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  1. Private_Bufu

    Loging and general slownes in the game

    I had issues with loading times in port and into battle when i started tinkering with my graphics card settings (AMD\ATI what ever floats your boat ..... ). The loading time for ships in port seems to get a lot better if you set "texture filtering" to performance rather then quality (when using high settings for ship textures obviously), for the battles i don't know. Sometimes i have slow loading the first time i play a map, and other times its just at random and i either enter at 20ish seconds countdown time or 5-10 seconds after the match has started.
  2. Although i have little issues in general beside the ships hopping from once place to another when sniping, i do tend to have the shells appearing in front of the ship. I cant say for sure, as i havn't had a good shoot out with a smoked up DD, but it seems that it also tends to happen in smoke screens making "blind" shots rather difficult at times.
  3. Private_Bufu

    New Ships

    I got this covered, one Origami ship print coming up: (seems the image is a bit glitchy ... .dang it could have been so nice .... )
  4. Private_Bufu


    That all kinda depends on how far you want to take it, im hoping to retain some vanilla feel to it, not removing to much fog effects etc but still boosting overall warm feeling i think it should have. If everything else fails, there is always the option to manually toggle the effect on/off in the harbor, but i doubt that is needed. All this makes me wonder if i can get older versions of enbseries to work as well .... although depth of field and all that kinda stuff might be a bit too much
  5. Private_Bufu


    This is what mine looks like so far at low/med settings, still needs some work but im a bit lazy. I like more vibrant colours and contrast, but atm its a bit to much making some things blurry and some buttons to bright. Screenshot1940.bmp 5MB Screenshot1940.bmp
  6. Private_Bufu

    another day of ping and fps jumps

    Tbh since the hotfix im starting to have slight FPS issues mainly when there is a lot of shelling\AA\torping going on, im yet to pinpoint the issue as im also using SweetFX atm to test some setting. And ping i only had a rare few times where it was shooting up to above 100ms up to 200ms, of witch i cant seem to figure out what the issue is, reading this though im thinking its not my ISP causing it.
  7. Private_Bufu

    Do you get a reward for being a CBT tester

    Cant find the topic atm, and to lazy to search for it, but i believe it was said they have the choice between 3 or 4 rewards they are allowed to hand out for CBT participation. And yes there will certain criteria you need to meet to get the reward, i think a certain amount of battles (unknown amount) was mentioned in that same topic. Either way i find it rather wrong to even ask for a reward, not to mention if its your first ever post on the forum, the incentive should be to test\early access not to be rewarded for wanting to contribute to a game.
  8. Private_Bufu

    passive players

    So euhm .... Whats the point of this post ? Why is this post even here. Want some cheese with that whine ? Inb4 ze lock ;)
  9. Private_Bufu


    If you pay attention to the end game statistics you can see you will have assists listed there, why would we need a badge for it. It be just as pointless as acussing people of kill stealing/snipping .....
  10. Private_Bufu

    ship handling

    I tend to surf the map edge, because i fail at estimating the turning speed of my BB (or am just being a complete donkey in a CA/CL), same goes for islands for that matter although i tend to over estimate the agility of faster ships and usually get stuck in a DD or CA\CL But tbh if you are piloting a BB and are busy evading TB's\shells while trying to get a good RNG on a ranged fight, ships happen and if a Cruiser or DD cant see my huge turning radius (O-pattern sailing ftw ) and still manages to bump into me i will do no effort to brake free (even if it happens to kill us both), same goes for shooting my guns for that matter if they happen to be in front of my guns (mainly had this happen in CA\CL's though) its though luck for them (if we both attempted to avoid each other i tend to show a little more lee-way though). In DD's, CA's and CL's i tend to be a lot more careful though, bigger ships are easier to avoid for me then it is for them to avoid me, but like mentioned above some times battles get very chaotic and cramped and then you cant always avoid getting a collision (for some reason im glad collision with friendly ships does little to no dmg, specially compared to what it does to enemy ships ).
  11. Private_Bufu

    Toxic Behaviour

    Because for those rare few times (even in WoT) the person who is dead might be giving pointers, hints, tips or general advice (specially if he got XVM sniped meaning its proll a unicum player). I tend to advice the helpless newbies as well where i can if there willing to listen, with the changes in WoT how ever its been harder and harder to even assist the team if you alive since everyone that feels offended by ragers has the chat turned off like a boss, making those few people that might want to play as a team even more unreachable unless you in a platoon. Same goes for making dead people unable to chat, a side from the above mentioned reasoning, if i see a good match being played (while i got out skilled early on or during the process) id like to be able to give a well earned "GG" or "GJ" to the winning side even if its the enemys. PS: i am against any form of chat disabling\prevention or other method's that prevents people from using chat if they did no misbehave. If people want to risk getting chat banned or banned from the game for a certain amount of time for being rude to others, that is there choice i really dont feel offended by words myself nor does it bother me to see the words on screen.
  12. Private_Bufu

    Toxic Behaviour

    It seems to have its moments, for me personally it seems to have toned down a bit, but that might also be because i am going higher and higher in tier as i start to focus more on specific classes rather then wanting to grind/test them all. In the lower tiers that i play during peak hours because of player counts, its still quite a mess, it seems that the most "fun" to play tiers cause the most frustration. I havn't reported anyone yet, even though i proll should have, trolling back still seems to work most of the time and keeps the toxic level at a low during the matches (with the exception of the one every so often that goes full retard). Last one i saw raging i said something along the lines of "You really want that chatban fillinrandomnamehere dont you ?" followed by "Or if you are in bad luck a CBT removal ....." the rager in question dint say another word after that.
  13. Private_Bufu

    The notification Bar must be implemented

    This, as much as i love to see some kinda reward system for all those nice ribons we get, as much as i love to see battle stats from port. Id much rather have properly balanced ships across tiers (or at least as much as possible) and proper shell/armor mechanics that eliminate some of the horrible RNG factors at play atm.
  14. Private_Bufu

    Draws, there must be a way of deciding a winner.

    I actually like the draw mechanic, if my team makes to many mistakes or is on the wrong end of the RNG stick, i can still try to force a draw if the enemys start to tunnel vision into killing ships (or if i can focus on a de-cap in that last minute as CV to deny a win). There are some cases where a draw is a bit awkward (and maybe very distasteful) but you cant eliminate all factors sadly enough, also a Draw should keep people on there toe's\edge to try and avoid it and play smarter because of it.
  15. If you keep living in the time where there was still a wall in Berlin yes perhaps, but things have changed and your still missing the point of what i posted to begin with.