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  1. They want rapid games, though. Churn = $$. Its probably why they allow power creep to negate the original game design. Look whats happened with WoT. Back in the day you could expect a game to go the full 15 minutes duration, and if you were a decent player you'd be in with a chance of carrying a game or overturning the outcome. Nowadays, games can be over in as little as three minutes, and even super-unicums have little effect on the outcome.
  2. I've played WG products since WoT beta (on my old RU account). WoWP is a zombie bots vs bots game, MoO is a mess, TW Arena destroyed someone else's highly successful franchise with gimmickry and absurd imbalances, WoT itself is now a completely unplayable hash - even for veterans. To me, they all follow a very similar trajectory and, IMHO, WoWS is right on track to follow them. I, too, have hardly played since the Capt rework. That was simply too much of a blatant asset-grab, even for a moderate whale like me. Now we're into the spam-premiums-and-gimmicks phase, and the devalue-and-ignore-old-currencies phase. I've abandoned my NA and RU accounts, and feel dis-incentivised to play when I log onto WoWS EU - mediocre, repetitive, greedy marketing events; slashed rewards (even for worthless in-game items), absurd real money pricing. Like many players, I'm only still here because of the immense sunk cost I have in the game. Mind you, it turned out to be extremely easy to walk away from three WoT accounts worth £$000's, and i guess the same will be true for WoWS.
  3. cracktrackflak

    What a......

    Looks like the new Ops hamster just died. I guess WG wants me to go and play something else.
  4. Lazo is a pretty good ship, especially at 25% discount. IMHO its a decent choice for a cruiser player. I've always wanted a Flint since it was OP (I don't have much access to steel), but its so gimped these days that I feel its overpriced and can't bring myself to spend the coal on it (I have 600k or so).
  5. cracktrackflak

    So many steamroll games

    IMHO steamrolls are simply a symptom of power creep - the abilities and capabilities of current ships and aircraft have negated the original balance model of the game. You see the effect in all WG games, but particularly so in WoT. Back in the day, a WoT game might go the full 20 minutes, and a decent player could quite often carry a game or salvage a win from a numerical disadvantage. Nowadays, a WoT game visibly has the outcome decided in a minute or two, the total game length might be only four minutes or so, and even a super unicum will be wiped out with the rest of his team in that time. WoWS is very visibly going the same way as WoT. The concealment mechanic of the original game is gone, due to radar and aircraft, and increased firepower in newer ships simply accelerates the resulting "cascade" when one side gains a numerical advantage.
  6. cracktrackflak

    In-game rare items AUCTION

    "Sealed Bid" auctions are far worse than open auctions, as they require spending far more than the item "value". E.g. If a buyer really wants something that has limited availability and great demand (say 500x Missouris are up for sale), he'll have to bid an extremely high price to be sure of winning it - because he has no idea how many people are bidding, or what they are prepared to pay. The "value" of an item (perhaps the shop price of a same tier BB in this case) can only be assumed to be the minimum price bidders are expecting to pay. In WoT, people were paying 4-5 times the list price of certain tanks. WoWS has engineered even more acute "perceived scarcity" for a range of ships than WoT has with tanks. Ergo, auction prices are likely to be very high indeed.
  7. cracktrackflak

    In-game rare items AUCTION

    If this is a clone of WoT's "Black Market", then expect cash-grabbing on a never-seen-before scale.
  8. cracktrackflak

    Would you sell your Prems back?

    I'd sell my entire account back, if WG offered hard cash. The Captain skill rework rather killed the game for me (300+ captains), and I've hardly played since.
  9. cracktrackflak

    Pearl Harbor

    There isn't even an actual RN base available as a port in the game - and there are dozens of famous and spectacular locations around the world available from this period of history. WG's historical interest seems to stop at ship models.
  10. Something for 3 million FXP, I expect....
  11. cracktrackflak

    Why so many trash skills for DDs

    Changes to skills = $$$ for WG. I expect thats exactly why they've started out with a set of mediocre and mundane skills. When they've finished milking player cash from redundant Captains, they'll probably move onto changing skills.
  12. cracktrackflak

    Happy PI day

    I see that they are not selling the Pi cammo bundles this year. I suppose that WG intend players pay cash to reallocate Capt XP from the dozens of now-redundant Captains they have following the rework, and don't want them earning fresh XP from boosters like the Pi cammos.
  13. cracktrackflak

    Happy women's day

    Just wait until you've spent some time in Eastern Europe or, better, have gained a wife or girlfriend from those parts. If you ignore "international Women's Day", you'll be in deep, deep trouble! On IWD, even commercial life stops as organisations arrange flowers and cake for their ladies, and for those of their business partners and clients. I currently have Russian wife and mother-in-law at home, so I was out Sunday afternoon hunting down flowers, chocolates & Cava. My quest was successful, so my reputation and domestic XP points went up, at least for the next few weeks.
  14. I reset my accounts and walked away from the game. I'm not prepared to spend FXP, CXP, gold or even credits to turn some of 300+ captains into a a few competitive 21 pointers, or carry on chasing WG's moving goal posts. I'll come back in a month or so to see if things have settled down.... maybe.
  15. cracktrackflak

    New coal ships?

    IRL even by early WW2 the RN was ahead of the curve in seeing the limited utility vs. resource cost of heavy/super cruisers. The 6" CAs were already extremely efficient in covering most roles, and KGVs/Vanguard/CVs were there to give capital ship cover. WG could of course just create something. Vanguard's hull form and armour scheme scaled down would be the obvious choice, with 3x3 or 4x2 9.2", and a radar/AA/secondary suite similar to Vanguard. Actually the current Tier 8 Vanguard is so misrepresented in game that perhaps they should remodel that one into a supercruiser and have BB Vanguard at tier 9 - more appropriate to its advanced design and equipment.