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  1. smoke

    Fair enough, besides I just noticed that, as per his second post, Iondragut was already aware of the sell-for-full-doubloon-price option, so my post was useless anyway.
  2. smoke

    The biggerst drawback, from my DD player point of view, is that I noticed a sensible increase of Moskva Cruisers in the last weekend. Not funny at all...
  3. smoke

    You can have a refund for your Belfast: Here's the link to the patch notes: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ver-06_12-patchnotes/
  4. Thank you very much! EDIT: a bit of info which missing in her English page of Wikipedia: "Her Combat flag and Badge were purchased with funds raised by the schools of Italy and were delivered on June 7, 1914 in Naples, in the presence of the Duke of Aosta and over a thousand guests, by a committee of school authorities. The silk flag was hand-embroidered in Turin by military orphans. The Badge, inspired by Roman classical art, is made of varnished bronze with."
  5. Any info on the "Admiral's Edition" custom flag? In the last offers there was a screenshot of the flag in the package description, but this time it's missing.
  6. Signed!
  7. An already good ship that will have an advantage above other ships of its category will be rushed by everyone but hardcore ship enthusiast, as they will see the irony of refurbished ships being better than the first-hand ones. Pros, competitive players, puny players who just want something to make up for they lack of skills and everyone else will just rush trough the tree to get the tiers 8,9 and 10.
  8. If I'm not wrong, a recent patch gave to players the option to make ARP ships and crew to look like plain Japanese ships and captains.
  9. I have permanent camoflages for all my keepers... so a dozen more or less, divided among T10, T9, some T8 and T7.
  10. As a DD main, I don't have problem with Radar mechanics per se; true it should not spot you from behind an isle, but at least shells still don't go through them. What I think it's excessive is the range of RU radar (it shouldn't exceed 10km IMO) and the recent reduction to the consumable cooldown. Besides, it should not be that difficult to memorize this short must-avoid list: US Cruiser RU Cruiser LOL Ships that everybody by now knows (Missouri, Belfast, Black, Atlanta, Indy) Yes, I know I should put UK ships in the list as well but I never found one using Radar.
  11. After reading this thread I got suspicious and bought a single Yamamoto container from the shop, that activated the collection in my Stats screen. Immediatly after that *WHAM*, tokens started to appear in the crates. So apparently you need to activate the collection in order to recive the objects from the ingame crates.
  12. I must be very unlucky then: I started last monday, 2/3 crates a day, all More Flags or More Consumables ones, and I had 0 tokens... the collection itself is not even unlocked, go figure.
  13. Came on SparvieroVV, it's not mockery, it's just a bit of Internet Stereoypes Fun, there's no need to be too touchy about it. Le them fear the power of our future National Consumable: "Win-Win Situation - Active for 20 minutes - 1 Charge only - No matter the team you start in, your ship will end in the winning one - Reduces XP and Credits gain by 20%"
  14. Honestly I think that the only other nation that can have a proper carriers tree is UK. All the rest will have 1/2 premiums. Unless WG wants to dig into deep sci-fi . But hey, it may be funny anyway after all...