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  1. Nauseica

    Your "Famous Last Words"

    Everything that has a beginning has an end.
  2. Nauseica

    WG Twitch stream 27/07/2023: A total lack luster

    Are you dropping/falling from the paradise/clouds guys ?? Its business and a company that wants to get as more money as he can get with no morality in the end , ye sure in the start he wants to look nice to attract victims ehm customers but after an established market pool aka victims he stops to care Im closing my wallet hahhaaaaaa ... sure your wallet got empty by them long time ago .... like it or not CM people doing WG work to look nice for you , they arent got payed by you to represent you on WG but its the other way around. Some are cool and nice but in the end their paycheck is payed by WG and if WG wants a submarine with secondaries and planes on it it will be announced as the best balance ship ever.
  3. Nauseica

    Farewell forumites

  4. Well RIP i guess From now on it will kinda harder to read some old guides or some old info written here or share what you find (code/bug) to some ofu since i hate reddit and discord is nice for small communities .... guess im getting too old Lowering maintenance cost i guess
  5. I dont really care and i dont count what im getting from PTS cause it feels a 3rd job doing that when i just want test some ships/builds in PTS and grab something for free but How hard is it to program a routine on PTS and transfer to the players all the rewards in one batch which like could be A to F names at monday 3am G to K names at Tuesday and so forth so at Friday all had been delivered Russian scheduling and programming at 2023 oh wait we dont at all
  6. Nauseica

    Colombian Navy 200th anniversary, commander code.

    Thanks alot for that code
  7. Nauseica

    Is Tina going to be added as a Commander soon?

    It kinda easy to replace (but why !!!!) Dasha with Tina if you want if you ask a modder cause from what i remember Dasha dont have a voiceover so its just a picture Short version would be download aslain mod install the lady commander mod and find in the pictures the Dasha to replace and make your own Tina pic for it
  8. Nauseica

    5 things to shoot

    Buffalo had a fun game for sure
  9. Nauseica

    The glorious idea of mine fields...

    You are all just doom sayers i have faith to the Testing and Fix bug team
  10. Nauseica

    New ships - Closed test 12.7 (DB 460)

    You implying that russian research can distinguish the difference between 3mm on naval ships when they couldnt build a semi floatable BB at their imaginary shipyard
  11. Nauseica

    New ships - Closed test 12.7 (DB 460)

    So Japanese BC only stuff they have is 2,2 sigma and a gimmick -20% dispersion due to plane and 12km sea detection with stealth module/captain spec Typical bad AA very soft armor low health big turning radius and big rudder shift time So if you get spotted and get shoot (CV/sub etc) and you want to flank with a ship like these you will get murdered fast so you will have to stay back and just shoot with accurate guns and blame the lose to subs/cv and that dd that wanted to cap and win the game. So a worst British BC line over all atleast on paper until now As always interesting gameplay choices as always from your part as WG design and probably as these went with the other BB american line in next 14/18 months we will have the hybrid BB/cv line of the Japanese fleet ...... Bring it on
  12. Nauseica

    Which ship class(es) do you hate the most?

    I dont really hate any of them Its WG fault that cant make a decent mechanics for some of them I liked alot the rts cv's but when i decide to start playing them the made the revamp of them and i didnt bother again Subs again i liked and played alot Silent Hunter games but how they work here is meh .....
  13. Nauseica

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    I had vote a week ago for a "YES" now if i had to vote it would had been a "NO" Dont get me wrong the mode is still fun but WG nerf it in the easiest way they could and made it uninteresting atleast for me. I played some Worchester games on the weekend cause Zao wont be that good on it and instead of napoli i wanted to play Worchester to done the 4th July mission/Marathon but i found late that some of them cant be progress on AB ... its my fault but why i should play this mode now. Matchmaking sucks if you are a cruiser, you get shoot all the time and BB's can close in and take all the xp from you ... ye its fun in a way and i like it but i dont get something in the end except some abd base xp and some silly community tokens ... so yeah ......
  14. Nauseica

    U.S. Independence Day

    Just a small/big nagging from my side I decide to play some Asymmetric Battles with a cruiser and since i have few of them i decide to play Worchester and also complete the Captain mission for the Liberty one and also do some of the Marathon for the Virgina one. After of few games on Saturday and Sunday i notice that the 2nd part of it it EXCLUDES the AS mode battles ... I know its my fault that i didnt read all the requirements of it and i should know better by now how WG operates and makes missions but that sucks Why you will remove some of modes from it and especially the AB one .... its a rhetorical question dont answer i already know the answer ... I dont care much about the marathon i wasnt planning to fully completed it anyways but first you nerf AB eaarnings you dont fix matchmaking of them and then you had exclude AB mode for some of the missions. 9 days ago AB was fun and could be balanced abit to be more fair but as always when you accidentally make a nice mode so people can have fun you just nuke the hell out of it to be so meh after few days. GG WP
  15. It kinda depend on your map and also how your team mates play cause if your BB's decide to just yolo and die and you left with 2 cruisers the game is kinda horror story to carry it if you dont have some torps on your ship I played some Kitakaze and Napoli games and went decent due to my bb's staying alive.