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  1. I have to say it looks more like an idiot tax than a great deal especially "The Large Armada Bundle" this can be yours for a mere £487.66 reduced from £1,149.80........... LOL, do they think we've all just come down with the last drop of rain? £487
  2. philsta

    Ranked Season 10

    lol it's so funny, every ranked season there is a load of whining and moaning about something or other. I usually stop at rank 10 because I just don't have the time to waste playing any more. I think the easiest way to have a good ranked season is simply not to bother playing in it at all. The rewards aren't that good and seem to get a little more stingy each season, the frustration and terrible "team play" seem to be pretty consistent though so if you like being annoyed then select ranked and hit the battle button. Good luck out there guys ;)
  3. It's going to take an extremely long time as there is no way I'm spending money to convert XP to buy this, I think I have over 7 million in "Elite XP" right now and it's pretty much good for nothing unless you put your hand into your pocket and give your money to WG.
  4. philsta

    Standard / Domination - I wanna choooooose

    I'd second that, I don't think there is any way that WG can polish the turd that is epicentre enough to get me to like it, I wish they could tone down their hubris and sometimes listen to the playerbase when it comes to maps and types of game-play. Epicentre has never worked, they tweaked the worst map that they had it on which made it slightly less bad than it was but it's still bad on every map epicentre runs on. If a player could chose what types of game they play in as they can in WOT wargaming are basically getting a free focus group and instant player feedback so they can devote their resources into what the players like and therefore make more money. It's a non brainier now that the playing population is large enough that waiting times wouldn't get that long, using the lame old excuse that "we can't do that because waiting times will increase" doesn't really work when people would rather wait a little longer for a better experience and I bet the times would actually decrease for the more popular modes of play just leaving certain modes like epicentre to wither and die due to lack of player support. Natural selection in progress, a very good thing.
  5. philsta

    What is the point of the GO NAVY competition

    You get free stuff for pressing your left mouse button once every now and again to chose a team and to stay with a team when asked to change sides. It's not a very well thought out promotion, notice I say promotion rather then competition because it is a promotion to get people playing more and thus spending more money so WG get more vodka. This has nothing to do with skill the Sharks are winning because more people join them, if it were totally random then both teams would be around equal plus or minus RNG. You have to be realistic with computer games especially massive online games like this, skill only plays a small part in the overall experience, RNG plays a massive part as does the random nature of teams and the composition of the teams. Unless you division you're going to lose a significant number of games no matter what you do ( I'd guess around 30% as a single player but it could be more ) , you will also win roughly the same number of games by doing little or nothing with the final percentage being your influence on the outcome.
  6. philsta

    Can we get rid of DETONATION?

    Detonations are just a bad idea and any notion that it brings realism to this totally unrealistic arcade computer game is a joke. If WOWS was realistic hardly anyone would play it, there are far more realistic naval warfare games out there and they all have a very small playerbase. WOWS like WOT are arcade games, they have next to no realism in them and the "realistic" label only ever seems to be used to back up some unpopular aspects but you can't have a little tiny bit of realistic in a mostly totally unrealistic game and get away with using the realistic bit as an excuse. Only a total dumb [edited]would buy that or someone who finds the really weak argument backs up their own point of view.
  7. philsta

    RN DDs and their significance for DDs in general

    Well that's at least a little bit of good news, can't say I'll spend too much effort going down that line though, got a 19 point commander in my Akizuki and still hate it more than any other IJN DD, it's just too slow and doesn't turn, I can forgive it the other downsides but you can't be an effective DD hunter if they can all chase you down or run away from you, even worse when CL's chase you down or a CV keeps you perma spotted because you're a anti air DD but aren't anywhere near as good at AA as a US or even Russian DD.
  8. philsta

