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  1. BoxOfAngryBees

    gun shots not synced

    and here is an example - a citadel that shouldnt have been. though not quite as obvious: pretty sure that was a narrow miss and not actually a citadel - at least, not on my client
  2. BoxOfAngryBees

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    yeah, what he said (was thinking of this but forgot to add to my post in the end xD )
  3. BoxOfAngryBees

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    thats the point - its not unprecedented that missions bug out, dont complete for no reason etc .... it would be much easier to create a clone and keep the old credit modifier but, as i elaborated a few posts ago - its all part of the plan
  4. BoxOfAngryBees

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Its quite obvious whats happening here. They are trying to drain the economy of credits. I believe that this is more a 'credit balance pass' concept than anything else. Because this is so negative for the player base, they are going to do it in parts. The flag removal for achievements was the most recent step, this Missouri *totally-not-a-nerf* slap in the face is the next. All I can say is lay back and watch your credit balance go down faster and faster over the next few patches - that way, you might want to spend more $doubloons$ to get your stuff and/or more credits. its amazing at just how breakneck wedgies speed is in digging their own grave. The subs, the credit draining scheme, refusing to fix carriers .... its all coming to a head, more sooner than later.
  5. BoxOfAngryBees

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    play some games now - then after the patch, would be a more direct comparison
  6. BoxOfAngryBees

    gun shots not synced

    Since the patch, Ive been seeing my shots go straight through superstructures, shot splashes inside the hulls of enemy and my ships, more shell shatters or misses than graphically indicated while zoomed in .... these sound like desync issues but my ping is at a stable 20/30ms. Couldnt find anything on google about this, either. What gives? Can anybody attest to the same or know anything about this?
  7. BoxOfAngryBees

    Detonations. A poll to help WG hear the player base

    really, dude? please have the courtesy to use periods, commas and at least some logical structuring, dont just vomit on the keyboard and expect people to understand or even want to fight through this nonsense. Your have all the time in the world to post something - take five minutes and put some thought into it. * 362 detonations and counting in almost 13500 dd battles. Thats almost 3% if there were never any deto flags onboard. Now, before the achievement flags was removed, I would say 3500 dd battles were covered 100%. If a deto flag was installed first and not after a flag that increased the deto chance, then yes, it has happend to me that I got detonated with a detonation flag onboard lols... Thats how I found that you have to install the deto flag first before any other flag that increases detonation chance - lols. That brings the detonation chance, in my case, to almost 4% without taking the flags that you take from events containers etc into account. Which, statistically seen, increase the stupid random crap chance detonation even more in my case. Anyways I could say from experience that near 5% of the time, i got detonated. CONCLUSION: RNG HATES ME LOL *
  8. For people who have been playing the game for up to a year, it is probably at a relatively high level - there are the beautiful and intricate 3D work on the ships, the methodical seemingly powerful and weighty way the game plays .... not many free to play games can pull that off effectively, although id say its a niche. They only know it in its current state - which brings me to the other group of people, namely those who have played it for many years. For people, like me, who have seen the game 2, 3 or 5 years ago and have been playing it, more or less, since then - it is now in a horrendous state. BBs cant properly tank like in the good'ole days thanks to HE spam, the large number of BBs with huge calibers (above 450 f.e.) make it suicidal to bow-tank and carriers actively discouraging unique, interesting and often game-changing quick-witted plays (this goes for all classes). Cruisers had a distinct und understandable playstyle (as in, you could quickly understand the cruiser from the getgo without much meta-knowledge), not either HE spammers, snipers, oversized destroyers or undersized BBs like today (and involving a fair amount of meta-knowledge to play it well.), not to mention the myriad of modules, gimmick-ships that are otherwise useless etc. The list goes on.... Dont get me wrong - alot of this game is still great - the graphics are really nicely programmed, there are many interesting and easter-egg like doodads and quircks on the ships, maps .... the gameplay, despite the horrendous decisions of these past few years mostly still holds up. Its not bad, per se - hell, it might even be good in the eyes of some. The problem is though, it used to be fukkin fantastic - and its quite the fall from being fukkin fantastic down to merely good. When I read the comments and see people who have been playing for less than a year and say the game is ok as is .... well, a single tear streams down my face... if only they knew how the game was back in the day .... Of course, I could also just be a bitter-vet with everything Ive typed, but .... welll .... argh x)
  9. quite hilarious how, when looking at them while the dude is explaining it, you can just tell that they know its bullsh*t.
  10. BoxOfAngryBees

    Suggestions thread

    I have a good idea to teach potatos not to be broadside or to stay stationary (at least): * if your ship is going under 5 knots and your not a destroyer -> -15% dispersion for all ships firing at you (would even argue this is historically accurate, even common sense). This would heighten the learning effect of ships like the german or french overpen trollhulls, perhaps even sparking them to take a look at armor mechanics and citadels, seeing as all their shots were overpens on that hipper whereas the amagi got penned or the colorado even citadelled. * if a ship is 90° (+-10°) to your ship -> -15% dispersion for that ship, should it be firing at you - and make it a popup (like torps) should a ship have that bonus on you for longer than 5 secs, that way they wont miss it. Im tired of shooting at broadside ohios, yamatos and Colorados at 10k range with BB guns and consistently getting more overpens than normal pens, let alone no citadels. Admittedly, Im grinding through the bismarck, monarch and caracciyolo who all have atrocious accuracy ... but nonetheless - short range is short range. I should not be aiming at the waterline, getting 3 hits from a total of 8 or 9 shells at 10km range, the rest of those shells not even flying in the general direction of where I aimed, no matter what ship Im in. Im also pretty sure that this is the reason why potatos are so prevalent in higher tiers and gameplay - they dont get smacked often enough when they do stupid, detrimental-to-the-team moves - hence, no learning effect. edit: on that second point, I suppose it would be wiser to have the bonus decline relative to longer distance, the triggering angle decline in the same way, perhaps.
  11. BoxOfAngryBees

    idiots in gam,e

    Im not really a fan of mocking people ... But - if they cant even use a comma or even the right words in such a fine etablissement such as here ... yeah, the mockery is deserved. You have all the time in the world to make a post - if you want to be taken seriously, act like it and we will gladly oblige. Or, as the old and venerable godfather sloth once said: you gon act like a b*tch - you gon die like a b*tch
  12. BoxOfAngryBees

    cleveland <-> seattle

    that sparked a synapse in me noggin - I now remember a post talking about this exact same problem neigh 4 years ago, where the split was fresh: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/162993-seattle-vs-cleveland-not-a-tier-better/ pretty much the same grumblings as from me and others - subtract the posts speaking of experience, of course, because they were new then edit: yeah, back then the izumo was trash xD ye olden times x)
  13. BoxOfAngryBees

    cleveland <-> seattle

    well, i play exclusively random battles ... cant be bothered with clans etc. If i have credits to burn, I suppose ill give it a try - as you indirectly pointed out, paper stats arent necessarily everything.
  14. BoxOfAngryBees

    cleveland <-> seattle

    dont know the real ships stats but im pretty sure wedgie took liberties to 'balans' it - with their backwards logic, as usual. but thats also pretty much the conclusion ive come to as well - besides the t9 gimmicks, its simply worse. guess ill stop at the cleveland, then - tis a shame. Maybe ill do what ColonelPete said but .... well, short ranged cruisers on open water and what happens to them there is well known.
  15. BoxOfAngryBees

    cleveland <-> seattle

    But the guns are straight up worse than cleveland in every respect except range ... wouldnt the cleveland do that style of gameplay better than the seattle? Looking at the two hulls, the cleveland is also simply straight up better there too - better citadel protection, better maneuverability ... (the slight speed difference isnt really that important, at least not when your dodging and juking shots)