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  1. I stumbled into @Jethro_Grey in his Edimburgh on North map yesterday: he and the Reds had quite an easy time in turkey-shooting our team. I cannot remember what I was sailing tho.
  2. RambaRal

    What's your opinion on the new/reworked ship modules?

    I added the new torpedo module on all DDs except fro Grozovoi, Kitakaze and Harugumo, where I am a bit reluctant to give up gun accuracy.
  3. RambaRal

    Possible german cv line

    The only nations that could have a carrier tree are the 3 already ingame (expecially considering that a total of 6 carriers have been removed from trees, so technically are already ingame) : I don't think anyone else has even paper projects enough to build a whole tree. That said, some nations would be able to have a couple of premium carriers each, like France and Italy.
  4. [Disclaimer: contains intensive use hyperboles, stereotypes and also probably some unaccurate design mechanics descriptions... and sorry for the grammar] February 6th 2020 - Somewhere, in WG Design and Developement offices Chief Designer Ivan: ***running breathless*** "Dimitri! Dimitri, we're in trouble! Tovarish Zampolit is not happy with our latest work on VMF ships!" Designer Dimitri: "WTF? U SRS? RU ships dominated last clan bat..." Chief Designer Ivan "SHUT UP! He's caming, just play along or we're doomed!" Tovarish Zampolit: "Tovarish designers, Smolensk is too weak, I want her to be immediatly retired from sales to avoid putting shame on Rodina any longer! Prompt self-criticism is required by your team!" Designer Dimitri: "LOL, weak? is one of the most op sh..." Chief Designer Ivan: ***kicks Dimitri's seat*** "OF COURSE Tovarish Zampolit, we will retire her at once and we immediatly start the design of a new cr..." ***Tovarish Zampolit stares patently unpleased*** Chief Designer Ivan: "...TREE, the design of a new cruisers split TREE, for the glory of Rodina! How can we humbly serve you?" Tovarish Zampolit: "Smolensk was as poorly resistant as Capitalists willpower! Improve that!" Designer Dimitri: "That was ment to balance the rest of her overp..." Chief Designer Ivan: ***kicks Dimitri's ankle*** "ARMOR! We will clad the new ships into some of the finest..." Tovarish Zampolit: "Armor is for western weaklings Tovarish! We face our enemies with our bare chest, shielded by our Socialist resolve!" Chief Designer Ivan: "Of course we do Tovarish Zampolit, so we will increase our ships's resolve with BB-level HP pools!" Designer Dimitri: "Weren't we talking about a line of cru..." Tovarish Zampolit: "NEXT! Smolensk guns were too thin! Capitalists scum may question our manhood!" Chief Designer Ivan: "This is why the new line will be a HEAVY cruisers one, with mucho macho bigger caliber guns!" Tovarish Zampolit: "Khorosho. But Smolensk was also trampled by BBs more easily than cavalry by panzers. Unacceptable!" Chief Designer Ivan: "INDEED! But new guns will have increased AP damage and a short fuse arming time to deal with them! And this will totally obliterate cruisers too!" Designer Dimitri: "But that should have been respectively German and Italian national flav..." Tovarish Zampolit: "INSUFFICIENT! Plutocrat tricky cruisers dare to ANGLE against our plainspoken might!" Chief Designer Ivan: "SURE THEY DO! And this is why Dimitri here will fill the new shells with never-seen-before improved ricochet angle, to steamroll any angled enemy of Rodina!" Designer Dimitri: "Yeah sure, what else, radar maybe? LOL!" Tovarish Zampolit: "DA! Tovarish designer is right tovarish Chief Designer! Equip new ships with radar and learn from his clever and patriottic attitude!" Designer Dimitri: "I was obviously being sarc..." Chief Designer Ivan: ***stomps Dimitri's foot*** "I WILL Tovarish Zampolit! In fact I already did: I suggest giving them such a small surface detection range so that they will be able to stealth radar any reactionary opponent!" Tovarish Zampolit: "NOT ENOUGH! What about AIR detection?" Chief Designer Ivan: "They will be as much discrete as mighty Red October with Caterpillar Proulsion active Tovarish Zampolit!" Tovarish Zampolit: "Khorosho. But because of your *Year of the carrier* nonsense there are too many carriers and planes out there! They will stumble into our brave sailors eventually!" Chief Designer Ivan: "THEY'LL WISH THEY HADN'T! Our steel mights will be filled with AA power! As many Flaks, medium range and short range AA guns as needles on a porcupine's back!" ***Tovarish Zampolit stares clearly unimpressed*** Chief Designer Ivan ***dieing a little inside***: "...and will mount Defensive AA fire consumable of course..." Designer Dimitri: "Actually we already have something like that ingame, its called US Crui..." Tovarish Zampolit: "KHOROSHO! Now DDs: how will you address DDs menace?" Designer Dimitri: "WTF, stealth radar and short fuse ammo with *that* reload will simpl..." Chief Designer Ivan: ***heel kicks Dimitri's groin*** "NO DD MENACE ANYMORE! With a salvo of 5 high speed, high damage, low detection torpedos any Cylinder Hat fool enough to press the Battle button with a DD selected, will be obliterated like a hay bale hit by a train! They won't even be able to flee, as our new mights will outrun many of them!" Designer Dimitri: "..." Tovarish Zampolit: "But what about Kamikaze?" Chief Designer Ivan:***widening eyes in stupor*** "K-Kamikaze...? I apologize Tovarish Zampolit but I really don't understand..." Tovarish Zampolit: ***staring threateningly*** "Are you forgetting that Kamikaze is Tier 5? How can our new high-tier Stalinium marvels help our comrades against Kamikazes? I hate Kamikazes, they are elite-restricted ships and elitism is the opposite of Socialism!" Designer Dimitri: "But it's been ages since I saw a Ka..." Chief Designer Ivan: ***plugs a pencil into DImitri's hand*** "With no less that 3 Tier 7 ships, rebranded as Tier 5 and sold as premium, so that anyone will have the chanche to teach Communism to any decadent western elitist." Tovarish Zampolit: "Khorosho! Now let's talk about Moskva!" Chief Designer Ivan ***sweating***: "W-what about Moskva Tovarish Zampolit?" Designer Dimitri ***shacking his hand in pain***: "Really, what about Moskva ffs...?" Tovarish Zampolit: Moskva is Rodina Capitol city! And you made her only a *Silver* ship? This is outrageous!" Designer Dimitri: "But why should we even care? We're from Belaru..." Chief Designer Ivan ***Softly places his hand on Dimitri's shoulder***: "We will promptly make Moskva a Premium Ship Tovarish Zampolit, so she will shine in the face of our enemies as goldly as the sun when shines on the lush fields of Motherland! Dimitri, summon our Social media managers immediatly and shovel more coal into the servers, we will need full power for this!" Designer Dimitri: "C**a bl**t"!
  5. RambaRal

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    "A combination of their accuracy settings and a Surveillance Radar consumable with a 12 km range makes the new cruisers most effective at medium ranges." Soviet cruiser Tallin, Tier VIII - Surface detectability – 12.2 km Soviet cruiser Riga, Tier IX - Surface detectability – 14.0 km Soviet cruiser Petropavlovsk, Tier X - Surface detectability – 14.4 km Soviet cruiser Alexander Nevsky, Tier X - Surface detectability – 13.3 km Soviet cruiser Ochakov, Tier VIII - Surface detectability – 11.5 km GG, NO RE!
  6. RambaRal

    WoWs v0.9.3 - Changes in the Armory (No more "Smolensk")!

    This is not a wise decision. I kindly suggest to reconsider it.
  7. RambaRal

    Give Karma an actual purpose

    IMO downvotes just doesn't get along with the MMO gaming concept per se. It would be interesting to bind some kind of reward to Karma, even just a "Boy Scout here", patch but the only penalty should be just not receiving a Compliment because reporting is already prone to be used as poor man's revenge, and if you "empower" it by giving the chance to actually ruin someone else's chance to have an advantage, it will be used even more for that reason. I had 61 karma before the last sprint session, when I reached R1 i sat at 48, balanced by I think 3-4 compliments.
  8. RambaRal

    Give Karma an actual purpose

    Sorry, but Karma is currently used primarily for griefing, as the comments of some above posters already explained, otherwise you won't explain being reported when playing good. What you suggest **may** work only if downvoting (reporting) is removed, but as long as the report function is active, it cannot fulfill the purpose you are advancing. *Edited typos*
  9. RambaRal

    Captain Re-training in Premium Ships

    Yes, they do, this is why Premium Ships are often referred to as Training Ships.
  10. RambaRal

    Friendly Fire- why still present in game?

    ... did they seriously do that?
  11. RambaRal

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Great. What we can desume from the sound of this answer is that the modules are not under test, but that they are going live exactly as they have been announced. As lot of people already said, that reworked TASM will completely make pointless any DD that relies on stealth torps. The poor soul sailing it will enter a game where he will have do dribble planes, to hide from radars AND not even have the chances of being somewhat useful for his team by doing damage. Considering that said DDs usually have a rather uncompetitive set of guns, it would be pointless to even press the "battle" button with them. Caring only for a certain branch of players is not good for the game. And I'm using a blatant euphemism here.
  12. Oh boy, thank you again. Ranked 1 in 2 days
  13. Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated: I'll give it a try
  14. Bismark was given away almost for free (with an extremely easy mission IIRC) some time ago, so it's the battleship that everyone has in his port, thus the numbers you see ingame. @Corvi impressive spree, congratulations! But why GZ and not Enterprise if I may ask? Isn't she straight better?