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  1. Boomer7

    Dry Dock: Warship Size Comparison

    The Stalingrad, look at around 2:52
  2. Boomer7

    Dry Dock: Warship Size Comparison

    Wow the biggest Battleship ever built, is the smallest Tier X Battleship in WOWS, even a cruiser is longer. No wonder none of these designs ever made it off the drawing boards, or even further then some sketch on a dirty napkin. These ships would have all been a colossal waste of resources, especially as the Japanese and later the US proved, you can sink even the biggest ships with planes that cost a fraction of what your BB cost you to build. It is a bit sad to see that the fantasy ships they drew up, make the mightiest Battleship ever look like a dwarf.
  3. Well I managed to grind out the Gorizia, finished it on friday or so. The assignments were a pain in the [edited], as they were built to have as few overlapping ones as possible. Think as of now I have not managed to finish the firedamage assignment in level 1 where you need a DD. Played as I normally do during the holidays, getting the 2 dailies and if I had fun a few missions more. Guess sunk about 2-4 hours in it daily. Also I got lucky, I think, as I got a Hunghe from a mega container. As it stands I will get to stage 25 on the Puerto Rico before the event ends.
  4. Boomer7, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    Took me a bit to find it out, but it was quite fun afterwards. good thing you would not loose starts for a loss. I finished the whole sprint with an Akizuki, and an at the end 10 point captain. I have a Bismark but with a crappy captain, was getting outgunned in the secondaries by all the full upgraded Tripitzes, so I gave that up after a few battles. The majority of battles were against Bismarks and Triptzes, had 1 or 2 Massachusetts, a lot of Hippers and Prinz Eugen 3-4 carriers and a handful of destroyers. Bismark and Tirpitz were a disaster to play against when I tried my normal tactic of kyteing. In one battle I thought what the hell get if over with quick and charged in, with engine boost, then noticed with that speed and going nearly straight on I would not get that much damage, and be able to let my torpedos go at suicidal range, that paired with a torpedo reload booster, made sure I had a fighting chance against the big german BBs. Cruisers were not a big issue, could outrun and out dpm them, only issue I had was with the Chapayev her guns hit really hard. DDs was just a matter of outdueling them, if they tried the smoke screen and hydro trick, either just keep firing at their last position and adjust when you see the splashes or retreat for a minute until the hydro expires. Carriers were just boring, rush the cap, dodge, smoke up let the timer expire. If the carrier player is good you will not get to the last part. :) Only sunk 1 carrier a Graf Zeppelin, Since he has a high detection range I could spot him from the cap, and get closer to fire. The he somehow tried to outduel me with his secondaries, that was a bad idea. Would have wished to see more DDs, but as I mentioned 80% or more where Bismark, Tirpitz, Hipper, Prinz Eugen. Problem is just that the ships in 1vs1 are unbalanced, some are just superior. It is not really the skill that is needed here you just need to have the right ship and the right captain, and you can barely loose. If I subtract the games I played against the german BBs from my stats for the sprint I guess it would be in the 80% winrate. And I am not even close to being that good, it is just that the Akizuki is as overpowered as the Tirpitz is for 1 vs 1.
  5. Boomer7

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    Yes and you can easily get the Gorizia by finishing the first 3 directives. :) (Is it only me that sees a little problem in that?) Or by throwing even more gold at WG.
  6. Boomer7

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Not really sure how I think about it all. I am quite sure I will not spend 300€ for a ship. And also I am sure that there is no way in hell I can even get close to finish the Puerto Rico. I played Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, my typical few hours and have not even managed to get the all objectives of assignment 1 done. Well guess it is more time to play other games during the holidays. I liked the holiday events in recent years. I have most of the time 2 weeks off during that time, and only a few family meetings so some time to play. But this grind is beyond humanly possible. I am just a bit sad for the guys who designed that dockyard, and probably the guys who had the idea in the first place, as it is a neat idea. The problem is that just some greedy guy from the finance department messed it all up by raising the price for the boosters, and adding a few 0 to every objective. The dockyard in itself would be a great way to introduce new premium or special ships, give the people some objectives maybe even longer term and see the ship getting built. Now whatever they do with it, the dockyard will always be remembered for the Puerto Rico fiasco.