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  1. x16___zoom

    MM when will be ''fixed''?

    Thx for response but I need to be more clear with some things here: Point here is NOT my ship (of course this is OP Kutuzov so you don't like it because of IFHE spam from smoke hurt your ships a lot...) I have not so skilled capt. to play with IFHE so I need Time to nail tier 8/9/10 BB's. All tier 9 CL's have Repair (+Atago) and Kutuzov smoke + IFHE. My Kutuzov is not THAT OP version what you menage. For now I don't have big impact in tier 10 battles. Point is: Why MM put me in this battle?I just want some tier 8 ship on other side to not feel screwed by MM
  2. x16___zoom

    MM when will be ''fixed''?

    No tier VIII ship in enemy team + insta-defeat meta > gj WG
  3. x16___zoom

    Any chance to WG ''protect'' tier 5 and 6 cruisers?

    This discussion going really wide so I will try to focus you on: BB's (lower, same or higher tier) brutally deleting/oneshoting majority of tier 5/6 crusers, eaven if you try to use your skill and make some angling This is game killer and WG trying to do some strange things in high tier battles to stop people camping Real problem is here Protect all cruisers from insta-deleting with some mechanics changes
  4. x16___zoom

    Any chance to WG ''protect'' tier 5 and 6 cruisers?

    If my cruiser is broadside (I failed) and get deleted - no problem, but if I have time to turn and create some ''resonable'' angle I don't expect to get oneshoted... I expect massive dmg but not insta- deleting Its bad mechanics and looks like arty oneshots in WoT before latest patch With this ''fun'' mechanics WG learning new players to play passive (camping and long range sniping) After this WG expect no camping style in tier 9 and 10 battles - really? This is salt
  5. If you watch +2 MM for tier 5 & 6 DDs, BBs it's not super hard to play but for CAs is super hard and super challenging I'm not talking about broadside cruiser (let it be tier 6) vs. tier 8 BB, talking about 45 degree angled cruiser just been deleted with single salvo If you want to survive you need to play perfect or to snipe from max range (not really fun) WG can you change this stupid ''fun and engaging'' mechanics or give tier 5 & 6 cruisers +1 MM ? Thx and sorry for my bad English
  6. x16___zoom

    Can you win a Bismarck?

    Yes, yes + blonde with OP boobs + Sex On The Beach free cocktails
  7. *What is Mikasa able to hit on 11.8km range?
  8. x16___zoom

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    Squishi flame thrower, oversized Gearing tier 7 DD hunter/moonarc HE spammer?
  9. x16___zoom

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    So you cant play your Atlanta (without spam skills..) So sad
  10. x16___zoom

    USS Black. Thanks Wargaming.

    Free kill ship confirmed
  11. x16___zoom

    Now I remember why I don't play ranked

    Never play Ranked after year away from the game
  12. x16___zoom

    Ranked Battles

    I get report because I need to relocate away from enemy multi basecamp HE spam with my Scharn (to some isolated place on map/not edge or border) For that time I fight Sims 1 vs1 and start to turning back to course This moment someone comment on chat Hey man come here to help us or something Insta I get chat ban 24h becuse of my team (I have some bad chat moments with teams before yeserday in Ranked... This is main reason for my ban) So I can see real time momet when some smartass report me
  13. x16___zoom

    Ranked Battles

    True,but in another scenario your teammates will report you becuse you are DD and not cap? Go CAP you noob DD Most stupid thing is when bad players yolo dies and then waithing for you to win-if you fail>they report you So retarded
  14. x16___zoom

    The New Modules - Testing and Super Containers?

    This is way better (I pray not to get Upgrade )
  15. x16___zoom

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    Rank 10 first day, not bad