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  1. Massachusetts. Full secondary build; MFCSA, FP & AFT - no CE. Suits my play style of pushing into caps to give close support to DDs. My favourite used to be Fiji, but she now feels very power-crept in the current meta.
  2. cracktrackflak

    Camo on the california looks wrong, pls fix

    I think its just WG pumping the NA market for cash. Look at the plethora of USN premiums that exist or are in the pipeline. WG can probably just carry on with cut-and-paste of USN ships and make $$$ without having to dream up new gimmicks to differentiate them.
  3. cracktrackflak

    What do you guys think of the Exeter?

    I normally do well in fragile cruisers, but for me at least Exeter has proven very weak indeed. Leander/Fiji/Belfast/Edinburgh all around 60% wr in solo randoms, Exeter at... 39% wr. Maybe "my" Exeter has just had bad MM (it seems to be bottom tier most of the time), but I find that it rarely even earns its own health/damage in a battle. Its very low rate of fire means it can be out-DPM'd by a DD (and in DDs i have no trouble gunning down an Exeter myself), and its paper armour means it gets citadelled from any direction by just about any ship. I find it far too vulnerable to take part in the active battle (a tier 5 BB will insta-delete it at any angle), so it doesn't seem to be a ship that can carry a team - unless the opposition doesn't shoot back. E.g. I have plenty of Krakens and epic wins in bottom tier Leander, but have yet to have even a "good" normal battle in Exeter. I don't know what the answer is. Exeter is just about my worst ship overall (all ships), despite being in the class (RN CAs) which is my strongest.
  4. WG, if you offer a Tier8 bundle without CVs in the 2x container bonus, then I'll buy it. OK...?
  5. Pity there is not a "no CV" option for the box drops. Shame to waste money on an unused port queen. All the other premium ships are a bit of fun, even if they're not your preferred class. However CVs are so far out on a limb that I think they're simply not played at all by a large proportion of players.
  6. cracktrackflak

    Bismarck uptired every game

    I don't understand why WG MM (in all of its games) doesn't simply have a +/- 0 or +/-1 fall back algorithm that activates when there are uneven spikes in the player tier distribution. I.e. if there are too many tier 9s and 10s, then just run few games with 9/10 MM only (or 9 only, or 10 only) - thus giving tier 8 and below "normal" MM. "Same tier" games are are arguably a lot more fun than multi-tier games anyway (especially in WoT!)
  7. cracktrackflak

    Absolute pay2win/grind2win BULLCRAP

    This "Paragon" system is essentially the same as the "Specialised" system in World of Warplanes. In that game - partly due to the speed and nature of 3d aerial gameplay - the enhancement system massively exacerbates the wild seal-clubbing of noobs by veterans. E.g. if, as a new player, you go into battle with your new Mk1 Spitfire, you are not only at a severe disadvantage to the seal-clubber with his multi-skill pilot (i.e. crew/captain skills), but your fully-researched and fully-equipped aeroplane is completely outperformed by the clubber's own Mk1 Spitfire that has a raft of additional Paragon/specialised enhancements. These enhancements are locked behind the same grind/xp wall as is proposed in this Paragon system. Even if the noob has the same or better player skill, the clubber has an overwhelming advantage at the same tier. In standard WG +/- 2 MM, the disparity becomes even more extreme.
  8. Its a pure cash grab, and it works very well for them. I'd guess that at least 80% of those who attempt the current grind will end up buying loot boxes. Thats a lot of money for WG. Probably a lot of us recreational gamers are sick of events/ grinds/ new currencies/ loot boxes because its quite clearly all to do with monetisation and not quality of gameplay. However WG, like most gaming companies, doesn't really need or want gamers who have the self discipline to resist microtransaction marketing - instead they have the OCD players to drive event hype, and the more gullible masses to hook onto repeat spending for their income stream.
  9. cracktrackflak

    Haida Pack Sale -75% $11.24 USD

    The affair is a pretty good illustration of how a company can very successfully inflate the value of its goods for its existing customer base - for WG also read Apple, etc - whilst having to revert to open market pricing in order to attract new customers. So here we have WG currently selling Benhams to existing customers for c.£€$200, yet it has to offer essentially similar digital goods for c.£€$ 10 to new customers who perceive that sort of price as the value for "DLC packs" in other games.
  10. Is this event supposed to be displayed in the client under "combat missions" somewhere? I'm shown as "joined the US Navy" on the portal, so my registration is acknowledged. However, in-game there is no indication that the event is under way - no mission tab, no post-battle mission results, no indication that points are being scored, etc. I get that team results are being collated at the server, but isn't there supposed to be some indication to the player that they are doing something?!
  11. I wonder how the games will pan out? The odds do seem heavily stacked in favour of USA, given the relative availability of decent ships in the tech tree and as premiums. E.g. for tier7 CAs US has Atlanta, Boise, Helena, New Orleans, Indianapolis; Japan has, er, just Myoko (and its identical ARP clones). Boise with its heal is pretty much capable of taking on the Japanese Tier7 BBs mano a mano, let alone the Myoko....
  12. cracktrackflak

    Next patch, Arsenal and expiring coupons

    +1 Do I spend the coupon/coal on Georgia - a ship which I'm very lukewarm about - or lose the coupon (= 57,000 coal) and then find there was nothing worthwhile in the pipeline anyway?
  13. cracktrackflak

    GUAM T10 battlecruiser?

    Meanwhile, the RN doesn't even have a single regular mid-high tier premium cruiser available. Why on earth can't WG just knock out another Town class as a premium for Tier 7 or 8? (e.g. Sheffield has a wide range of historical configurations available).
  14. cracktrackflak

    Compliments to increase

    I think the whole Karma system should just be scrapped; all it does is introduce yet more ill-feeling and toxicity into the game. High Karma is meaningless because clan-mates simply spam each other with compliments; low Karma is as much to do with vindictiveness and maliciousness as it is with genuinely poor play.
  15. cracktrackflak

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    The current Arsenal ship vouchers are due to expire on 22 or 23 June, so I guess I'd have to make a buy/no-buy decision by then. Trouble is, with WG its difficult for a player to budget cash or resources because of the lack of information about incoming new ships and their currency/cost. Georgia looks a bit meh to me, but I might as well get it if the next T9 coal ship is also meh and/or months away - or if the same coal might buy two lower tier ships that might appear.