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  1. How difficult is it to have a small dashboard strip with a slot for each of the warnings? These are only tiny icons after all; its not as if they'd interfere with the player view.
  2. cracktrackflak

    Submarine gameplay and mechanics - what would you like to see?

    Put CVs and submarines in one game mode, and put all the other ships in a different one. Win win for everyone.
  3. cracktrackflak

    Has anybody else had shells falling short?

    Some of my "drop shorts" have been short by 1-2km, and thats the whole salvo with all of its dispersion included. These occurrences are also usually at medium or short range, so no great ballistic dispersion either. I don't think that this is anything to do with normal dispersion/beaten zone/RNG; it seems very clear that the server is using a completely different point of aim for that particular salvo. This is particularly evident when you've already hit/bracketed a target ship with one salvo (i.e. normal dispersion), but then the next one falls harmlessly short (all 8-12 shells) despite target lock and the uninterrupted point of aim.
  4. cracktrackflak

    Has anybody else had shells falling short?

    Yes, quite often. Mostly BB shells, and yes, most definitely on locked targets as well. Often its the second and subsequent salvos at the same target. I also get the problem where, upon firing at a ship that is transiting behind an island, the shells will drop and hit the island even though the ship is still spotted, more than half of it is still visible (so client/server should still consider it "line of sight"), and the shell arc should easily pass over the island.
  5. cracktrackflak

    How is your Crown & Florin collecting (for the 3x RN CVs) going on?

    Either I am thick, or the game UI is unintuitive (or both!). Where is the dialogue option to exchange Crowns to Florins? Were you referring to the automatic exchange that is supposed to occur with the next patch? I currently have an excess of Crowns, and was going to test the exchange process.
  6. cracktrackflak

    Naval Aviation containers

    I've probably had 60 containers from across my EU, NA and RU accounts, but not one has dropped a ship mission. The drop rate must be really, really tiny.
  7. cracktrackflak

    How is your Crown & Florin collecting (for the 3x RN CVs) going on?

    The trouble with threads like this is that I have to keep launching the game to remind myself which ones are crowns and which ones are florins. I reckon that, every time WG launches new in-game currencies, they should add the currency icons to the forum's emoji tab. That way, forumers could just use the icon and everyone would understand the post content. p.s. I just need 1,000 "things" to get Improbable. I guess WG expects me to buy 10x of those mediocre containers?
  8. cracktrackflak

    LWM Exeter review

    Well, I must admit I have a profoundly different opinion of Exeter than does LWM. One thing I have noticed is that there are fewer CV games over on NA, compared to the very high rate of CV and double-CV games on EU. My experience is that the resultant perma-spotting meta on EU makes Exeter extremely vulnerable, and thus tends to suppress its freedom of movement and utility.
  9. Good analysis, but I would guess that it is based on total historic data - i.e. total number of games reported for Belfast, etc? I'm wondering if the older OP premiums - such as Belfast - are actually in decline over time. E.g. the first year or so when it was super OP will have given it an immense lead in the stats. Also, almost by definition, Belfast owners will by now be experienced players, thus adding a further OP-increment compared to currently available silver ships played mostly by potatos (no insult intended). Today, however, Belfast is arguably considerably power-crept (in fact its no longer much of interest when you see one on the enemy team), not least by numerous opposing radars and the current CV perma-spotting meta that punishes fragile ships. I'm guessing that stats from current games are mostly propped up by those experienced owners. My own view is that WG should leave all premiums well alone - the damage to customer confidence will far outweigh any benefit to the game. OP ship games are only a small fraction of the total game count overall, and thus do not have a significant impact on the game experience (unlike CVs....). I expect that all those old OP ships are doomed to be power-crept into obscurity anyway. Just look what happened in WoT over the years - OP tanks in turn became unusable trash because of newer OP tanks.
  10. cracktrackflak

    Opinion: What looks better on the Warspite?

    We need the 1930s RN white scheme in the game...
  11. cracktrackflak

    Is Roma worth the buy?

    Roma feels like a much better version of Vanguard. It actually has some decent armour (unlike Vanguard) which helps it cope with the very unfavourable Tier 8 MM. As mentioned above, the guns don't feel any different to those of other BBs - any variation in paper stats is overwritten by the huge effect of RNG and the game management system.
  12. cracktrackflak

    Exeter: Why is there only an "ADMIRAL PACK" ?!

    Funnily enough, even though I am normally a "bundle-critic", this time around I'm actually grateful Exeter came in a bundle. This is because it gives me a slight comfort that I got something for my money (Capt, XP, flags, etc) - the Exeter itself being fairly pathetic* and disappointing. *(Seriously, this ship needs smoke and some armour, and to be at Tier 6 with Leander. IMHO this a thoroughly botched premium ship.)
  13. The issue with that is that some recent premiums - such as DoY, Hood, PEF and Exeter - are released together with time-gated campaigns that have optional missions for those ships. I expect that many buyers look at these campaign optional tasks/rewards as part of the "value proposition" for buying the premium and, if that is a factor in their purchase decision, then it makes no sense to delay purchase of the ship.
  14. Ironically, getting 4 million potential damage - 10 million, even - is easy in Exeter herself. Tier 7 MM, perma-spotted by CVs for much of the game, targetted by most of the enemy team as priority target, etc. WASD until you have cramp in your fingers, or until a BB (or even a DD) lands those 2 or 3 easy citadels that finish you off (and make the heal a complete joke).
  15. cracktrackflak

    no gun fire sound effect?

    My game appears to be a random collection of sound clips, and each of these at random volumes. I think the audio system was thoroughly bugged with 8.1, and I do hope they fix it soon with a patch.