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  1. I like the new changes on the ship equipment which you have all modules/upgrades/flags/consumables in one place and you dont have to change to another tab to pick them but i would prefer the Modules tab to swap to Armament tab i find it more logical and better suited to the eye. Picture on spoiler I also like the new redesign of the map tab which y can remove what you dont like and isnt forcing you to have circles that you dont want - I would like the option to change colors on the circles you want or how they look (full line or cut line etc) but that i guess will happen on future update in around 6years from now
  2. Nauseica

    AA Priority sector

    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Anti-Aircraft_Fire Its near the middle of the page but sadly pressing O or the new G buttons has not much effect to the planes except WG laughing on us
  3. I dont care for Speedy Gonzales Submarines that can turn faster then Chucky Chan but seriously a 1954 year launch submarine been introduced as a T8 vessel is kinda not very mature thinking isnt it ??? What is your developers/marketing department thinks for the steel T10 Submarine the Red October ...
  4. Nauseica

    Public Test 0.11.5 - Bug reports

    @YabbaCoe @Seraphice Any chance to get new topics for the new PTS ?
  5. Nauseica

    Drowning in flippin TOKENS

    Not really It isnt hard to keep track the tokens since most of them are expired after 1 or 2 months Grinding mission are depend only on you - if you want all the stuff you have to spend either all your life time to get them or spend the price that WG or any other company tags that "reward" you want. I mostly collect most doable and free stuff i can get and thats it - i dont spend 10h per day to get that fancy french camo that i will never use or get that t5 ship that i wont remember it in 1 month i got it.
  6. Nauseica

    What keeps you playing WoWS (as of June 2022)?

    I think sadly your trolling at 2nd picture went to empty space .... you had been talking to division chat sadly As for me i swapped last 18 months to full coop mode just to enjoy even a little to this game - no other game as this style sadly - Less frustration since in coop i dont care about my team mates been bad i only loose if im drunk or loose power to my pc - I can complete easily most grinds i want and get some rewards from most event - atleast the ones i want - Looking the nice and historical ships on the port
  7. Nauseica

    Game won't load armory, news, naval battles

    After the last patch it happening to me every day so when it happens to me i close/exit the game and launch it again and after that it works fine.
  8. Nauseica

    [All] Anime ship Waifu

    I was following Garfield mods until he quit for second time and your work is really good one and keeps the old feeling on the icons Il test the mod on the weekend, best wishes and stay safe man
  9. Guess thats why the people on test and Fixing department where laughing on their video Quality over quantity , also i guess people dont bother much (so do i) anymore on PTS cause the rewards sucks with the low and sucky community tokens
  10. Nauseica

    Is IFHE worth it anymore?

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/213359-ifhe-all-night-long/ You can also check on googledocs for specific build/ships https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XfsIIbyORQAxgOE-ao_nVSP8_fpa1igg0t48pXZFIu0/edit I only had it on Mogami and was really effective atleast 1 year ago when i stop playing seriously
  11. Nauseica

    Sub Torp Bug

    Theirs no bug as people and Yabba explain Sadly you must adapt and try to play accordingly and we have alot of tools and countermeasure subs with alot and multiple ways and il try to explain them in a very and detail way below in a hidden and secret spoiler free.
  12. Nauseica

    Research Bureau Upgrades - worth it??

    Price of this upgrades are too high sadly and few of them are good upgrades and its worthy if you really farm RB else going for a nice ship you like is way better Vid is kinda old but things didnt change i think
  13. Nauseica

    Azur Lane: Fourth Wave

    we arent weeb enough to participate on it
  14. I know how hard the Economic department works to "help" us with the new system but is their any plan for my suggestion on the 1st iteration
  15. As we know all the revamps WG done was meant for their own profit In paper they say you will get more but we cant stuck anymore bonus and that was the initial selling point of all the flags and camos. to stuck them and do all the grind missions faster - now you wont be able. Secondly they say they wont put higher bonus on the new system ... anyone believes they wont starting selling some absurd 10000% fxp in some months on some over expensive bundle. Some old players or people that have alot of flags will get alot of items from this conversion but who cares if you cant use them alot of them in one go also dont forget new system with some new Dockyards/Christmas farming mission how hard it will be if you dont have premium running or dont have the higher bonus % on your inventory. Bottom line