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  1. ettercap

    General feedback

    General feedback. See ya!
  2. I was glad to hang out with you WG since 2011. Now, 0.8 is just too much. You really need to learn how to do things right way. Goodbye for now!
  3. ettercap

    Defeat even if all enemy ships are down?

    Ok. However, it looks weird to me. I dont know how they coded this section but it looks like the point counter / timer is right on the server side, while server receives information about kills etc from client and that information from client have a delay what is unerstandable. If the point counter / timer sits on client its dummy to update server with those informations before they are shown in the UI.
  4. How is it possible to lose a battle when all enemy ships are killed? I was in a battle where game ended on 997 points for enemy team and all enemy ships where killed and it was defeat. Can someone explain how is this possible? As you can see on screenshots our Stalingrad and Hindenburg finished battle alive and enemy has no ships left, but it was defeat and enemy got exp. for Victory, we got exp. for Defeat.
  5. Yep. Why not. In most clans weekend is clan battles main, because almost every clan has some players who cant play on working days. This weekend should be regular and last one. People who cant play next weekend the seasson is over and some of them maybe cant get rewards because they need few more wins.
  6. That was victory but server didnt register it. :( However, I hope they will extend clan battles as well for an extra week since game is unplayable.
  7. Its working now. Chat and divisions works as well. I hope everything will be fine since today is a clan battles evening.
  8. UP (Utrinque Paratus) sails into international waters from now. We are looking for decent and active players who are able to cooperate in a team. About us Our clan gathered players from EX-YU countries mostly. Since we have no issues to talk in English we decided to recruit players from Europe too. Our main goal is to play clan battles and random battles divisions, do our best and have fun. We value good individual players but good teamplay is more valuable for us. We can offer bonuses from naval base (-10% to the cost of servicing ships of the specified type and +3% XP earned on ships of the specfied nation), clan battles in a group. Also we can do experiments and practices in training rooms in our own clan or with other clans. After all we offer a lot of fun and positive atmosphere. Requirements 1) 18+ years old 2) Speak English 3) Use TeamSpeak 3 for communication (Discord is optional) 4) Have at least one Tier X Warship 5) Have at least 52% win rate and satisfy average damage values below (Given values are for Tier X ships). Average damage dealt values for Tier X warships you own: - In Destroyers at least 40000 - In Cruisers at least 55000 - In Battleships at least 72000 - In Aircraft Carriers at least 84000 Contact Us - You can send your application using game interface - Our Discord channel is: https://discord.gg/S54k5VX - You can message our commander, deputy commanders and recruiters in game Since we still recruiting players from EX-YU countries, here we go again. Klan UP (Utrinque Paratus) regrutuje igrače širom Evrope uključujući i igrače sa EX-YU prostora. Tražimo igrače koji vole timsku igru i znaju da igraju timski. O nama Primarni cilj našeg klana je iganje klanskih borbi kao i random borbi u divizijama. U svakoj borbi dajemo svoj maksimum. Cenimo dobre individualce, ali mnogo više cenimo dobru timsku igru. Dobar provod i zabava su na prvom mestu. Igračima koji nam se pridruže možemo da ponudimo bonuse iz naše luke (-10% na cenu popravke broda i +3% više XP nakon svake borbe), kao i mogućnost igranja klanskih borbi sa nama. Možemo da eksperimentisemo u trening sobama razna unapređenja brodova, skillove na kapetanima i igramo medju/unutar klanske treninge. Za kraj, humor, pozitivna energija i zabava su nam na prvom mestu. Naši zahtevi 1) Da imate više od 18 godina 2) Da razumete engleski i isti govorite dovoljno dobro za sporazumevanje u klanskim i random borbama (upotreba engleskog je obavezna samo ako su igrači iz inostranstva prisutni) 3) Da koristite TeamSpeak 3 za komunikaciju (Discord opciono) 4) Da imate barem jedan Tier X brod u luci 5) Da imate najmanje 52% pobeda i zadovoljavate dole navedenu prosečnu nanetu štetu (zadata prosečna šteta je samo za Tier X brodove) Prosečna naneta šteta za Tier X brodove koje posedujete: - U razaračima najmanje 40000 - U krstaricama najmanje 55000 - U bojnim brodovima najmanje 72000 - U nosačima aviona najmanje 84000 Kontakt - Možete nas kontaktirati kroz igru - Adresa našeg Discord kanala je: https://discord.gg/S54k5VX - Pošaljite poruku u igri našem komandiru, zamenicima ili regruterima
  9. Did you came here to spread your knowledge or just spam topic? There is no official infos about these ships and legendary upgrades because they are still WiP. As player its not your job to google rumors. At the end you are wrong. Divisions like this one are not allowed, as you can read from MrConway's answer.
  10. In era of symetric MM, you want to say that this is symetric: - Yamato vs Yamato (with legendary upgrades - nobody knows how she performs) Des Moines vs Worchester (mystery ship at it self because nobody have it yet + legendary upgrades) Zao vs Stalingrad (mystery ship at it self because nobody have it yet + legendary upgrades) Its 3 top tier ships in battle and nobody can say that 3 top tier ships isn't matter. I'm taliking about average players who maybe saw these two ships for first time and probably never heard of legendary upgrades. Its not OK to ruin someones time and resources. I agree, 1 ship really doesn't matter. About your analysis, I agree, we didn't perform like unicums, but as I said, it is not a problem if it was defeat or victory. Please consider, Stalingrad and legendary upgrades are under testing, some of them are really broken (ex. Zao legendary upgrade gives her 2.8sec rudder shift what is stupid and in comparison with rudder shift time of much smaller ships like dds, it breaks all laws of physics). At the end, I will repeat one more time. Its not about win or def. Its about too much testing in one battle, and as you can see that testing ruin battles. In last month I have played too much games against or with those testers whatever they be. I'm not here to test the game, I'm playing on live server to do some progress on my account. I'm not getting anything from WG for free. All time and account resources spent in game equals my money (time + real money).
  11. AGAIN! You didn't understood what we are complaining about. Its not matter if it is defeat or victory. We are talking about what is FAIR and what is not, and what is BALANCED and what is not. But, you can't understand that obviously.
  12. I forgot to mention, this happens multiple times. There is screenshot is from few weeks ago. I'm wondering how many battles and resources I will lose get while they testing.
  13. Dude, we played in division if u are blind.
  14. Howeve, it doesnt matter if they are supertesters or community contributors. Its not fair at all to let 3 players with upgrades that nobody have and there is no counter measure to play and make 9 kills. You cant say that 9 kills doesnt matter.