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  1. Gandhah

    Download Game without torrent

    I don't think ISP has anything to do with it (at least in my case) I downloaded the game via Steam in less than an hour - reliable connection, the download speed didn't go down at all. While using the Game Center it has spikes, but most of the time it's around 100-300 KB/s. I also tried everything, checked unchecked no uploading, restarted the app, restarted the pc (multiple times), tried both wi-fi and cabled connection. tried to pause the download and resume. When I'm downloadin anything through a torrent client it's again reliable, no ups and downs.
  2. Gandhah

    Download Game without torrent

    That worked! for 1 minute... back to 100-300 KB/s Any other ideas?
  3. Gandhah

    Downloading game very slowly

    I'm having some serious issues downloading the game through the game center on a new laptop 90 KB/s ... this really sucks. Did try to download via steam and the dl speed goes up to 10MB/s right away. Can someone help me with a download link for the game? the one posted in this thread doesn't work anymore. Or any other tips if possible, I tried changing the port also tried pausing and unpausing, changed the port back, restarted pc, restarted the modem, tried both cabled connection and wi-fi :) Thank you in advance! Game Center vs Steam