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  1. RambaRal

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    Yep, why don't just take inspiration from how finely chiseled was the YueYang "adjustment". Oh, wait...
  2. RambaRal

    update 0.7.11 patch notes

    Hey, has anybody received the Alpha / Beta tester patch yet? Are they automatically assigned to the testers or are they supposed to be a container drop only for those entitled?
  3. RambaRal

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    @MrConway Would it be possible to have an answer to this question? Because the torpedo nerf makes no sense at all to ANY of the reasons that have been provided to justificate this badly thought nerf.
  4. RambaRal

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

  5. RambaRal

    When is the Pasta being served?

    There's plenty of material for the 3 main lines of Regia Marina ships, and a premium carrier too. Check @Deamon93 nifty work on this topic:
  6. RambaRal

    things I do not digest

    Actually, if memory serves, the catchphrase "Inc***o nero" cames from a slogan that, back in 1968, workers on strike used to sing, over the music base of the popular song "Avevo un gatto nero" "Sei diventata nera", in order to manifest their dissent with the managers and business owners class. Before that, the color that was usually linked to rage was a more logic red. Maybe WG appreciates the reference...
  7. RambaRal

    things I do not digest

    It may be either for all the reasons he posted about, or just for the fact that his content filter probably got resetted and he found 2 Shipgirls instead of the 2 manly Japanese captains he was used to see. By the tone of the whole post, I think the first option is more probable.
  8. RambaRal

    things I do not digest

    It means that he's extremely angry.
  9. RambaRal

    things I do not digest

    PacoXXI, I can assure you that the post you wrote it is difficult to be understood because you made several literary translations from Italian, and literary translations often do not make sense in foreign languages (e.g. "pissed off blacks": if what you ment was "Inca****o nero" trust me, it has not that meaning in English).
  10. RambaRal

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    As preamble I have to say that I find not correct to modify a ship based on the feedback of a sector of the game played only by a smaller percentage of player. Or, if you have to nerf it because of that reason, you should act on the aspect that makes that ship overperforming in that sector which, for YY, I assume is the presence of Radar. That said, if you still want to mitigate YY effectiveness in melee by nerfing the guns RoF rather than Radar, and want to address the ship more towards the role of scout rather than cap contester, for Pete's sake lave the torpedo reload alone, or better, consider buffing it so that it would be clear that YY is either a Scout or a Torpedo Boat. Give it a reason to be played in Randoms where the higher percentage of player is and where, let's face it, scouting is not widely praticied, and in case neither appreciated nor supported.
  11. RambaRal

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Neat, another torpedo boat gets Shimakazed...
  12. RambaRal

    Code for a Pumpkin Container

    WOW, TYVM! I got too the Urashima camo for the Kagero from the container gained with this code!
  13. RambaRal

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    I don't have good stats with IJN torpedo boat line, made exception for HSF Harekaze, still I don't think they are in need for great buffs: I see players make wonders with them and, as Tyrendian89 correctly said, a ship doesn't need to be top of her class to be fine. That said, considering that the line is about torpedo power, a slignt buff on torpedo reload time for Yugumo and Shima wouldn't be an outrage.
  14. RambaRal

    Max Strauss

    I received the Kiev Worms-something camo and the related 10 point captain.
  15. RambaRal

    Premium shop containers poll.

    Despite being a good customer for the Premium Shop, I buy containers over there only when needed, e.g. to activate a mission/collection or to get the last 1-2 tokens for said collection. I don't buy scratchcards IRL, so I'm not fond of their digital equivalent too.