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  1. I do not know if you know how the WT system works. Connection problems do not exist because the player chooses in which regions to participate. For example, in WT I have EU, RU and NA activated. There are never playerbase problems. On the other issue you mention, I have not experienced any difference between EU and RU players. So I think it's a subjective opinion.
  2. Before that happens (something that is far from happening), they should merge EU and RU. Segregation makes no sense and a system like WT is more appropriate.
  3. Hesp

    What is this?

    nice mini minimap bait.. 6/10
  4. Hesp

    crashes to desktop

    It has been happening to me very sporadically these days. I have to say that it only happens the first time shortly after joining the game and does not happen again throughout the session. I do not have any hardware similar to yours, maybe it's Windows 10. In fact sometimes Windows 10 notifications invade the game in full screen, something that should not happen and does not happen in others. I insist that it happens very rarely.
  5. Hesp

    What is ?

    Spotted damage I can guarantee that in XP they do not give you anything (at least not appreciable), in credits yes. (Bad WG, very bad). Tanking damage is also crap. The captures on the other hand are very rewarded in XP. Causing damage to tiers superior to yours will be more rewarded than lower ones. And as the damage inflicted is relativized percentage to the HP pool of the ship, damage DDs gives a lot of XP. Basically teamwork will keep you at the bottom of the table because Russian programmers.
  6. I use this build. EM is optional but nice. And it will work for the GK.
  7. I play it with a build full tank as if it were a heavy cruiser. I have good results.
  8. Hesp

    How to fix dispersion

    Yes, besides that until Tier VII we did not start to see really competent cruisers. In tier V and VI the cruisers are very weak as to have to fight battleships with laser precision.
  9. Hesp

    Restrict CV's to one per team.

    One is too much when you get the idiot CV due to the excessive and disproportionate influence CVs have on the remaining 23 players. Zero until the arrival of the rework seems to me a better idea.
  10. Hesp

    Storm circle gamemode thingy

    I usually read all the notes of the patches. For some reason I overlooked this surely because of what I thought would be like the "other storm". Well then I am in favor of removing this storm mode, too complex and there is an in-game disinformation about its effects generating chaos and bewilderment. And above all the increase in dispersion is completely stupid for a game with competitive aspirations. I hope not to find a game with the magic circle of absurd percentages without a calculator nearby.
  11. Hesp

    Storm circle gamemode thingy

    Arms Race I found it very fun and de-stressing, making you forget the statistics and even enjoying the game. The main problem is that you could not complete missions or achieve achievements of any kind, something that will be resolved soon in addition to including new buffs (And I hope to play Tier VIII, IX and X in Arms Race). About the new storm mode, I honestly do not even understand it. I see a circle that supposedly is a storm but I do not know what the hell it affects... Although of hundreds of games I have only seen it in one. If you mean the usual storms, I have to say that my best games and many of my most epic games were during the storms. I do not know, I like it.
  12. I can not afford the high quantities of tobacco consumed by Chinese sailors!
  13. Hesp

    Neptune running costs

    On the other hand the perma camo of tier X allows a multitude of potatoes to flood the level because they do not lose credits no matter how stupid they may be. WG logic. The number of players in tier VIII and especially tier IX is low. Why it will be uhm what a mystery!
  14. Interesting, I usually follow twitch assiduously to watch WOWS. You learn a lot by watching good players!
  15. I started thinking that RPF was OP like hell in its introduction although I did not use it at all (I refused to use it because it seemed a heresy), then I put it on Shima and discovered again that RPF is OP like hell. Now I have it in all my DD except Russian gunboats and Akizuki line. If it were a module, it should be replacing the concealment module. RPF supposes a considerable advantage of information without supposing a significant damage (well, sometimes the signal of "detected" is a "hey I am here!")...