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  1. That section has been there since before the game entered alpha and there was nothing else to do on the forum. and not all of the threads there are like that, though I don't really post there much.
  2. Tedster59

    0.5.5 Incoming ! Patch Notes

    for those wondering what happened, here's some footage I took a bit ago.
  3. Tedster59

    New Ishizuchi model, AA buff?

    wonder if they finally fixed whatever engine limitation keeps them from putting AA guns on top of turrets
  4. Tedster59

    Kantai Collection kai2

    I should start checking this kancolle thread too.
  5. Tedster59

    Closed Beta Test is Over...

    You have to make sure to install the clients to separate locations, and it should work. Your progress does not carry over across regions though. Edit: sorry for necro, missed the date because pinned topic.
  6. Tedster59

    Community competitions - EU too?

    Meanwhile, we have some guy claiming that he's coming to EU because the community is treated better. The grass is always greener on the other side.
  7. Tedster59

    [Basics] Damage mechanics

    fire damage also seems to be higher. in a training room, a bot Yamato burned for around 585 HP a second (or ~0.6% per tick).
  8. Tedster59

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    because I'm to lazy to check if this guy's site has been posted here yet (and search didn't bring it up) http://blog.livedoor.jp/irootoko_jr
  9. with the current HE/fire meta, i predict a blob of Des Moines's, with maybe a fighter midway, and a group of gearings/shimakaze's.
  10. Tedster59

    0.4.0 or OBT is a big nerf for DDs

    thoughts in blue.
  11. Tedster59

    Balancing changes in

    Some idiot in the office went and copypasted two sets of ST notes and pushed them as the live notes. these notes are useless until they get fixed.
  12. Tedster59

    WoWS Raw Yamato Gameplay (WGNA approved)

    As I am on NA, I contacted gunlion, (CM of NA server). I do not really know how EU works here regarding this.
  13. Tedster59

    WoWS Raw Yamato Gameplay (WGNA approved)

    I am glad to say the issues have been resolved and the video should be available for anybody interested.
  14. Tedster59

    WoWS Raw Yamato Gameplay (WGNA approved)

    crossposting this from NA forums: