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  1. Conte_Vincero

    Opinion regarding the released German cruiser line

    WG haven't set all the trees up in chronological order though, look at the difference between the Cleavland and Penscola for example, and a WW1 paper design is expected to be the T10 for the RN, so it's entirely possible.
  2. Conte_Vincero

    BB's make torpedos OP

    Hello fallenkezef! Good to see you here! I agree, the low skill of BB players is making life a lot easier. I gave up on CVs in CBT because too many BBs knew how to dodge my torps and I didn't have the skill with them to get the hits I needed, but with the new players I might take them up again. Right now I am playing the Jap DDs and a launch from FoW usually guarantees a kill. Practically no-one knows to zig zag even when they can't see anyone...
  3. Conte_Vincero

    Bloody Torpedoes

    I started this topic earlier to help people like you, hopefully you can learn something! http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/21302-how-to-dodge-torps-post-here-for-tips-advice/
  4. Conte_Vincero

    so many frustrations

  5. Conte_Vincero

    How to dodge torps! Post here for tips + advice

    Another update! By the way, there seems to be differences of opinion as to whether to turn into or away from a threat. I turn away normally as the extra time it gives you can sometimes make the difference between being hit and avoiding the torps. Also if the torps haven't been launched then it exposes the aircraft/Destroyer to my secondaries for longer as they have less relative speed now. Anyway, from the other feedback it sounds like this is contested so I will remove it from the general feedback section.
  6. Conte_Vincero

    How to dodge torps! Post here for tips + advice

    Thanks guys, Updating the post!
  7. So with the predictable surge of torp complaints as we hit OBT, it struck me that we don't have much helping people to deal with them. If you come to the forums you will see a huge amount of threads bashing torps, but very few teaching you how to deal with them so that is the point of this thread! Post below for your best tips/tricks for not getting torpedoed and I will put some the best ones in this post! General tips Don't go alone, destroyers are designed for solo pickoffs, so by going alone you play into their strengths In most cases you're already dead before you spot the torps simply because of bad positioning. If you want to improve against them, improve your positioning. Increase your level of torpedo paranoia proportional to your rudder shift time! Get into the habbit of constantly changing course slightly. This will help not just against torps from fog, but also from long range gunfire. Carrier torps: Keep your eye open for planes, as soon as you see them turn into or away to narrow your profile. Keep circling to prevent them from getting alongside you while your AA picks them off If you lost track and have squadrons on either side of you, putting the engines into full reverse is your best tactic to evade them, but this is highly risky as if the CV spots this.. you die. You should be able to see TBs from 8k away, giving you enough time to turn to avoid them. If not then mount the rudder improvement upgrade. If you let a squadron get alongside you, then turning into them may mean that the torps do not arm before they hit you, causing them to do nothing. Destroyers Keep varying your heading and speed. that way you will mitigate damage from long ranged torps launched from fog. Turning away from DDs can be useful as well, it forces them to overhaul you at a slower rate and gives your Secondaries maximum time to do damage. Watch for signs of a DD launching torps. These can be small splashes in the water next to it, or suddenly turning broadside on to you and ceasing fire for several seconds. If you see either, then turn to make sure they miss! For mid - low tiers DD ranges will be ~ 5.5k for US DDs and ~7k for Japanese DDs. Remember this and use it to keep them out of torp range. If a destroyer pops smoke then going in and out of zoom view (shift) will show a "fountain" of smoke where the destroyer was when you zoomed in! Let's hope we can successfully educate our new players, bring to an end the plethera of torp threads and bring the forum back to what it once was complaints about the delayed RN tree!
  8. Conte_Vincero

    planes with torpedoes

    I tried to play Carriers in CBT but I sucked, so I stopped. Not before I learnt how to evade torpedo attacks however. My favourite tactic is to turn away from the bombers. This works very well on the Myogi I'm currently sailing as the slow biplanes struggle to get alongside if I keep turning away from them. Eventually the captain will get bored and drop his torps and I can then easily evade them. If you can't then putting the rudder hard over before the torps hit the water should guarantee you miss most the torps. Cutting power as soon as the TBs get into drop range is another annoying tactic as the CV captain will not spot it until too late.
  9. Conte_Vincero

    ........... I think I just want my money back

    Back in CBT, after soloing a few pepsis with my Cleavland, I was expecting the pepsi to suck, but the gun accuracy is good and so is the damage which suited my style of staying back and relying on my ability to dodge shells to make up for the armour.
  10. Conte_Vincero

    under water damage

    It's HMS Kelly, a K class destroyer after an altercation with an E-boat. Here is a picture of HMS kelly shortly after recieving the very large non hole
  11. Conte_Vincero

    Wich Shipclass should I take?

    DDs have their own unique gameplay that's hard to compare to anything in WoT. Cruisers are probably the most fun to play, as you can run around at high speed spamming shells at the enemy. DDs are fun in their own way but they require you to have much better situational awareness, and two bad hits in a row will leave you dead in the water and vulmerable to everyone.
  12. Yeah I didn't get that at all... All I can say is that if you don't like it don't buy it and maybe they will replace it with something better.
  13. Conte_Vincero

    under water damage

    Because this is not gonna cause any flooding...
  14. Conte_Vincero

    Torpedo Spam - add realistic options

    Torps are only spammy at lower tiers, as you go up they get much longer reloads and are used differently. Imho the only change they need is a slight buff on the higher tier ones, but I haven't got past T4 to see what they are like in the OBT.
  15. Conte_Vincero

    A creat your own warship

    I just googled that, Holy cow it's terrible. Worst armour scheme ever!