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  1. Srle_Vigilante

    Update 0.10.10: Superships

    Tyler1 | Help - YouTube
  2. Srle_Vigilante

    WG has not changed.

    Must be the Zietens only redeeming feature.... Considering the entire broadside is a shot trap because of hull mounted secondaries, and the entire nose is 27mm. 1 forward point turret? Bruh... Citadel is not a turtleback and its above the water line... sheeesh There's a reason why Dreadnought design stops at tier 6 - 7 tops. And you actually think The Schlieffen can power creep the Kurry with this? Yeah no, this line is a joke.
  3. Srle_Vigilante

    Still the number 1 issue in the game

    What is this? 2018? Is this actually a weekend warrior complaint topic?
  4. Srle_Vigilante

    How did you discovered this game?

    Jumped ship from World of Tanks. Most of the community knew about World of Warships being a thing, and it went around as a star citizen like joke. As in a game that will never be released. So when the German cruisers got released I made the switch.
  5. Srle_Vigilante

    Sub_O on NA: As we would all expect...

    For me the biggest xd moment has to be where subs are undetectable by Sonar. Thanks WeeGee, very cool. Thank you for giving me this unique gameplay experience where I have to suicide rush a sub in my DD in order to prevent him from spotting and destroying my entire team while being in front of us the entire time.
  6. Srle_Vigilante

    Important message for the community

    I want to see this actually applied in real life. Theories only works in theory.
  7. Srle_Vigilante

    You´ve gone to far...

    Where's my Super unicum status
  8. Srle_Vigilante

    Send a message to your government

    Knowing Croatia and how corrupt Kradeze is they would only put a tax on every lootbox sold and allow further sales.
  9. Srle_Vigilante

    People close your wallets

    But... i still enjoy the game
  10. Srle_Vigilante

    People close your wallets

    Why would i stop playing the good game and save them money on server costs?
  11. Srle_Vigilante

    Missouri event and economics

    Brooooo Hahahahahahahaahaha PayToSsouri all over again
  12. Srle_Vigilante

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    Big wow. Big Nothing. Like at least say youre sorry... That has like 0 operating costs? Least you could have done.
  13. Srle_Vigilante

    Wargaming shitstorm reaches outside media

    This is right up Stirlingsons aisle. Would be a shame if he doesn't cover it on next weeks Jimquisition.
  14. Srle_Vigilante

    Crazy Captain resigned from CC program.

    Mr Crazy, much love <3 Thank you for being the voice for us. I don't watch streams but I was there to support you in your time of doubt. Please stay crazy my friend
  15. Srle_Vigilante

    What we want from Wargaming

    Useful life hack :)