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    Sometimes it happens in full screen mode as well, though rarely.
  2. Dolmarius

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    Why the Royal Navy was not introduced from the start is a mystery to me but to introduce them last seems, sacrilegious to me. Well so long as they come out before United Fiji Navy....
  3. This also happens to me though only when enemy ships are max range.
  4. Sound advice and one that I use always.
  5. Dolmarius

    Respect for Carriers

    Thank you for taking the time to complie this guide. It is very well detailed and informative and certainly helped my survival many times.
  6. Dolmarius

    The hater against CV's is a serious threat to this game

    I have also experienced a CV hater that for no other reason, he kept firing at my CV with his CA. People were shouting at him to stop until he was destroyed by a DD that was nice enough to escort me. We won however due to solid team work from the rest of the team.
  7. Saipen's fighters, fully mod and upgraded, can easily take out the fighter bi-planes from the independance. Now, if you had the independence vs 2 Saipens and came out a winner, I would sure love to know how.
  8. Dolmarius

    Rewards for providing air cover

    There should be an option ingame to change aircraft config. Maybe a feature that can be used once. I have been in games with x2 Fighter x1 Bomber only to discover that I had the only CA on both sides. :/