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  1. RambaRal

    0.8.8 daily crates nerf ?

    Looks like someone cannot wait to get her/his hands on a Smolensk
  2. Remove them from store but leave them untouched plz... (And yes, I suck at Smolensk anyway...)
  3. RambaRal

    Smolensk - Why I prefer rangebuild

    I am using the range build too. This mainly because I suck at CLing and I prefer to stay safe A good thing in being in a Smolensk rather than in a Harugumo is that people don't harrass you asking to go cap.
  4. RambaRal

    How to keep my planes alive (IJN CVs)?

    My experience with Kaga is to go for a full concelement build and use torpedo bombers, as they benefit from enhanced concealement from start. Scout a bit to select the most appropriate target and start the torpedo run before getting spotted. I almost only use TBs, made exception for some DD hunting with Zeros when the TBs are resupplying.
  5. RambaRal

    Current Sprint Season

    Well, crawl smoke + sonar allows the "push around the isle" or "our of my cap" tactics, not considering that I lighted up any target first. Seriously, I always felt safe against other DDs, expecially Shiratsuyu, who was my usual antagonist. Maybe not that much vs z-39, but I met it only twice.
  6. RambaRal

    Current Sprint Season

    Actually I haven't seen too many Belfast during this season. Fiji and Scharn lead the presence board on my matches. What really I don't understand is why noone is using Haida...
  7. RambaRal

    Chung Mu nerfs and YY buffs

    Sorry, I tought that using "you" when talking to a company's focal point implied referring to the company as a whole and not to the single, my bad: I'll replace "you" with "WG" to avoid further misunderstandings. Back at the time of the nerf the issue arose because YY was the game changer in Clan battles as he was able to lit up enemy DDs and then gun them down with Gearing-level firepower. DW torpedoes (not anti-dd torps) were considered not enough a trade-off for radar, so guns reload was addressed, and that made sense as you preferred to keep radar as YY gimmick for game variety's sake. The sledgehammer blow to the torps made no sense at all in that logic. Now you WG says that according to stats Chung Mu is overperforming and, *wham*, back to AOE nerf to both guns and torps. Why not try and touch just one of the 2 and see if it decreases its performance enough? Anyway, I checked the stats and I noticed that it's true, CM is the first silver TIX DD after the 2 almost-top-players-only steel ones. Then I read that WG is also going to *address* Grozovoi. "Oh, well, this probably means that the guy is overperforming at TX, let's check it". Surprise: Grozovoi apparently is in 5th position among 8 DDs...
  8. RambaRal

    Chung Mu nerfs and YY buffs

    People already pointed out several times that that reason is contradcitory: If the problem was its melee power coupled with radar, why the hell you nerfed the torpedo reload as well and so hard? Now you do it again and screw the only other decent torpedo boat left ingame? GG indeed. You know, I grown up being taught to be polite and educate, but sometimes is really difficult not to open the tap and let profanities flow after reading such comments or info about such well studied *balances*...
  9. RambaRal

    Ranked matchmaking - thank you Wargaming!

    What I fail to understand is why loaner ships are not balanced among the teams. Once MM sorted out the battle partecipants and there are e.g. 4 loaners in total, 2BB and 2CA, why dont split them 1BB+1CA per team? This is not going to interfere with MM wait time, as it will be applied AFTER the teams selection...