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  1. Naskoni

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    Nah, you got this wrong. Very wrong. There was something. There was something in great supply! Excuses. Plenty and very varied excuses!
  2. Naskoni

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    Fixed that for you. No need to thank me!
  3. Naskoni

    What is ahead of us - RU streams with devs and Q&A

    Oh, come on, Ectar will come over to tell you how they have to work with 7 languages, that not everybody even understands English and how understaffed they are, not to mention how much time and preparation something like this would need and all that jazz. Plus they are in France and it is Saturday. Be realistic.
  4. Naskoni

    What is ahead of us - RU streams with devs and Q&A

    That seems more of a list of things to do before actually "releasing" the game than something to work on after it gets "released"...
  5. Naskoni

    Thank you

    First of all, WG doesn't give 2 shits about your ideas about solutions. Nobody reads what you have to say and even if somebody did they are completely out of shits to give anyway. Second, as a consumer it is not my job to tell the people I pay money to how to fix their crap - if I go in a restaurant and order something to eat I will not go into the kitchen and show the chef how to cook it properly in case I was served something uneatable and I happen to know how to cook it properly - defeats the whole point of paying money to get it done by somebody else. Third, this "release" was all about removing the Beta tag and nothing else. It was a bad joke at best and a pretty good reason to avoid investing either time and most definitely money in this project as it doesn't seem to be going anywhere (that is anywhere different compared to WoWP).
  6. Naskoni

    Thank you

    Reposted by mistake instead of bloody editing this...
  7. Naskoni

    How would you describe the launch of WoW?

    Sums up my opinion (and then some) pretty well. I see no reason to invest either time or money in the foreseeable future. I think it's rather obvious that the studio behind WoWS is having some sort of financial difficulties given how pathetically obvious it is that their priorities are milking people as fast and for as much as humanly possible and adding actual content and actually fixing/finishing the game are pretty much bottom priority. And then you add the WG EU pretty much typical retarded excuses, incompetence and utter inability to do anything I'd deem acceptable for a gaming company (that's the best they came up with for "release" https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/?item=1458) Guess I might come back when gold is actually unified, which would mean that either the game is dead (ala WoWP) or it is actually finished...
  8. Naskoni

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    So I guess your "solution" is to do next to nothing because doing an official release event purely for the sake of a release event, just because others do so, is also not a good idea...? I mean we even got the announcement for the 3x daily bonus post factum and I guess this bonus was a global "event" that took you (yet again) by surprise. Most of the world speaks and/or understands English, including the vast majority of people in both Germany and Poland. I'm not a native speaker either - doesn't mean I don't read my news in English, so no, it's not naïve... On a related note one might think, reading what you write, that WG EU has neither the people, nor the equipment, nor the lighting (i.e. rooms), nor the desire, to do something as simple in 2015 as a twitch stream event. I don't know - invite one of your community contributors and pay him to teach you how to do it - most of them manage doing so on their private computers at home, you on the other hand seem completely incapable of doing so at work...
  9. Naskoni

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    When you think WG EU couldn't fail any harder they manage to surprise you, consistently, every single time... Impressive!
  10. Naskoni

    It's Release! And we haaave... nothing

    We have a new intro movie at the login screen!
  11. Naskoni

    I kept all progress after release. (?)

    Oh, come on, wipe that man's progress as to make him happy!
  12. Naskoni

    How would you describe the launch of WoW?

    "Silent but deadly!"
  13. Naskoni

    The lack of work from EU office

    So the Russians get to buy the Tirpitz without all the additional crap they tried to shove down EU player's throats...? Yeah, how about that...?
  14. Naskoni

    Version tomorrow

    This "release" seems to be as anti-climactic as humanly possible...
  15. Welcome to WG EU. It's not a bug, its a feature!