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  1. Commander_Steph

    [STAFU] Recruiting new members

  2. Commander_Steph

    [STAFU] Recruiting new members

  3. Commander_Steph

    [STAFU] Recruiting new members

    Hello fellow captains we are STAFU, We are an active casual and (semi)-competitive clan looking for people who love to team up and play together and help each other to improve our and your skill level. Communication is really important in our clan, so you need to understand and speak english. We offer: - An active discord - A multi-national community - Ability to div up every time you play - Ability to play in clan wars Current Clan bonuses: +2% XP Bonus per Battle at All Tiers +10% Free XP per Battle at All Tiers +6% Commander XP per Battle -15% of post-Battle servicing cost at All Tiers -10% to the cost of researchable ships at All Tiers +7% to Coal that you receive +5% to Steel that you receive We need: - Stats that are close/above clan average [ Link clan stats] (PR >1300 / Win Rate 53%). and have at least 1 Tier 10 ship for joining our ranked team - Mastered your English. - Working microphone is mandatory . - Be polite and respectful towards other players within and outside the community . How to apply: just join our [Discord] where you will be given a recruit role. We do accept players with a bit lower requirements after playing some games with our recruiters [this will be case by case reviews]
  4. Commander_Steph

    Türk Oyuncu Topluluğumuz İçin Önemli Bir Duyuru

    Êspanyol forumu da kapanıyor beyler, şimdi zaman birlik olma zamanı, bu millet neler gördü, çift bayrak altında birleşip önce Catalanları halledersek, sonra da komple... Şaka şaka, ahaber mi burası. (Kurdish-Catalan Forum on the way?)
  5. Commander_Steph

    Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    That is where the crewmen store their light sabers. Easy to grab before boarding enemy ships. Trust me I'm a pirate
  6. Hey, Seems like the Clan Battle Achievements are finally here! Cheers! Canka
  7. Commander_Steph

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Helloes People! I would like to enter the raffle as well. Cheers Canka
  8. Commander_Steph

    Special Captain Yamamoto not That Special?

    Did you see the part in my question: "Was this intended?". So I'm waiting an answer from a DEV, your answer just smellz heavy post spam. The point is, not that I think Yamamoto's current skills are required for CBs or whatever but I think that future campaign captain's for other nations should be the same then. Or all special captains are without bonus on CBs.
  9. So, I'll ask this real quick. Jack Dunkirk & Steven Seagull can be used in CBs with all of their bonuses to the certain captain skills. While the "Special Captain" you earn with a difficult campaign cannot. Was this intended? Will the future special captains earned from campaigns be the same? Special campaign captains aim for only random/ranked battles? If not why Yamamoto has such weakness?
  10. Commander_Steph

    Poll - Clan Battle Prime Time

    I agree that I would like one more day for Clan Wars, but I think 3 hours of prime time is the most suitable.
  11. Helloes, Just casually proceeding in Team Battles Season #2 Sincerely Cankalay