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  1. Serial_Experiments

    SDAF:Söhne der Antlantik Flotte.

    Hoffe eure freundlichkeit ist nicht allg. so gl hf
  2. Serial_Experiments

    Viribus Unitis: Not garbage at all

    hey, ...biggest problem are Bombs ... they cause way too much damage... and if u get hit by a "AP Bomb" its just game over... 10k hp more , better top armour and it´s a good tier V ... simple still nice looking ship cu
  3. Serial_Experiments

    CV are fine ... wg say's... iam not sure...

    I am not sure he killed two tier 8 BB with two set of planes(per BB)... topr+AP Bomb... he than oneshot a DD... is the sec time i see this guy and he easy destroy's the team alone...(no division ) i see some good players in ships... most around 60% but they play division most of the time... I am low tier (8) in tierX games so i dont see the full view but the Better CV Player win most game even if the team sux's... and if 4 CV are in game u end up most of the time with only CV alive @ the end of the battle (my point of view) ... it's boring if the CV focus u over 10min... unit u are dead... befor the change i played alot tier4... now its impossible... 4 CV every game u just lose DD @ start than the BB get hunted down ... and u have 2 MG too def yourself vs air planes... ... i would like if the CV coud protec his team more(the fight are uselss ,short and cant use often) than just kill everthing... without care... every one is just line of site for him. @ the moment is just boring too play even with two CV ingame with 4 is a wast off time...
  4. 13vs1 kill too death ... and round about 70% winrat ... in random battle iam not a realy good player but... why we get 4 cv if two destroy a game ... or i miss something ?? cu
  5. Serial_Experiments

    Help >Bildschirm fest..

    wurde neu installiert... und das Spiel läuft... kann mein Schiff bewegen, rep... eigentlich alles... aber der Bildschirm ist fest... schon komisch wenn das eingene Schiff plötzlich denn Bildschirm verlässt... kann es sein das das spiel denkt das ich ein dissc. hatte ?? mfg
  6. Serial_Experiments

    Help >Bildschirm fest..

    hey seit dem letzten update habe ich ständig probleme spielmit wows 1.spiel lad sehr lange... und bricht komplet ab.. 2. re login in 3. kann mein schiff bewegen... aber die bildschirm ansicht ist ein gefrohren... ...(neu install. fehler besteht weiter hin) http://