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  1. After more than 3 years playing WOWS, this is the first event in which I feel scamed. Why was it hidden at all times that Tier VIII could not be obtained for free, under any circumstance?? I did absolutely all the directives and dialy missions and I can not reach it even buying 100 Crown and combining 50 others. Which is ridiculous because converting FXP costs less doubloons (I also have 800k unused).. With the Cossack campaign it was known, and it did not matter to pay. But this has been a hoax from the beginning and I will not pay anything at all.
  2. Hesp

    Is Roma worth the buy?

    Absolutely not. It is an overpen machine due to its shell speed. I could say without exaggeration that it is a bug ship, not to mention its ridiculous dispersion. Do not buy it until the fuze is reduced (as WG did to the Stalingrad with premeditation that his speed of shell would give problems, mysteriously they did not anticipate it with the Roma). If you buy it, do not blame me, I warned you. Of course, it is beautiful, the most beautiful battleship in the game without a doubt.
  3. Hesp

    Belfast [Post Giulio Cesare saga]

    The problem with Giulio Cesare is the popularity and number of them, with Belfast that does not happen. So it will not suffer changes.
  4. Hesp

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

  5. Hesp

    Karma; how much is out there?

    If I did not use the chat my Karma would be over 10000, but on the other hand my brain tumors would also increase. I think that maintaining the balance between a good amount of Karma and being able to say by chat what the people deserve, is the way. 82 currently. (I remember that I lost 45% of my karma in the X ranked season)
  6. Hesp

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Well, that's what happens when: nerf, nerf, nerf, nerf, nerf, nerf, nerf. And when CV was already useless in its minimal expression, nerf again.
  7. Hesp

    CV- Fighter Planes

    In my opinion the fighters should be lethal 100%. If you made the mistake of putting your aircraft in the radius of action, you're dead! There should not be any way to escape fighters. In the current state is a joke, practically useless to destroy aircraft, CV is the class that less aircraft knocks down during the battle when reality should be the one that does it the most. Now fighters are used to spot areas ...
  8. Hesp

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    I like the event, I look forward to it! I think the update will be on the 28th.
  9. Hesp

    Where are CVs?

    After the hotfix the CV died. The AA in tier VIII and X is too strong for CV VI and VIII, which causes a ridiculous average damage. The Midway seems strong but for this you need to go through VI and VIII, something that very few are willing to do in the current state where the damage is ridiculous and the general impact in the battle is non-existent, just take any other class and you will be more useful in those tiers. Do not misunderstand me, the system and mechanics is fun but if you can hardly produce damage, nothing matters. A pity because I was looking forward to a fourth class with which I could play and be competitive in battle.
  10. Hesp

    Over-nerfed CVs

    I do not understand people like you. Do you really not want a fourth class to enter the game and be able to enjoy it? I want to be able to play with a new class, put new BB, CA or DD is fine, but a complete new class is something fantastic that we can all enjoy if it is balanced correctly. I do not understand people who reject the massive content that a "new" class provides and the enrichment of the metagame. I hated the previous CVs, but the current ones have a great potential for everyone to enjoy. I would be very worried if this game does not get that 25% (1/4 class) of the game would not work, it would be a catastrophe.
  11. Hesp

    Server "overloaded"

    It happened to me at the end of the game when I was still alive in a knife battle. I kept the star (the defeat was almost assured) but they reported me two times xD
  12. Hesp

    Server "overloaded"

    the server just kicked me in a game during the rank, my connection had no problems.
  13. If they make the CVs useless it will be a shame. 0.8.0 is the update that has excited me and renewed the desire to continue playing. I do not understand so many tears, I do not want to make another 5k of battles in the same game, I want changes in the meta, the same is already boring and the CV brings that change.
  14. Hesp

    The pathetic state of Ranked

    If that were so we would only play 10% of the server, in fact I would not want you to play in my team. Who dictates the skill wall? Simply go up to rank 5, the level of players will be somewhat higher (but do not keep high expectations).
  15. Hesp

    CVs and gaming enjoyment in WoWs: Polls

    The result of the poll is known at the present time where the CVs are in an early state of balance. It does not make sense at this time. Do you think current CVs have potential once balance problems are solved? Yes.