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  1. Shade1982

    Project R Results

    Aw man, I never win in these lottery things. 253 pearls, I just needed one more day.
  2. Shade1982

    World of Warships - Clans

    There isn't even a date mentioned in that example, only something as remote as a year and it's already used against them. Would you rather have they don't tell you anything at all?
  3. Shade1982

    PAX on the Forums! (Win a Marblehead)

    The butthurt is strong in this thread... Remember the good old days when the game itself was the most important part and not the stuff around it? I wonder what would have happened if Eve players whined like this when they found out only one golden and 10 silver Magnates could be won...
  4. Shade1982


    Some people are so good at aiming, they can actually bend game mechanics to do their bidding. Neo, is that you?
  5. Shade1982

    Bought pack. Where is my beta key?

    There has been a known issue with the pages not updating after payment. Has to do with browser cache mostly. Just follow MaxxyNL's suggestions.
  6. Shade1982

    Just uninstalled WoWs from my laptop. Here's why...

    Well, it started as a flame war... Only fitting it end like one...
  7. Shade1982

    Torpedo Counter Measure

    Even though you had some good points, you just lost me at that last argument. You do realise life exists outside of tier X? The game needs to be playable at *all* tiers, not just tier X.
  8. Shade1982

    Torpedo Counter Measure

    Well, your buddy in the Dutch Navy may have played you for a fool. As a former WD officer, I can tell you that's nonsense... Fastest torpedo (experiment, mind you) out there is at 370kph, which is the cavitating torpedo you may be referring to. Still nowhere near 500kph...
  9. I don't know why 5 or 10 people is relevant for you and me at all...
  10. Shade1982

    Q: Do we keep port slots after Closed Beta is over?

    I have a feeling you can keep repeating that and people still won't read it...
  11. Shade1982


    Because a Beta Test has a different purpose.
  12. Shade1982

    Q: Do we keep port slots after Closed Beta is over?

    Like what has been said several times before already, anything you buy in the premium shop will be directly refunded in OBT. So, you buy gold and buy a premium ship with it. The full amount of gold gets refunded, but not the premium ship.
  13. Shade1982

    Q: Do we keep port slots after Closed Beta is over?

    Couldn't have come up with a better answer than that at all...
  14. Shade1982

    Patch is here

    I am logged in and I also receive the 404 error.
  15. Levels of warning applied by WG, concerning chat offenses are chat bans for the first few offenses (the number depends on the severity of the offense) followed by game bans for repeat offenders. Again, the number varies, since it depends on severity.