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  1. Doh! I've only just noticed the tokens - looks like I have over 1,000 of them. So these replace the various special/dragon flags? I suppose it makes sense to buy blue bonus' (not credits), as I seem to have over 11,000 various green bonus already. Didn't realise I'd accumulated so many of the old cammos....
  2. cracktrackflak

    Cashing in your Camo, what did you get?

    300+ million so far, with another 2,000-odd cammos to go. Every second or third "sale" is taking minutes to go through. I guess that the servers are overwhelmed at the moment. I know we are just selling the worthless "skins", but some of the very high-end cammos (Pi, Asian lantern, etc) seem to have an unfairly low sale price. Actually, I'm surprised Pi cammos are lumped in with the standard conversion, as they were sold for cash in the premium store - i don't recall any clause in the sale agreement that they might in the future be swapped for XP tokens and credits.
  3. cracktrackflak

    got printz eugen but where is it

    I do think its about time that WG introduced captain symbols, not only to avoid confusion in missions/shop where players think they are getting a ship, but also to indicate whether that captain is "special" in any way (ie silver symbol for captain that is just a pretty picture, gold for one that actually has enhanced skills, etc). I guess this would cut down on the profits from hapless players who misunderstand the product, but it would make sense in an increasingly muddled user interface.
  4. cracktrackflak

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.11.4

    Do we have a Twitch section in the forums? My WoWS Twitch Drops worked for a bit, but have now decided to track WoT instead of WoWS. The "Inventory" shows a couple of WoT events, and WoWS is now in the "All Campaigns" tab. Even if i watch the correct WoWS streams, the WoWS box & mission events do not update or track progress. Is there any way to force Twitch drops to track WoWS instead of WoT?
  5. cracktrackflak

    what the hell is going on with port nowdays?

    I think quite a few of us use the mod port "Black Hole" (a plain black background) in order to give the GPU a rest between battles.
  6. I have about a dozen higher-tier ships awaiting equipment. Generally I wait for the discount for the more expensive equipment. If there are to be no more discounts, then I'll just abandon those ships - which will in turn reduce my interest and involvement in the pvp part of the game even more.
  7. The problem with the real world RN designs and built ships is that their very advanced features - arising out of real world combat experience - don't have any application in the WoWS arcade game. Hence they mostly end up mediocre or mis-tiered. E.g. KGVs and Vanguard should be among the toughest ships in the game, based on their armour schemes, Vanguard's radar-controlled gunnery (AA, main and secondary) should be pegs better, Tiger's real world rate of fire should make it the game's dpm monster, etc. Sadly, I think the forthcoming RN battlecruisers will just be more fragile, gimmicked, line filling content.
  8. cracktrackflak

    Fun tier 6 premium ships for operations?

    I regard cruisers as the optimum ship for operations, so.... Leander No1 for me, by a big margin. IMHO smoke + heal essential for when you are playing aggressively (or your team is hiding) and you get focussed by the bots. Its only weakness is not having much to deal with bot BBs at range. When Leander is "waiting for an order", I rotate between Mysore (really good bot killer but no torps) and maybe Perth/ Dido/ Rahmat (firepower a bit weak). London is ok, but the low rate of fire and absurd AP overpen mean its not the ship to carry a team or rack up really big scores. In general, I find that the other "no heal" CAs and CLs are too fragile - they quite often fall victim to that remarkable bot accuracy/crit damage that you often get in operations. The Cruisers with 203s just lack the rate of fire necessary for bot swarms. Dallas, Budyonny and Nurnburg can all have monster games - but catch the bots' attention for a moment and they all quickly get deleted. If you have to rely on those scenarios with a "repair ship", then your ship is often out of position or too far from the action.
  9. cracktrackflak

    SUB POLL for the benefit of YABBACOE.

    Lets put CVs and Subs in a separate game mode called "convoy". This neatly pits the CV over-spotting vs. the sub over-concealment. Searching, detecting, avoiding and interception strategy can be the core game features. The convoy ships are bots, so they won't care anyway. Other classes can join in if they wish.
  10. cracktrackflak

    For God's sake, fix the coop spawns so slower...

    An easy fix would be to make co-op games asymmetric - give the bots 3 or 4 extra ships. That way, DDs would have to be a bit more cautious about yolo-farming, slow BBs would have chance to shoot something, games would be a little more challenging, and there'd be overall enough XP available for everyone in the team to get a fair share.
  11. cracktrackflak

    USS "Sad Diego" - "AA cruiser by the way"

    NA will eagerly buy anything that is flagged USN, which is probably why there so many US premiums flooding the game - many of them near clones of each other and thus arguably adding nothing new to the game. Ergo there is no point in making a competitive or OP product if it will sell in large quantities anyway.
  12. cracktrackflak

    Marlborough - what an ugly experience!

    It certainly feels like WG have chosen to downplay the RN: - no high tier premium that isn't either behind a grindwall (RB, steel, dockyard) and/or isn't highly specialised or downright feeble (Belfast 43, Tiger, Vanguard); - accidental good ships removed (Belfast, Thunderer, Cheshire lol); - unhistorical RN split and lack of capt compatibility with Commonwealth; - few premiums of any sort compared to the swarms produced for US, Soviets, Germans; - very dated and un-meta AP-only gimmick for the silver line CAs; - no CA/CLs with the extreme long gun ranges enjoyed by other lines; - no meta HE machine gun spammer; - CVs At least in my case it feels very noticeable that, when you need a "go to" ship for something, the only RN contenders tend to be Leander/Fiji for ops, and possibly Cossack or another DD for certain events.
  13. cracktrackflak

    battle loading screen not going away

    #metoo. Took three attempts in safe mode to get into an Aegis battle. Battle was 3/4 finished by the time I got in. I expect I was team-spammed AFK. Thx WG.
  14. cracktrackflak

    Is the Dalian ship anytime to buy?

    What happened to Cheshire by the way? Removed for being super-OP? The RN hardly has any higher tier premiums that aren't either behind grindwalls or are feeble, or both.
  15. cracktrackflak

    Volcano Details

    Wrong type of smoke for a volcano too. Volcano smoke/ash doesn't disperse, but forms a gigantic plume well up into the stratosphere - as seen in all real world footage. The stuff coming out of the WG volcano appears to be black steam - because it is vaporising and disappearing.