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  1. Pauld

    PSA: Twitch Drops

    3x Credits \ 3x consumables \ 3x flags That's all I got from 3 containers
  2. Pauld

    Bug Reports

    1. Description After picking a random container an error message appears "Transaction error please try again later" im unable to click away or exit back to port, only way to exit is to force close the client 2. Reproduction steps Trying to pick a random container warrants same results 3. Result Stuck on screen(Screenshot provided) with no way of exiting except for force closing client 4. Expected result Container animation should start and drop the container on the ship 5. Technical details Game had not frozen in game sounds are still playing in the background pressing esc does nothing and there is no exit button to return to port. (Screenshot provided)
  3. Pauld

    New HMS Conqueror armament setup leaked

    You can never ever have enough dakka
  4. Pauld

    New HMS Conqueror armament setup leaked

    Damn those leakers this was super secret material
  5. Pauld

    Do you think More or less unbalaced since 0.6.1

    That donkey needs to stop arsing around
  6. Pauld

    Benson Torpedo Wide Spread GUI is bugged

    The tubes you have selected have 3.6secs left until they reload.
  7. I too like to shout in full caps but not today
  8. Pauld

    Public Test Update - 31/01/2017

    thanks Tuccy
  9. Honestly you should NEVER Sell premium ships.
  10. Pauld

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Thank you for choosing me I really appreciate it!
  11. Pauld

    Consumable keys (T) not reacting when pressed

    Yes i have had the delay before when pressing T for smoke, prehaps 3-4 seconds after the cooldown has completed it takes a few presses for it to activate highly annoying
  12. Pauld

    Dear Wargaming Employees

    I like the Polish they seem like a very intelligent group of individuals