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  1. tacomaco

    PvE repairs are way too high....

    Strange statement from a "beta tester". Maybe you forgot the there was a repair price based on how much damage you received. At tier 5 if you got your ship destroyed it would cost you ~11-12k. Or 4k silver if you didn't got damage. Now you pay 100% repair price every time even if the ship didn't got any damage. At tier 5 this costs 11.5k, ~23k silver at tier 6 and doubles at every tier. This service fee is probably the dumbest move made by any gaming company in 2016. Nobody gives a rats [edited]about getting damaged or killed because it doesn't matter. Survive or die it's the same thing for your expenses. A better question, why is there a service fee in the first place for Coop when the income is something like 25-30% of the PvP income?
  2. Currently the PvE repair price is the same as the PvP price despite the fact that credit income is way smaller. I know Wargaming would like to have all the players switch to PvP but this isn't going to happen. Probably 50-75%(or more) of the games are played in Coop so why doesn't WG fix the PvE and make it a viable mode? Is that too hard for the devs?
  3. WG, thinking? The only "thinking" they do is about how to get more players in the game. Since Battleships are the main class played now it's only normal for them to buff them. World of Battlesheeps derailed a long time ago and has nothing to do with actual ship combat. I only hope WarThunder naval will get "large ships" or that Steel Ocean will get some mechanic rebalance. Btw, did you know Steel Ocean has more accurate ships when it comes to specifications. They actually have German Battleships Plan 42 and 44 not the fantasy ships from WoWS.
  4. tacomaco

    Halloween Ships

    Waste of Developer time. In staid of this event, WG could have done half the UK BB line.
  5. tacomaco

    Saving Transylvania

    The idea of having a scenario in World of Warships is nice. I hope this will be expended into for the Coop play. But WG needs to work more on this. I played 2 games and most of the team managed to get killed before Igor spawned. One player rammed a bot and in the last game I was left with just one other player with very little HP. Yes, the players are bad but the event and the game mechanics are worse. The event is a parade of broken mechanics especially the fire mechanic. The Igor(?) is a flamethrower and it's very rare to hit a ship with a full salvo and not set it on fire. Same goes for the AI Bots when they actually start shooting at you. The AI Bots are poorly done and combined with the broken fire mechanic transform this Scenario into a mess. The AI seem to do nothing until you get in their "activate&kill" range. Then they execute the player and you get your ships set on fire with the first shell. In the first game I killed a ships that set me on fire just before it died. I used the repair party and 15 sec later another AI bots starts the HE spam until I'm set on fire and they changes target. I lost 75% of the HP with the ship burning in 4 places(didn't know ships could burn in more than 3 places) Pf, burning metal ships. Dumbest idea Wargaming had. Oh, wait, not really, 15vs15 deathmatch is worse..
  6. tacomaco

    POLL: Which ships are you waiting for the most?

    The German submarine line. Oh, wait, there are already available in Steel Ocean. Cool, ha? But then again, DDs have depth charges and sonar to hunt you down. And unlike what Wargaming said subs work very well in a MMO game. But how if they are slow? Simple they made them run almost as fast as BBs. Still no way fast enough to outrun a DD when it wants to blow your "behind" out of the water. And there is the US and Japanese sub line. And Heavy Cruiser line and Light cruiser lines.... Bye
  7. tacomaco

    WOW outcomes are fixed (as stated for years)

    I think they already responded to that when they requested a patent for their Matchmaker and other techniques to keep players "interested" in the game. The problem is that the vast majority of the players don't understand what Wargaming is doing and probably they don't care even if they would know WG manipulates the MM, RNG and other things Bottom line is that World of Warships doesn't have competition yet and I like warships. And WOWS it still enjoys the same privilege World of Tanks had years ago. I dropped WoT years ago and had lots of run in Warthunder, yes even with WT Ground Forces. And then Armored Warfare arrived and it has all the things WoT players were asking of Wargaming to fix for years. As far as World of Warships goes it will probably get competition from Warthunder Navy this year and their realistic combat system is a way better fit for ships than tanks. We'll see how Wargaming is doing, probably another World of Warplanes?
  8. WG could do a lot of scenarios/historical battles with PvE/Coop that can't be done with 15vs15 random battles. PvE has just as much potential as PvP when it comes to audience. Not sure why WG has such a hard time understanding it. I hope they won't end up like World of Warplanes as soon as they get some competition.
  9. I had a long break from the game(~1 year) and after all this time it looks like Wargaming hasn't done anything to improve the pve/coop battles. It's still the same watered down version of the Random PvP battles with a smaller team and reduced rewards... Right now WoWs is doing ok because there isn't any competition but Warthunder already displayed the first naval combat even if it was in the form of a 1apr joke. World of Tanks survived the competition from Armored Warfare but World of Warships doesn't have the same amount of players with the invested time and money. I hope WG get their act together before the Warthunder Navy launches.
  10. Let's see, greatest achievement in this game...realized the Co-op mode is broken and I uninstalled the game.
  11. tacomaco

    PC Gamer: WoWs is 'expensive and exploitative'

    I don't think he played more than a few games with the ships WG provided for them. The reviewer didn't got to the part where the Random Number Generator comes into play to decide everything. You can fire 3-4 salvos from a 12 BB guns aim right and all the shots fall around the target. You can fire 12 guns at a ship 3 km away and just 1 shot lands on target and the next 2 salvos land 4 citadel hits! Basically Wargaming made a game where they tell the players to do everything right and when the results are decided it comes down to some dice rolls. Compared to WoT, the RNG in this game is horrible.
  12. Voice messages that can't be turned off. One more annoying "feature" in WoWS.
  13. Brilliant feature from Wargaming. Voice messages in a mmo game so kids can spam it. There is a "voice" in the sound panel but it doesn't turn the messages off. I wonder if the WG devs went to the same school like the devs that build this Russian space rockets that explode on the launch pad
  14. Until WG stops acting greedy and fix the Co-op it's thumbs down from me. The game is so RNG dependent that you feel like you play lottery and the game is so slow most of the time that you feel like you're watching windows install. If WG keeps acting like they do now the game will up like World of Warplanes and I don't say this because I got frustrated with the results of a game, I'm 100% sure the games will end up like WoWp and the online player statistics show it.
  15. Tanks for leaving it on the EU forum when it's for the NA server only. More suckers to fill the survey and less money to give away. More fail from the EU WG staff. Keep at it.