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  1. Dallas

    Currently have a 0% win rate in my Dallas. Mind you I've also had 100% bottom tier so far, and I've also come top or near top of those teams. I find her very frustrating to play - gun range is too short (even for island-lobbing in many cases) , and the ship is desperately fragile. Budyonny, Omaha, Leander, Aoba and even poor old Nurnberg feel like tanks by comparison. Survival seems overly dependant on the enemy's dispersion RNG, as gameplay often consists of kiting away at max gun range (or just plain running) and hoping not to get citadelled multiple times. This weakness is exacerbated by the poor MM and the game meta that sees weak low tier CAs prioritised as targets: get spotted, get focussed, get deleted.
  2. Why there are no reports about reports anymore??

    I wish they'd just get rid of the whole karma system. All it does is add a completely counter-productive element of vindictiveness and tiresomeness into the game. E.g. you play a really good game - perhaps carrying the team or gaining a Kraken - and yet return to port to discover your karma-count has reduced by one because of that angry child who yolo'd, died, spammed chat about how "braindead" the team was, and then docked all the lead players by one report. ....and at the other end you've got all those clan players spamming each other with compliments, which renders the karma system meaningless anyway.
  3. The match should NOT start unless all ships have loaded

    To clarify my unscientific and not-intended-for-use data gathering mentioned in my post: My methodology was to wait until all other ships in the team had shown signs of activity, including the BBs and CAs that for some reason like to sit there and watch everyone else shape the battle. I mostly only counted those DDs and other ships that were still lifeless at the point at which they were being passed by BBs leaving the spawn. To my mind, at that point the team has already suffered a serious disadvantage due to the loss of spotting and positioning.
  4. The match should NOT start unless all ships have loaded

    I'd be very interested to know why in particular its DDs that load very late. I initially noticed this myself, and then it was subsequently mentioned in topics on NA, RU and EU forums, showing that many others make the same observation. After the matter was highlighted, I started to keep a tally. So far, out of 93 "late into game" ships (those not AFK for the whole game), 78 (84%) have been DDs. Not a huge sample, but appears to show a most definite trend.
  5. Hood feels underwhelming

    I would play the Hood every other game if i could, but its just not worth it - the ship is too unreliable and too poorly equipped. IMHO the guns are just plain bad. There seems to be something very wrong with the way the client calculates dispersion or something. As a (very typical) example, I just played a battle where i twice could not hit a broadside low-health Budyonny at just 4km range. I did not miss; my shots bracketed him fore and aft, and short and over. There was just a ship-shaped hole in my two salvoes. The speed is moderate, but whats the point of rushing somewhere and then not being able to deliver any effect? The Gneisenau - often described as a grind for many players - is arguably better in every way than Hood. Hood has no spotter, no torps, no secondaries, poor AA and only average manoeuvrability. Hood can't brawl, it can't long range snipe, and the current mid-range HE spam meta negates its notional tankiness and heal. Its not just a case of LTP; I have 116k/5 kill games in her (EU. 140-155k/6&7 NA and RU) and a slightly below (my) average WR in her. The problem is that good games comprise perhaps only 10%, and that makes the 90% a chore to play.
  6. Haida is in shop :)

    Hes probably trying to point out that the red and white "Maple Leaf" flag only dates from 1965, so in contemporary historical terms its completely wrong even for a cammo.
  7. Haida is in shop :)

    WG if you merge Commonwealth and RN into a sensible (and historically accurate) single line with transferable captains, then I'll go ahead and buy it.
  8. Since signals were introduced I've used nearly a full set on most ships, and this expenditure was automatically replenished from containers and in-game rewards. I never even looked at the shop bundles for signals - until a couple of months ago, when suddenly I started running out of all types of signal. Clearly there has been a major change in the game economy. It seems to me that the signal famine and the appearance of the Arsenal are yet another sign that WG intend to ramp up the monetisation of consumables and other aspects of the game. The Arsenal prices for signals are so ridiculously high that at first i thought they were just placeholders.
  9. Massachusetts: Skill-Setup

    How are training room bots set up? Do they have any Captain skills like FP that might limit number of fires? Thats quite impressive accuracy, though. Presumably the 241 shells out of the 400 were over/under.
  10. Massachusetts: Skill-Setup

    I don't think Massachusetts is going to last two minutes without Fire Prevention. A slow BB pushing secondary range in a meta full of HE spammers?
  11. Massachusetts & Monaghan in the premium shop

    I can see the bundles. I'm logged in, have active premium and - yes, have Indianapolis (?). Its probably a "premium" preview offer, with the ship appearing a few days early for those with premium. Similar tank offers have apparently been a bit bugged - some people cant see them despite meeting the criteria.
  12. So, months of regular playing have netted me enough coal to buy a Yubari, or perhaps a module + 20 signal flags. Having seen how utterly underwhelming the coal compensation is, vs. how high the shop prices are, I expect I'll probably never even bother to look at the Arsenal again. It seems to me that the "Arsenal" will turn out to be fairly irrelevant for the majority portion of the playerbase that is not involved in very high daily gameplay rates and/or intense clan activity. Even at those high play rates, the other accumulated in-game rewards would seem to make the Arsenal offerings a bit superfluous.
  13. 90%+ win rates in random? Really?

    I think people are ok to question extremely high win rates, even if they are by unicum platoons/divisions. There are many aspects of WG game management that are completely unknown, and exceptionally high win rates genuinely sometimes do not seem plausible, given the MM/RNG situations plainly evident in WoT/WoWS. Put bluntly, if a unicum platoon/division spawns bottom tier into a game where the rest of their team is dead in two minutes, then there is normally no way to win that game, given the relative tier strengths, the mathematics, the map size and the time limit that constrain the gameplay. Even employing all possible stat padding techniques and unicum play, a portion of games will be unwinnable - and in random solo WoT/WoWS play, that is quite a high proportion.
  14. BUMP So, I was under the impression that there was supposed to be some sort of monthly or regular drop/ prize via the Twitch website, in return for signing up? Not sure where I read that, but I thought it was supposed be an ongoing promotion. Was that it, then?
  15. WG should just merge the RN and "Commonwealth" lines, or at least make the Captains freely interchangeable. This would reflect historical reality, and it would create a nice line that was well-equipped with premiums. Why make people wait literally years for "orphan" lines like Commonwealth or Poland to fill out?