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  1. RambaRal

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    Wait! I forgot my precious Sims at T7!
  2. RambaRal

    Map boarder

    This is what I read once i opened the post, and I was like WTF?
  3. RambaRal

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    T2 - N/A T3 - Derzki T4 - Shenyang / Isokaze T5 - Kamikaze / Kamikaze R / Fujin T6 - T-61 T7 - Z-39 / Maas T8 - Lo-Yang T9 - Kitakaze / Chung Mu / Fletcher T10 - YY until the nerf. Then apparently I fail at T10 DDs... I have acceptable results with the Grozovoi but I really don't know why.
  4. RambaRal

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Kitakaze for me
  5. You forgot the option "Leave her as she is now". There is more than one hundred ships in WoWs and there's nothing wrong if a small handful of them perform better than others. Besides, she is not even purchasable anymore and I really don't like the concept of reworking premiums.
  6. RambaRal

    Servers Down?

    Same here, started somewhere around 19:00 CET for me. Forum was completely dead unil 10 mins ago.
  7. RambaRal

    Remove startrek Smoke binocular

    Trollish nonsense thread with 0 replies after the original post: my Situational Awareness skill suggest me that it's both.
  8. RambaRal

    To Sims or not to Sims?

    She definitely was back in the days, but I think at the moment she's been powercrept by other premium DDs, mainly in the field of detectability (6.6km vs 6.1 of Z-39 or 5.7 of Haida, just to make a couple of examples). Still, Sims has a special spot in my harbour: she bribed my entrance in the Beta and I had tons of fun with her.
  9. RambaRal

    Remove startrek Smoke binocular

    I think he's saying that a ship sitting in smoke should not be able to see outside of its smoke ring.
  10. RambaRal

    CV Rework - the other Elephant in the Room

    Problem is also that any ship different from a CV will have to focus all the attention on planes, thus killing the aim of the game which is having ships fighting. Strategy will go down the toilet because of being perma spotted and because of the need to keep doing evasive manouvers versus an enemy that you cannot actively counter. In a shootout between 2 ships the skill is both evading/angling your enemy shots and landing yours on him. Versus airplanes it's a one-way as your only counter is to run and hope that RNGesus loves you better than the enemy. "Hey but that already happens with current CV gameplay" Indeed, but at least the skill needed to be effective in a CV is higher and this balances the situation. New CV gameplayon the other hand has the mechanics and skill ceiling of a mobile phone game...
  11. RambaRal

    CV Rework - the other Elephant in the Room

    This more or less.
  12. RambaRal

    Czech flag (cosmetic) bonus code

    Same here, neither copy/pasting nor typing... :(
  13. RambaRal

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    Yep, why don't just take inspiration from how finely chiseled was the YueYang "adjustment". Oh, wait...
  14. RambaRal

    update 0.7.11 patch notes

    Hey, has anybody received the Alpha / Beta tester patch yet? Are they automatically assigned to the testers or are they supposed to be a container drop only for those entitled?