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  1. I've just ground out New Orleans to Baltimore in 47 battles - 40 of these were tier 10.... In quite a few of those games my NO was the only tier 8 on the team, and in quite a few the tier 10s made up more than 50% of the team. Not sure why the NO gets hit so hard, even compared to other Tier 8s, but then again there are probably a lot of hidden factors in MM other than number of ships by tier in the queue.
  2. I don't mind seeing the "normal" camouflages in-game. Apart from the neon ones, the cammos are not too intrusive from a distance, and are reasonably immersive - "dazzle" painting and colour schemes were of course a very real historical thing. Cammos can provide some useful information about the ship - e.g. if its wearing a capt xp booster, then the capt is likely lacking some skill points. If its wearing an XP booster, then the ship might be stock. If its wearing any sort of premium cammo, then the player is more than likely to be an enthusiast player, and therefore have some skill. The counterpoint is that plain grey ships have a high correlation with potato players!
  3. I was surprised that the recent Halloween permanent cammos/ ship alterations were visible to other players (ie not just to the owner); they look absolutely ridiculous and un-immersive in a normal game.
  4. The old version of the game centre (was it "alpha" or "beta"?) was very buggy. In particular it could not recognise multiple clients - e.g. if you had WoWS_EU, WoWS_NA, WoWS_RU - and often could not install patches and updates correctly. The only way to get rid of the launcher back then was to uninstall all of the clients and re-install them. The current game centre seems ok so far. I have two PCs, each with twelve WG clients (4x WoT, 3x WoWS, 1xSandbox, 1xPTS, MoO, 2xWoWP). On one PC I have the GC installed, on the other just the separate clients (except WoWP, which now cannot be installed stand-alone). The game centre install has recognised all of the clients, and seems to be managing them just fine. Game centre is now worth having because it gives access to WoWP (!). WoWP is worth having because that game sometimes gets exceptional offers and promotions with gold and premium that can be used in WoT, or premium in WoWS....
  5. Having now encountered a few Kidds in randoms, I'd assess that they are very much suited to the the "selfish lone wolf" playstyle. By that i mean playing their own game, sniping and hiding, not really integrating with their team. I haven't seen one Kidd win a cap or carry a game, but I've seen quite a few as "last man standing" on a losing team - generally by staying away from the caps and relying on stealth to disengage and withdraw to the open periphery of the maps. Doesn't seem to me that the gun-power and heal really compensate for the loss of torpedo strike ability and manoeuvrability, at least for random games. Perhaps they better suit ranked battles or specialist stat-padding?
  6. I've had ten straight losses so far (Transylvania sunk), and thats regardless of what appeared to be some very good teams. The first part of the game seems to go well - knock out all the catapults, minimise damage to T, sink the enemy in priority order, smoke the convoy, etc - but then the endgame just ends up with the fleet being machine-gunned to death by Rasputin. I notice that Transylvania remains targetted in the endgame, regardless of being smoked up. Just a curious question - has the 6.12 smoke mechanic also nerfed the friendly team in this event?
  7. Perhaps a solution might be to allow an XVM-type ratings system into the game, so that there can be an approximate indication of player ability available. You could then have a "recruiting pool" where you could offer yourself as a single (non-clan) player. A clan putting together a team for a battle could then recruit you - or the best of the available volunteers in the queue - for one or more games under a temporary membership system. You might have a bit of queuing time for a clan game (and it might be a very long wait if you have really bad stats...), but it would serve the dual purpose of enabling clans to battle as a much as they want, and give access to clan battle rewards for all the "non-aligned" players.
  8. It'd be perfectly real in the real world, if ships were forced to sit static in smoke. All long-range gunnery can be directed from another location (aircraft, observer, another ship, these days drones or even satellite...). The problem is that the game is so far removed from reality (because of its super-compression in time and space), that its been obvious since Beta that WG'd never be able to balance the traditional ship classes. When they started adding gimmicks such as the RN AP-only, another gimmick such as smoke-shooting became necessary. This in turn had a knock-on effect, and so we head into an endless cycle of buff/nerf.
  9. Well, I've just been playing on RU. For me at least, RN cruisers are finished. The increased spotted range in smoke is lethal. Apart from the fact that you can no longer play aggressively or support your own DD to contest a cap, in practice you now get perma-spotted if there is an enemy aircraft up or a DD anywhere in your 1/4 of the map. If you stand back and try to keep a safe distance, your AP becomes significantly weaker. I have a 69% win rate on my RU Fiji, but now I'm getting deleted even in Tier 5 games. I haven't yet played Tiers 8, 9 and 10, but I imagine that they are a complete joke now. I don't know what gameplay WG had in mind for RN CAs, but it seems to be "camp at extreme gun range and see if you can hit something"....
  10. WoWP is worth downloading because there used to be decent promotional shop offers that could be transferred in to WoT or WoWS (gold, premium). The current iteration is quite good fun - at tier 1. There is wild seal-clubbing at all tiers, but at least with so many baby seals in the air you get the chance to play a bit before experiencing the inevitable "death from nowhere"...
  11. For English speakers, NA is much more sociable. A lot more team chat, and inter-team chat.
  12. storm wind camo

    The cammo looks nice, but its pretty poor value for money. For about the same price, RU currently gets a cammo that gives 250% commander and 250% free XP, plus the usual 3 & 4%:
  13. Thats exactly what I did, and for exactly that reason. I got fed up of being burned in WoT that way - grind a line, but by the time you get to T9/T10, the thing you were grinding towards has changed, been power-creeped, or has even gone altogether.
  14. I think its actually just Superunicums that need to be nerfed, not the ships themselves! I don't find the RN BBs particularly OP, whether playing them, or playing against them. I'm not entirely sure how Flamu manages to stay unspotted and unfocussed in his games, but most Conqs I come across seem to get reduced down very quickly. I'd say that Yamato still holds the ultimate trump card with that all-defeating AP. I expect the RN BB stats will level down as the ownership spreads more from serious player to average player, e.g. as is happening with Hood's plunge down the charts.
  15. Its one of those ships that is fun to play because it is so rubbish: You probably couldn't carry a tier 1 game in it, so you have no expectation of success, and no guilt in being deleted before contributing to the team score. When you do by some miracle torp someone or win a gun battle, you get a great rush of emotion. I received Katoris in events on NA and RU, so I'll 'fess up to buying this offer for my EU account...