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  1. No, Toby, it won't :D
  2. Those aren't Koalas, they are dropbears
  3. One point perk called Incoming Fire AlertTM, mate. use it to good effect on cruisers.
  4. Keep! Don't you dare sell her.
  5. That is the geneeral control scheme I had in mind too. The issue one could have is that if the ship was to be so implemented, that would open the floodgates to all the whining [edited] crying for all BB (and any ship with them) secondaries to be controllable.
  6. The problem isn'T that you need a brain and AP to defeat a Conqueror, the problem is that he doesn't need either of those things to defeat you.
  7. Controling different calibres, ehh. Only similar example ingame is Kawachi (her beam turrets are armed with 12"/45 while her bow and stern turrets are armed with 12"/50), but those are still guns that load and handle the same. Having two widely different calibres (6" and 14") would be a pain in the a$s to handle, esp since you'd preferably load AP in the 14" and HE in the 6". You maybe could swith like you switch to torpedoes, but still ehhhhhh.
  8. Yeah, well, in hindsight it's logical. Then again, she's gonna be hard to balance, methinks, especially that two tiers lower as a BB she'd also be fine imo. Ah well, we'll just have to roll with it. I'll have to grind CW too now I guess.
  9. I'm really curious to see her. The way I see it, she's gonna be a female canine to balance as a TX CA, because there is no way in hell you can squeeze more than 4r/m of those guns. I'd say it's prolly more like 3 r/m, not even 4. Perhaps a TX Graf Spee, that is always top tier, but still... eh...
  10. Sorry for the double post, but... https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/yes-we-clan/ How in the name of *F* did you guess that?
  11. I just had a few good rounds in my NO over the weekend, all of them in a division. Not very high damage, but certainly very very fun and effective. If B-more is like the NO but better, chances are I'm going to enjoy her greatly. In all three-four games I had rather low damage, never exceeding 60k (and prolly not breaking 30 average), but radaring people out of their smoke is gamechanging. Now I just have to find a way to also do damage and I'll like the ship. B-more seems better off in that regard with her higher AP arcs.
  12. She could be a fun ship to sail, in a similar fashion Mikasa can be fun to sail. The gun layout being completely mixed (6"/47's, 5"/38's, 5"/54's, 3"/50's and 14"/50's) will see you have control probably over the (aftermost) gun turret with the big guns, and then yoU'll be sailing around killing planes like crazy (although as a gunnery trainign ship, their coordinated fire potential is... questionable) and just spitting secondary fire, instead of you yourself dealing effective daamge.
  13. One ship breaks you? ONE? After two years? Wow, mate... Check out ships like Ibuki and Karlsruhe...
  14. Okay, so a little bit of a late response, but hey, better late than never, right? Looking at the general hull design of the Oyodo-class (upon which we base Niyodo), we find that she's based on the hull of Agano, with half a metre more total beam. That imo makes it possible to have centreline-mounted torpedoes, albeit with somewhat worse arcs. That said, the Aoba class (which is highly similar in size - 16m beam) does have lateral torps, so we do have a choice here. If we did ramp up RoF's for the 155mm/60 triple mounts to 8/min (I realise that is contrary to my previous post, but being a balancing factor oftentimes historical accuracy is ignored for game balance), then we could do a T5 Agano T6 Agano-Kai T7 Niyodo (stretch of reality) T8 Niyodo-Kai (at this point total fiction 4x3x 155mm/60 + 2/4x4x Type93 (she would need lateral torps for sure); ~200 m length, ~16-18m beam, ~34kn) T9 Suzuya The heavy cruiser line would need to be adjusted accordingly: T7 Maya (Takao-class with 4x2x 8"; 4x4x Type93) T8 Myoko T9 Ibuki (remains) Or alternatively: T7 Myoko (remains) T8 Takao (Atago but w/o heal and better RoF) or Mikuma/Kumano (Mogami-class) T9 Ibuki (remains) Mogami herself (or rather her name) would be removed for later use in the aviation cruiser line alongside Oyodo and Tone.