link is underneath the crashes wows' black screen. The error message is also underneath the blackscreen. So most of the time i have to restart PC cause im stuck with crashed wots black screen that takes over my system
  2. (Cant find bug report forum) Sometimes after battle, sometimes when i launch the game. Im on windows 10, gtx970 with latest drivers, 8gb ram and the WoWS is on SSD drive. Here is the error message:
  3. Falrinth

    Submarines spoils the fun in this game.

    I find it funny how you automatically assume i must be a bad player if the gameplay design is boring for me and you go full metal jacket with your advises... Why do you asume "stfu" and "lmao" are targeted at me, or even if they would, why would opinion of a adhd pissed off kid be any measure of how good the player they aim it at, is? I mentioned that chat activity just to point out the game is filled with kids that have their own goals and tactics and thinks them best. To be honest not only kids disagree about tactics in games when you play with randoms - the big mouthed, stupid sounding ones just are perfect representation for me to make my point here. You could use some humility, you arent the special and unique snowflake - the only one who can grasp the basics of this simple game. Im not asking here of "how to play the game". Im doing just fine and it just bores me. So im giving my feedback about how fun it is - opinions and suggestions.
  4. Falrinth

    Submarines spoils the fun in this game.

    Well "learn to teamplay" with a random folks is funny advise. Especially in game filled with "stfu", "lmao" kids. Furthermore: Its a game, not historically accurate simulation. And my complain is about boring sniping of battleships. In game classes should be fun to play, right?
  5. And no, just becouse they have small ship's skin that sometimes reveals itself but for the most part stays hidden, doesnt change that fact. You can call them destroyer just for this game tho. "Why?" you may ask. Well... Im playing Battleship (obviously), and with submarines present in the game my gameplay is limited to: A) boring "follow the pack" which will usually just circle the map counterclockwise just like the enemy pack - and that results in ultra boring battleship sniping. With that reload time and manueverability of enemies that can play and know that they have to change directions, results in gameplay absolutely devoid of fun for me in my battleship. Difference to course they can make in those 10-14 seconds makes me feel like im playing click and wait stupid lottery. I could as well just shot around them and hope they turn into that direction and have exact same chances to hit / miss. B) you aggresively take a course to close the distance with enemy pack, your pack wont follow, cause noone want to get F..d by submarine or focused enemy fire even tho i would take that with my tankiness and repairs, and you are just obliterated by submarines when you try to dodge the incoming volleys of enemy pack.... Neither option is very fun. Are battleships like obsolete now? Have they ever not been "out of place" in this gameplay design with submarines everywhere? Or they are made just like joke for bored people who want to play with one hand, drinking some baverage in other and play the lottery of hits and misses totally undependant on their ability to lead or predict enemy? (nothing matters on the sniping distance if only enemy dont cruise in same direction with same speed all the time - bah even in cruisers max range you are outmatched by their massive, quick volleys that lights you up and devastate equipment while they can succesfully just dodge your shots with their manueverability. Only adventage you get as battleship is when you get to medium range where their manueverability wont have such a lifesaving impact for them. But if submarines waiting for you to get closer woudlnt be enough, even cruisers can torpedo the sh*t out of you. Whats the point of playing battleship other than to make the game more athmospheric for other players participating and have some fun when you meet oblivious player who wont change directions and speed? If battleships are ment to be back-line artillery in this game, they really need some quicker reload. It gets boring really fast.
  6. no i was chasing japaneese with my fighter setup bogue
  7. Is this game buggy as f or working as intended f logic? (they just follow them like 200 meters away for half of the map untill their fighters arrive or ships' AA shots me down)
  8. Their stealth range is just lol... When you are left as battleship against destroyer if he want he can remain stealthed 100% of time droping torpedos from random angles. I didnt knew they are Wargaming's submarines. Why are they modeled as ships tho? They should be under water for the one who is playing them and their allies - enemy wont see them, true, so they might also be rendered as swimming unicorns, but it looks stupid that submarine looks like destroyer.
  9. Falrinth

    Toggle info at alt inseatd of hold key plz

    Finish reading first post. I said i want alt to toggle it, not all-the-time option or keep alt pressed option.
  10. I dont like the fact that i have to hold it to get the vital info, but i also dont like have it all the time obstructing the view many times. Why didnt they make it togglable?
  11. Falrinth

    Let us choose default ammo.

    Let us choose default ammo.
  12. That would be especially usefull for carriers with idiotic 2 fighters / 1 db config to have something to do for 20 minutes other than being useless when they meet no carriers on enemy team. Additonally it would make perfect sense? just add another statistic for each turret/launcher as vulnerability for fighters attacks so fighters can disable launcher or gun that is not enclosed by armor (killing the gunners and damaging equipment).
  13. Neh, it works only for the first few seconds when you say "A,B" or "B,C". Afterwards people dont even notice islands or borders of the map they swim into. And when you get lucky and 1-2 people observe chat and want to use tactics its still not enough to make a difference. All they get is few shotdowns after torpedos are already on the way. To much reward for hits and to little difference for victory and defeat. As i said, i could stomach frustrating grind trough first tiers if i would be credited accordingly to what i do for my team when i go with fighters setup (scouting - which should grant credits, especially for spotting destroyers; shooting down enemy planes should get more credits too)
  14. Surely not playing all tier carriers. Gameplay where when you see the team lists you can say if you will obliterate enemy team or can go afk as defeated is just absurd. Teenagers could come up with something smarter. And on top of that they forbid platoons to have 2 carriers so they can somehow fix that absurd. How it ends? People who value their free time gonna alt+f4 like i just did. I dont pay for entertainment to get frustrated that a random matchmaker can win or loose game for me, and when it decides to put me against nemesis i have virtually 0% chance to not get obliterated, especially in pug team games where people's herd instinct doesnt include gropuing around carriers. P.S. I could stomach such an idiotic configurations of squads on lower tiers if playing as fighter config and shooting down all enemy bombers would bring some decent reward as opposite to c it does right now.
  15. I dont know... do any developer from that company actually plays the game? When i take 2fighter+1db setup and meet team without any carriers i may aswell go afk... All i can do is scout (no reward - no motivation sorry), destroy enemy single planes from non-carrier ships (lol reward - no motivation sorry), and set like 5 fires on enemies before my dive bombers get shot down to 3 planes per squad (meaning that its hardly possible to set any more fires) and then to 0, and the round ends as a f waste of time.