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  1. cracktrackflak

    Impact sounds in sniper view

    Whats that sound in sniper mode thats sounds like a pile of scrap metal being dropped on the floor - but occurs when neither you nor the target are being hit? It occurs between salvoes. I come out of sniper view to see what hit me or if I've run aground, but nothing has happened. Really odd.
  2. cracktrackflak

    Whats the best buy?

    Boise/Neuvo are very strong. I'd rate them over Scharnhorst for normal randoms because, given the T9 MM, they are comparatively stronger as CAs in a typical team list than Scharn is as a BB.
  3. cracktrackflak

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    To be honest, I don't really want to see any more famous RN ships become meh-boats in WoWS. Teabos are not on the WoWS marketing priority list, so the chances are that new ships will just come in as baseline content, saddled with "real life" characteristics vs, the "arcade" characteristics of other lines.
  4. cracktrackflak

    WG RN "heavy" cruisers

    So when does the RN get a T9/10 super-cruiser, as all the other major lines do? No, and I don't mean Cheshire... (I haven't seen one in months; wonder why).
  5. cracktrackflak

    Dunkirk crate and chance to get Gallant

    I seriously doubt that Gallant still drops from the crates in the shop. It seems to me that the odds were changed from x% for the in-game event, to 0% for the shop. During the actual event i recall that the chance of a drop from the in-game crates was quite high - maybe 50% over the total number of event containers? Lots of people seemed to report getting the ship; I had Gallant drop on all three of my accounts, with no containers purchased - and my event container "luck" is usually very bad.
  6. cracktrackflak

    WOWS NA forum RIP?!

    Just open an account on NA: read the forums and have fun doing a little F2P over on their server. Connection EU to NA is often cleaner (ping, lag) than EU to EU.
  7. I think there is a server issue. This forum currently takes about 20 seconds to load a page on my PC. WoT forum by contrast is instant - so, not my PC or connection.
  8. cracktrackflak

    Game bugged - Clan battles failed

    Its just taken me four attempts to get here to the forums - first three gave server error messages. Hamsters seem to have food poisoning or something tonight.
  9. cracktrackflak

    Just how intelligent are the bots?

    I've long had a suspicion that, in a co-op game, both teams are actually human - WG's server just makes it so that each team sees bot :names on the other team.
  10. cracktrackflak

    The Kitakami returns!

    The original Kitakami was hilarious: 9 in 10 games get deleted without achieving anything; 1 game in 10 nuke half the enemy team in one go (or your own team, whatever).
  11. I think its just intended as a consolation prize, rather than full doubloon compensation for the ship. Its enough doubloons for you to "have another go for free".
  12. cracktrackflak

    California in Shop

    They probably will in NA which, as demonstrated by the news of the US BB split, is clearly at the top of WG's current marketing drive. I suppose WG's premium strategy is to have either a ship that sells well to regular global players because it has decent performance, or to sell a ship to a national market that will buy it because of the flag. In this latter case - e.g. California - the ship does not need a performance edge and can just be a potato that pads out the game without contributing to power creep or affecting the meta much.
  13. cracktrackflak

    You become CEO of WG for a day - what do you do?

    Sell the titles to China and cash in.
  14. cracktrackflak

    enemy bot runs away in coop games

    I had a game where the enemy Colorado managed to stay unspotted the whole match. It had evidently set out down one flank where it was shielded by an island. By the time it had reached the end of the island, its friends were all dead and we humans were threatening its cap. Therefore it turned around and headed back again.
  15. cracktrackflak

    Asymmetric Battles?

    Its possibly an experiment to see if they can disguise the game imbalance caused by power creep - i.e. the increasing prevalence of "landslide" outcomes. With asymmetric teams the game might be a bit more manageable: e.g with a few high tier ships vs many low tier ships, losing one ship from a team won't necessarily start a cascade effect. Little ships will still take time to chunk down large ships, and large ships will still have to kill many small ships.