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  1. piritskenyer

    Vanguard: lacking something to be good

    They also have the short fuzes, so they are more suitable for anti-cruiser work with that AP, while Vanguard has the normal fuzetime, but no improved angles, and is as such better suited for achieving citadel pens rather than normal pens.
  2. piritskenyer

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    How about no?
  3. piritskenyer

    How to Kolberg?

    At 17 kilos thrown at 710m/s, hardly.
  4. piritskenyer


    Oh well, shows you how well I know the ship :(
  5. piritskenyer


    Yeah, DM has longer-range radar, I would gear that for anti-ship (radar and hydro) and Salem for anti-air. Although given the consumable choices, I'd prolly then take a spotter and reload mod on Salem for long-range quick fire bombardment, and range mod on DM because I don't want to ditch radar. But then again, if you wanna sniff-out ships in smoke with DM, maybe best maximise your DPM and go with reload instead of range? So many possibilites, so many choices, I can't make my mind up!
  6. piritskenyer

    the "carry harder!" thread

    I know that feeling... Yesterday I played one (1) match that made me decide to go back to hibernation some more Example of things that happened in that match: My miserable gameplay in Helena netted 46 k damage (below my average) and I still ended up on top of the team our Mahan decided to open-water HE-spam the enemy Scharnhorst, and was so preoccupied doing so that the enemy Podvoisky (which was at half HP at the time) just deleted hm from full HP a third of my team (incuding not one, but two radar cruisers) took literally 10 minutes to take a cap that was being capped by one Podvoisky and then failed to kill the Podvoisky (the same mentioned in the above point) another DD of our team was torpedoed in his smoke because he was sitting stationary Unsurprisingly, my team got squashed before I had even realised the full extent of what was happening. By minute 12 the only 4 ships remaining on our team were 3 of the 4 cruisers that went to the single cap denoted in my 3rd point (the 4th one died to Podvoisky torps. I say again: Podvoisky. Torpedes.) and me. At that point I had: capped a flag, killed one DD and scared off another one, set 4 fires, and caused a whopping 28k damage. By minute 15, I was up at 40k damage and was last man standing. Like I said, ended the match with 46k damage and was somehow still on top of my team, so sometimes I don't even know what this game is anymore. PS: I'm pretty sure that not having a working mouse and playing on a shitty laptop somewhat limits my performance, but these matches are just pure "how is this even possible" material.
  7. piritskenyer

    Where do EU players get ARP ships these days?!

    Wastee, do you know if this applies to tanks and if it has a time imit? I once accidentally sold my FCM 50t years and years ago and couldn't restore it because I had restored some other premium.
  8. piritskenyer

    How to Kolberg?

    that would seem sensible to me too, but hey, I'm nt managing the forums, so don't tell me this.
  9. piritskenyer

    How to Kolberg?

    this is some advanced necro
  10. piritskenyer

    Looking for an tier 10 cruiser

    As having played through the IJNCA line, I can confirm that Zao is miles ahead in protection to anything before her (perhaps with the expection of Atago of al things). She's not exactly "Battleship Hindenburg"-level of sturdy but she can angle against most AP rounds fired at her with a reasonable chance of bouncing as opposed to just being lolpenned. Of course even such one should never try to stand up to battleships, but at least you can be saved by your armour as opposed to having enemy shells just arm on your armour. Your plating can be overmatched by all BB guns, so going bow on or stern on does you the least good. Your best bet is evasive sailing.
  11. piritskenyer

    Looking for an tier 10 cruiser

    Henry and Zao can deliver huge chunks of damage if you get full salvoes off.
  12. piritskenyer

    Henri IV cpt skills

    Go for IFHE. It's the ultimate troll build: youwill never again need to fire AP at anything (exceptions being the flat broadside cruisers at close range), because you are pretty much guaranteed to rickity-reckity-wreck sh1t if you can even as much as just land hits. I mean seriously, you have enough firechance to spare to hardly even notice you specced IFHE, and if you are so inclined you can completely negate the reduction with DE and flags (increase it by 1% over base even).
  13. piritskenyer


    Also known as Leroy or Leroy Jenkins, for obvious reasons
  14. piritskenyer

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    "Improvement" of shells, aka next time if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. Everything else: