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  1. Good point, the answer is... boredom and curiosity :P . That and the fact that, as apparently i cannot Khaba, I wanted to try a RU DD whose characteristics suddenly became more similar to the ones of the ships I manage to play decently. Got all the others you mentioned, made exception for Z-52 but it's just a matter of days with it.
  2. Thank you for the feedback, so your suggestion is, despite the changes, to stick with usual Grozevoi gameplay as a mid-to-far distance gunboat. About Z-52 you are definitely right and I'm 40.000ish XP far from her
  3. Hello Captains, I was interested in the buffs that Grozovoi recieved in the last patch. In her present status Grozovoi looks like a 90% copy of Gearing, so I was wondering if now she can be used in the same way. I can assign to her a 15 points captain, whose skills are as follows (2 still to be assigned): http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000000001010000100000000119 Final programmed build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000000011010000100000001119 About modules the choice is pretty straightforward as, despite choosing AA consumable, I'm not buffing the AA skills of the ship: Main Armament mod 1 Aiming SYstem 1 Torpedo Tube Mod 3 Propulsion Mod 1 Stearing Gears 2 Concealement System 1 As an alternative I may consider replacing the slot 4 module with the Premium Engine Boost Mod to gain 12 minutes of turbo speed. But, as the aim is to play it as cap contester I don't know how useful it may be, considering that with flag she already has 40ish knots speed; also I would have to drop the Prop mod 1 and it may be dangerous in medium-to-close ranged fight. Now you came into play: has anyone tried the Grozovoi since the last patch? According to your experience, is my plan viable or am I missing something that will sink my ship and my project hardly? Thank you!
  4. Honestly, even if she was top of the tree, what's really wrong with it? Something must be at top of the tree anyway, so why not the Shira? Is there some unwritten law that says "Thou won't have a tech tree JAP DD on top position"? 5+ Jap DDs are fine yes, but only in the hands of dedicated skippers. The average player will perform from sloppy to bad in them, while with a Blyska or a Mahan he would probably do much better.
  5. Well, actually is exactly because it's not even out yet and that there's still room for easier decisions (rather than a following nerf that would upset the owners) that people who doesn't like the idea should tell it. No, it won't be a rather minor impact as there's a large playerbase who wants to play RN BBs (despite the presence of radar, go figure) so there will be much more of them than Missouri.
  6. If you browse this forum with a certain frequence you would be probably aware that there are a lot of IJN DDs fans, but also DD players in general, which are indeed unhappy of the constant work towards sinking torpedo boats gameplay. The problem with the line in my opinion is Shimakaze herself: her 15 torps volley is simply too much, so WG cannot make her a user firendlu and appealing ship, otherwise we will be back at game launch situation with constant 3/4-shimakaze-per-team matches and frankly, even I who almost only play DDs, won't find funny to spend the majority of my gametime just dodging torpedo carpets. That said, Kagero and Yugumo could really benefit from some buffing in direction of Torpedo Boating (just give Yugumo Fletcher torp stats and I would be more than happy) and I agree that Shiratsuyu nerf was uncalled for... a tech tree deserves at least one ship which is fun to play.
  7. Thank you for the feedback: my bad, I ment Akizuki with 100mm not Akatsuki: I edited the post right now. The suggestion about PM is sound indeed and I already have it on all my Jap DDs so this one shouldn't differ... i probably selected PT in the template out of habit from doing only gunboats builds recently. The reason for SE in the first build is to synergyze with AR, which is the best option I have for the remaining 2 points. Switching to BFT would synergize with...? EM perhaps? So both builds are gunboatish, just with different cannons.
  8. Hello Captains, I am wondering about setup and captain builds for my shiny new Harekaze. I can assign to her a dedicated 19 points captain so I was thinking of 2 builds, one per different ship setup. Harekaze 4-10 (mini Akatsuki Akizuki): http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000000011011000000010000119 Harekaze 10-14 (US DDs guns): http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000000001011010100000000119 The idea is to have a torpedo boat that can scare other DDs away with guns if things go wrong. So in the first case I power up the artillery by choosing IFHE to get the most out of her 3.0secs reload time, while in the second case DE + BFT should make up for the presence of only 3 guns thanks to 12% fire chance and 3.6secs reload time. Then, considering that both builds don't have SI and considering that Torpedo Reload consumable will be boosted soon, I was also toying with the idea to use it in place of Smoke Screen, relying on the ship great concealement and Speed Boost as "Blimey" button to get out of trouble... I never played a DD without smoke so I will probably be mauled hard at the beginning, but maybe it can be worth a try. Any suggestion or feedback for these builds?
  9. In the meanwhile you could get a nifty Duca D'Aosta, which is in Summer Sale right today.
  10. I can confirm that it's 4700 gold.
  11. The "Summer Sales Special" page still has the Blyska offer, probably they are still updating the site and the 2nd offer isn't online yet.
  12. Side question, sort of related: did you guys give up Concealement module for Rudder Shift one?
  13. It's possible, I cannot remember exactly now but I can check this evening, as I have a screenshot (and the replay) of the last macth.
  14. Sort of related: for 3 times now, I met members of a certain clan whose names start with the same prefix and are all written in caps. Some of their stats are unbelivable, like 14% W/r. and with very few games played. Last time I met them they played 2 Shima and 1 Gearing and all they did was to sit in the same smoke patch and launch 40 torps volleys in general direction of enemy every 2/3 minutes. Once spotted they were just mildly reactive, and got sunk quite easily (still they cashed 1 or 2 kills in total with that torp carpets) so I think that more than bots it's a case of multiboxing: if this was the case, how is multiboxing handled by WG? Can it be considered as botting or unsportsman conduct? Or is it all fun and games?
  15. Don't forget about the "The reloading time of the main guns was reduced from 4.2 to 4 seconds" part...