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  1. philsta

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    So far as far as the current patch goes, kicked out of the game twice, once while in port and the second time just after finishing a battle prior to the results screen and a horrible noise when I was hit, sounded like someone shaking a tin can full of marbles. Those damn drums too, can you turn those down?
  2. philsta mini patch good???

    I don't see that as a problem after all the CV's don't run out of planes do they? They have a funky new 3D printer constantly knocking out new planes as soon as the game starts. My faith in WG getting this CV rework right is very low, they just seem to be running around like headless chickens twiddling knobs and going from seriously OP to useless as far as the CV players are concerned and all the while pissing off all the players who don't play CV's ( probably the majority of players ).
  3. I'd say that the least painful option rather then constantly flogging a dead horse would be to permanently remove all CV's from the game, then you'll only totally alienate a small percentage of the player base, right now you seem to be alienating a large percentage of the player base, DD's are almost unplayable at the moment and CL's and BB's have suffered, not as much with the hotfix but it seems another hotfix for that hotfix is coming soon. If it's a success then you'll earn some respect as I'm sure it's a very hard if not impossible task to balance CV's without pissing off a lot of players, so far it's been how many years since they were introduced and they've never been balanced so far? I guess sometimes you just have to let go of something, stop throwing good money after bad and put what you thought initially was a good idea onto the scrap heap, CV's have always looked a bit like that kind of " good idea "...
  4. philsta

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    I seem to remember most of the CC's said that the GC was overpowered well before it went live but WG wanted some cash so did nothing, maybe sales are down now so they want to nerf it and then bring out a "New and Improved" GC so they can pick your pockets some more? Maybe it also as some others have said, this is a test nerf of a premium, if they can pull this off without too much of a revolt they'll do it to a load more, maybe they'll even nerf a few OP Russian premium ships? lol somehow I think the Russians will be missing from the nerf list...
  5. philsta

    Are CVs counterable?

    lol you just confirmed it mate ;) If you don't work for WG you have no idea what they're facing or what resources or backup plans they have and therefore can't speak for them.
  6. philsta

    Are CVs counterable?

    Yes the CV just does one run on you preferably from the front or back then sends the rest of the planes home, they lost next to no planes and you get spanked. iChase knows his CV's but even he doesn't like the changes...
  7. philsta

    Are CVs counterable?

    Fabi1908 maybe English isn't your first language so maybe you didn't fully understand what I said in my post or the reply to you. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. A wise man once said that sometimes it's best to stay quiet and let people think you're an idiot rather then speak and confirm it.
  8. philsta

    Are CVs counterable?

    You can whine and criticise as much as you like, of course there will always be fanboys who will never see anything wrong with what WG do until it directly impacts them but hey you get narrow minded idiots all over the world in real life, they just get a bit more toxic when they can hide behind a keyboard because in reality they're cowards. The only thing I find funny about WG is that they have been screwing up on a regular basis for years with different products but never seem to learn from it, of course they also do some good stuff too but if they keep screwing up eventually they lose their core paying support so have to spend a lot more on advertising to get new players in. Screwing up costs them money...
  9. philsta

    A letter to WG.

    I don't like the patch either but one thing you need to take into account, only a very small percentage of those who play the game ever look at this forum or post. I'm sure posts and polls may be noticed by WG staff but what effect it has on them is debatable. The only time I have seen a back down from WG was with the Rubicon patch proposed for WOT and that was mostly led by CC's who were very vocal about how bad an idea it was, I haven't really seen that with WOWS CC's they seem to be in some cases mere shills for WG and in other cases far too polite even when they hate the new CV rework. Look on the bright side, you may have a lot more free time on your hands if they leave things as they are, maybe you'll find a new game that doesn't keep moving the goalposts all the time, anything could happen...
  10. philsta

    Are CVs counterable?

    They need to make AA guns more durable and give an infinite number of defensive fire consumables to all Cruisers and the DD's that have that option to make a move level playing field, I see no other option if they're not going to change CV's plane capacity. I'd optimistically consider the CV rework as a work in progress right now though as it's certainly not balanced, the lower tier CV's seem to have issues when up tired ( like any other class of ship although reduced on DD's prior to the new CV heavy meta ). One thing I think this new patch has highlighted is that MM needs to be changed so ships aren't up tired as much as they are, a tier 8 ship gets absolutely murdered in tier 10 now with OP CV's, before it just got a really hard time and on the wrong map had little or no impact in the game. The biggest victims of the CV rework have been DD's they are almost constantly spotted and even if not focused by a CV they cannot realistically carry out their role of contesting caps or spotting for their team anywhere near the way they once could. All in all it's a bad situation for all players and this patch has not been a success in my eyes, they have upset CV players by introducing what many seem to find a rather dull play style, frustrated BB and CL players and pretty much destroyed DD play ( you can see that by the lack of DD's in games ). Another issue that seems to have been brought up is how inadequate the live test server is, I have never used it and from what I gather people that do use it don't play in the same way as they do on the live server so little data gathered from the test server seems to be very relevant to testing ships prior to release. That is a big issue that will continue to haunt WG if they don't come up with a more realistic testing methodology. Maybe they should do week long live tests on the live server that can be rolled back, give the players some form of incentive to play and then use that date to balance proposed ships or lines? That may be an improvement...
  11. philsta

    Disappointed with an update. Is refund possible?

    This analogy only works if the car building company has come to your garage and changed the engine, wheels, and all the body panels before you ask for a refund, the change to CV's and AA has fundamentally changes the entire game. Stealth firing was on the whole a bad idea and the only ship that I can think of that really needed to be able to do it was the Blyskawica in fact stealth firing was one of the main selling points of the DD, that DD still hasn't been buffed to make up for the loss of it's main advantage either...
  12. philsta

    To the person who approved the CV changes...

    They managed to not only annoy and frustrate non CV players but also the people that like to play CV's with this patch. How is that even possible?
  13. philsta

    Suggestions thread

    I suggest a rollback of patch as it's absolutely terrible
  14. philsta

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    Ok so you like to hide behind another identity to post? Seems rather cowardly to me but each to their own...
  15. philsta

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    Good idea, maybe WG will listen when they number of people playing their game drops massively since this abominable patch, the only way they will listen is if they're hit in the pocket or it looks like they'll take a financial hit. I guess if those who play on the Russian server are up in arms they'll listen even faster but they won't listen to people who put their heads in the sand and soldier on hoping that the "game" improves all by itself when CV players have had enough of the new gaming experience and CV numbers drop to the level they were once at or by the sounds of it reduce even further. Well done WG you managed to screw the pooch with