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  1. piritskenyer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    So I took some IJN cruisers out, you know, for old times' sake... The results speak for themselves. The good ol' Atago Dreadnaught The good ol' Mogami inferno
  2. piritskenyer

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I met a division of @Blixies (Lexington), @DFens_666 (Monarch) and @ForlornSailor (Cleveland) on my team and they turned my luck around. Compliments all around.
  3. piritskenyer

    Pensacola - Bad by Design

    She definitely needs a turret traverse buff. Reload, probably not. In the old days (talking old-old here, 15.7km-concealment-old) I was one of the people who still loved the ship and could do consistently well with her because I was able to do a good open water kiting play. That was down to turret traverse keeping guns aligned in a full turn down to ranges as close as 8km. When she had her concealment buffed, you could delete cruisers in your tier spread if you managed to sneak up on them, which the buff made easier. Now the ship needs a John Doe and the turret mod to be able to keeps guns on target at 13km in a full turn. Concealment could be better, but ehh. A very high broadside weight must be balanced by the inability to point blank use it.
  4. piritskenyer

    Ere we go again

    people beating on each other over their stats be like
  5. piritskenyer

    Commander The Mighty Jingles

    And make sure his delivery isn't flat and monotone :D
  6. piritskenyer

    Commander The Mighty Jingles

    What are his talents going to be?
  7. piritskenyer

    Monarch is utter trash!

    I wasn't sure about the 18" and... I have a Perth and a Belfast, I have no idea what you are talking about (I know what you mean ofcourse )
  8. piritskenyer

    Monarch is utter trash!

    If it's british and has a 15", you best reach for your AP. If it carries literally any other calibre, feel free to spam HE like a moron.
  9. piritskenyer

    Worcester and Minotaur Fake XP's

    I spy With my intact right eye A sub-par player Burried under many a layer Of effective enemy gunfire Because he doesn't know Where to go When a TX match In which he has no place Inevitably starts
  10. piritskenyer

    Ships like T-61?

    I would suggest Belfast and Giulio Cesare, but both have been pulled from the shop. Also, you might like Mikhail Kutuzov... Oh... Wait... Okay, on a more serious note: the French prem cruisers like the T6 De Grasse and T8 Bayard are fun and effective, I recently got Irian (Pan-Asian T8 CL) out of a container, and she also is rather nice (after a single game, granted, but still). Blyskawica at T7 (PE DD) and Aigle at T6 (FR DD) are also good ships, Atago (IJN CA) at T8 is an excellent all-rounder, battleship wise I can recommend Dunkerque (T6 FR) albeit she is unforgiving and somewhat temperamental, Warspite (T6 UK), Hood (T7 UK), Scharnhorst (T7 DE), Vanguard (T8 UK), Roma (T8 IT), Lenin (T8 RU), Tirpitz (T8 DE), Alabama & Massachusetts (T8 US, look very similar, play very different). As you might see, there is a wide array of choices, it's all a question of preference and playstyle. The ships listed above are all good, but they might not all suit you or your playstyle, so I recommend you go read up on them individually and choose for yourself.
  11. piritskenyer

    how to shoot a mogador in an atlanta

  12. piritskenyer

    Lock On bug - 2.0

    I am aware, however if you have multiple enemy units in the same line of bearing (say an aoba at 12km and a kongo at 14 km) one in front of the other, repeatedly pressing X will cycle between them, indepemdently of which one you have put your centrepoint on.
  13. It annoys you, that's good enough for me.
  14. piritskenyer

    Lock On bug - 2.0

    I propose also Lock On bug v1.1 or v2.1, namely when you have more than one enemy ships in view and the game decides to lock to one of them, but not the one you want to shoot, and pressing X to cicle selection doesn'T seem to work properly. v1.2 or v2.2 of this is where there is only one possible target in view and somehpw the game refuses to lock on to it al the same, unless you repeatedly mash X
  15. piritskenyer

    The Mighty Hood

    I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm