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  1. Hesp

    bots invasion

    yep, invasion of bots in tier V. All konigsberg with the same behavior. We have been observing it for several days.
  2. Hesp


    The level of players is currently extremely low, to the point that it is not fun. I'm playing more COOP than random. The MM has an obsolete design that will only get worse.
  3. Hesp

    0.8.5 PTS - Bugs

    The letters of the capture zones (A, B, C, D) on the minimap are small and difficult to distinguish.
  4. Hesp

    0.8.5 PTS - Rogue Wave event

    I will try not to be hard, but it is a waste of concept. If you can not use guns simply the ability of the player does not matter. And if the player's ability does not matter, it's not fun for anyone on planet Earth. Spinning around like a headless chicken discarding any strategy, does not have the slightest sense of fun or reward factor. However the concept BR in random could work as a new game mode.
  5. Hesp

    0.8.4 - Victory Event part 2

    If I already have the Murmansk in the port and I buy it with the tokens of the event, what reward will I have? Doubloons, credits?
  6. Hesp

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    tier X, tier X, tier X, tier X, again, again, again, again, tier X, tier X, tier X
  7. Hesp

    0.8.4 - PTS - Bugs

    same problem
  8. Hesp

    Alloance tokens - your method for fast grab ?

    Now rarely is lost because many good players who do not usually play COOP are doing it for the event, they also try to win and do not go crazy for that reason. I have not lost one all week, greetings.
  9. Hesp

    Alloance tokens - your method for fast grab ?

    well, you will win 99% of the time
  10. Hesp

    Alloance tokens - your method for fast grab ?

    In COOP you get many more points for several factors. To start you will always win (40 points guaranteed in tier X), you can also make 2 or 3 kills with ease and the battle missions can also do them without problems (except to use 6 times a consumable, the battle will end before that LUL). So the average per game in COOP tier X will be about 70 points, with battles that usually last no more than 8 minutes ... It is more profitable to play COOP to get points than random where you risk losing, not doing any kill and you will also lose 30 minutes of your life xD It's boring, yes. But you will never see 0 points xd
  11. Hesp

    CVs completely Ruin the Game.....

    No, with this I am satisfied, good night
  12. Hesp

    CVs completely Ruin the Game.....

    Your stats are evidence of how broken the CVs are. When you play something other than CV it looks like you have stumps instead of hands. OP is right, I know it very well because I'm a Midway player and I can guarantee that Midway is completely broken, so much so that even players like you can unbalance battles. You are the best ally for the CV to be balanced in the near future, I can go unnoticed due to my general skills, however you can not.
  13. The crap of 2 CV per team has to end and fast. I enjoy playing CV and I think that it is needed with maximum urgency that the CV is limited to 1. It cuts the progression and development of the battles as well as does not allow good players to be able to take aggressive positions to carry the team. One is acceptable, two is impossible. What causes me to have to play like a potato at the bottom of the map making the RNG dependent shooting at long distance, it's just not fun that I have to forget everything I learned about this game in terms of positioning because the CV (2) They force me to play like an idiot. Simply that you are forcing to stop playing a game that I love.
  14. Hesp

    CV changes in 0.8.4. (DevBlog)

    If the dispersion of the HE bombs is modified, I hope that they allow the CVs to be converted to FXP.