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  1. piritskenyer

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    Artistic representation (ie in game, cinema, theatre) of symbols of opressive regimes is allowed in Hungary. Their display, carry and glorification isn't. What that means in practical terms is that Nazi German, Soviet, etc flags and symbols can be displayed in game as long as they not held up as good guys. That makes it allowable in a game like wows.
  2. piritskenyer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The Ibuki has been treating me quite well on the second go around Good, but only in the middle Getting there Now for the good stuff And a game I lost singlehandedly, by switching to AP against a Smolensk (a salvo of HE would have finished him and let me live)
  3. piritskenyer

    Make WOW's fun again

    I would argue that if a high stat division is present on one team, there should be one present on the other team as well. This being game, having a somewhat fair fight is more fun (for most people anyway), than having a curbstomp division on either team. In OP's example having a RPF gunboat DD that has great AA (and w/ a heal no less) backed by a CV seems about as fun as being dragged through shattered glass in a random game. I would counter that with a classic 899 for balance purposes, but WG doesn't want skill-based MM (which I can sort of understand, the queue times would be horrific).
  4. piritskenyer

    NouZoup tells the truth about reviews

    The problem (IMO) with Flamu has always been (apart from his sometimes overly toxic behaviour) is that he judges ships on a squarely competitive scale, ie is this ship viable in such and such competitive environment or not. On that scale usually two options exist: Yes and no. Of course those statements cn be qualified based on, for example, wether they are taken as team ships or solo ships (I get the impression that Flamu judges every ship on its solo competitive value). By that metric, Flamu trashes a lot of ships that are fun and decent in randoms, while glorifies some that are very effective, but absolutely unfun.
  5. piritskenyer

    The allmighty IBUKI in 2020

    No, technically speaking, it isn't. What is immensely frustrating however that it doesn'T seem to be my fault either.
  6. piritskenyer

    The allmighty IBUKI in 2020

    I'm doing my first regrind and the ship still has a curse on it, even though I improved a lot since last time I played it. I switched to a full evasion/DPM setup and my avg damage went up, but I still have the team curse of "5 minutes in, 5 ships down"
  7. piritskenyer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not smashing my PC to bits F*** the Ibuki
  8. piritskenyer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I managed to trigger Yamamoto's Kraken ability for the first time. And let me tell you, 155 Mogami with 34% reload buff is no joke. (Pink because the friendly Edin managed to ram into me as I was firing and I took 7k HP off him) And I got the greatest compliment of all after the match:
  9. piritskenyer

    Russian cruisers split

    Hey, I never said it was an approved method...
  10. piritskenyer

    Russian cruisers split

    Obviously. Although to be fair there are a couple of, shall we say, "methods" used by sailors to increase actual rate of fire, especially on powerramed guns. One of them, specific to 8" USN cruisers was so called "cue-balling", whereby they ran the rammer at high speed into the back of the projectile, and retracted it before the entire ramming motion was complete, effectively kicking the shell into the chamber and up into the rifling throat, rather than ramming it at determined speed. This way they anecdotally could get 2-4 seconds off the loading cycle, which is not insignificant when you think about it. I think the british also did something similar on 8" cruisers, although I've heard much fewer mentions of that.
  11. piritskenyer

    Eu Cruisers?

    That is somewhat true, but even so, there is a bit of a lack of source material for more or less tier 8-X. You can scrape together lowtier ships quite easily, mainly based on ships from the Netherlands, Sweden, and Austria-Hungary, with Spain contributing one or two ships, but for high tiers you are pretty much boned, unless you want to take a full left turn and have something like Design 1027 at TX after a line of overwhelmingly 6"-armed ships. Ships like De Zeven Provinciën class can be stretched to fit T9 I'd say. I'll list the available cruisers out later (I'm on the phone rn), but there is a considerable hole on the higher tiers and a considerable overpopulation for low tier candidates.
  12. piritskenyer

    Eu Cruisers?

    I think there aren't enough cruisers to make a whole line of cruisers, but you can put in some prems.
  13. piritskenyer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    A long string of victories in my Myoko. This is my first regrind, and the first time I ground Myoko, I hated it, now we're getting on quite famously. Suffered two defeats after this pic was taken, still ending up on top of my teams both times Highlights And my last game was a glorious defeat
  14. piritskenyer

    The premiums that time (Updates) forgot

    Atlanta/Flint: I agree that their AA gimmick has indeed been rendered useless by the reeework, but I don't think they are entirely useless ships. The tiering doesn't do them any favours, but they now excel mainly as firestarters. The old rule of abusing island cover still applies and they can be very effective. Hood: I find her quite passable. Her turrets turn faster than they used to (and certainly faster than in testing), and her speed makes her able to pop up in really unexpected places. Add to that the pretty good rear turret angles, you cab stay angled pretty well while swinging out only for a few seconds to give a full salvo. Texas: Texas was always a stinker for me. The lack of speed meant easy target for HE, which meant the serious AA firepower slowly evaporated, and since you cannot reposition or run away, you end up being picked off. Indianapolis: I agree. When I got her, I managed an 8-kill gane in her. Now I wouldn't take her out to play because she is completely outdated. Graf Spee: cannot really attest to her strengths or weaknesses, because I don't have her. That said, I see an awful lot of them out there still. Błyskawica: I disagree. While not as strong in the meta as she once was, mainly due to being powercrept a fair bit, she is still decebt and can still do very well. Her golden days were before the open water stealth fire change, because she was partially balanced around OWSF, but she is still very viable as long as one keeps her limitations in mind. Graf Zep: I'm not a CV player, but from what I heard from people who know better, they either love GZ or hate its guts and they do well or badly accordingly. Saipan: I don't know. Have it, can't use it. Vanguard: I disagree. She is a very decent ship that rewards good play and is extremely unforgiving to people who don't know what they are doing or forget about positioning.
  15. piritskenyer

    VIII Tallinn Broken ship.

    Yeah, that's my feeling too. That said, I don't really know how to play the 180mm-armed cruisers, most success I had with them was as a cruiser killer where I got up close abusing island cover and then pumped enemy cruisers full of citadels. I suspect the guns are right at the edge of needing IFHE for them to be viable all-rounders, but I don't know for sure.