    RN DDs and their significance for DDs in general

    From what I've seen so far the RN DD's aren't going to be all that good, their speed lets them down, they have US DD like gun arcs so long range shooting isn't going to be very profitable and they don't get very long range torps at the higher tiers but they do get the single torp firing gimmick ( when will WG stop putting stupid gimmicks in the game that add little or nothing of value like short range but long duration Hydro ) . They seem to have good concealment but RADAR and you aren't fast enough to outrun the radar without losing a hell of a lot of your health. Basically a Meh line maybe not as bad as the new IJN DD's that are also slow and may need a 14 point commander to work well ( if those 100mm peashooters still need IFHE ).
  9. This makes me laugh so much, first of all I guess I should state my position on CC's. CC's or Community Contributors are basically a sales arm for WG content, they may not be paid directly by wargaming but they get a lot more traffic to their YouTube sites as a direct result of the early access they get to soon to be released content such as new lines of ships or premiums, they also get taken on trips from time to time which is a payment in kind. Ok that out of the way we get to the part I find funny, wargaming seems to enjoy putting one over on these hard working CC's who publicise wargamings products and no doubt help bring a lot of money into the company, they have done this many times in the past, an example would be changing content ( ships or whole lines ) after the CC's have put a huge amount of time and effort into making pre-release videos so the ships released are not the same as the content made by CC's would suggest , this has damaged the CC's reputation and no doubt lost them subscribers and views ( these equal money ). another example would be giving them very little time to review and produce content for a new line / premium. I enjoy some of the content CC's produce and I even subscribe to some of the channels but I am under no illusion that they are fair and unbiased reviewers of WG content, there is way too much of a conflict of interest going on there for that to be the case. Historically we've also seen how a CC is treated when they get all honest and rubbish new content ( Foch (WOT) is a good example )), beware CC content it doesn't reflect what you will buy, you won't have a 19 point commander and may not be using full premium consumables and cammo and more often than not you just won't be anywhere near as good a player, you will also not get a refund if you decide you don't like that shiny new ship in your port. If a company sold real products like this, for example cars they would be closed down in no time for shill advertising but these are digital products that you can buy but you can never own so I guess the rules are different...... As to the poorly conceived and executed "THE RING" contest it's just another example of WG getting it wrong. Don't worry there will be another bad example along soon, they seem to be very good at making money for now but they have a pretty bad idea of how to please their customers for long periods of time.
  10. How about they give out participation ribbons or a participation bonus so even if you suck in the game it doesn't matter because you still get benefits and there is no incentive to improve your game play? How about they don't even bother to try out competitive ideas because in some rather backward and idiotic circles competition is bad and everyone should win? The winning team should get the bonus after all they won the game, the losers should get far far less and if some individuals in the team did particularly badly they should make a significant loss, this may spur them on to learn how to play and in doing so enjoy the game more as time goes on. Life doesn't favour the second rate, the poor performers, the ignorant and the stupid, their blood lines tend to die out over time, it's called evolution and non of us would be here today if it didn't work like that..........
  11. philsta

    Why Wargaming.net removed ONEcard ???!

    I guess it depends on how much time you're willing to play the game at lower tiers to fund your higher tier games, I have no issues running a profit at any tier but then again I run a premium account. That doesn't mean that either you or myself are average players and just because we can make lots of profit it doesn't follow that others have the same experience. I've noticed in a lot of your posts that they are very YOU centred and you seem to think that because YOU have a certain experience that it should be easy for others to have the same experience. The world doesn't work like that wilkatis_LV
  12. philsta

    Premium Camouflage

    Are you special needs or maybe have suffered a head injury sometime in the past? Maybe you carry an extra chromosome or two, what ever the reason for your idiocy please take yourself in hand and abstain from posting in future. The world is bad enough without you subjecting normal people to your own special kind of dumb..
  13. philsta


    Matchmaking has always been bad at most tiers, about the most painful I'd say is Tier 6 ( tier 6 premiums are not fun and engaging to play ), but matchmaking is bad for a reason, it's to make you grind to higher tiers in the hope that you won't be so badly outmatched the next tier up, some people pay real money to convert XP so they can research higher tier ships. This makes WG money, loads of money and that's why Matchmaking is bad for the less able players ( so basically the majority of players ). Another thing is that people pay real money to convert XP to train their commanders because even a fully researched ship isn't as good as it could be with a scrub commander, most ships need a 10 point commander to get the basics right, some ( the Akizuki and the new IJN DD's that look like they're going to be total crap to play ) need a 14 point commander to make them work relatively well. That's a lot of beer or vodka tokens for WG. This is why Matchmaking is bad, it makes WG loads of money. Not that hard to figure that one out really, how come so many people seem confused by it? Bad Matchmaking = loads of vodka for WG
  14. That's because they drink it all, delayed gratification is an extremely important skill to master, if you don't manage it you're pretty screwed later in life......
  15. philsta

    Game with destroyers in TIERS VIII, IX and X

    The best thing WG can do is make sure both sides have the same number of radar ships, then it's balanced. They will not remove radar and they won't introduce chaff or some other counter radar jamming mechanic, they simply don't think that far ahead. They introduce a new gimmick that kind of breaks the game and then they try to do something about it when they've annoyed enough of their customers for a log time, this cycle repeats for years and gradually the paying customers depart. It's WOT all over again. I hope it doesn't get as bad as WOT, if it does I'll never play another WG product again.