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  1. WG need to implement a proper "profile" or "barracks" facility, so that you can see the effect of skills - or if skills are "zero points" like the Berlin BIA on WoT.
  2. IMHO that tactic has a bad handicapping effect on your team because (a) you are reducing the sustained AA over your convoy (the enemy fly straight over your remote DDs, but circle the convoy), (b) you are reducing the chances of picking up survivors from sunken ships, (c) you are reducing the firepower available to engage multi-flank enemies (such as the 3-flank S-boat attacks just after the minefield bottleneck). If its a Cyclone or Gallant that leaves the convoy, then you are (d), also removing valuable smoke cover as well.
  3. I wish someone would come up with a mod that auto-selects the nearest aircraft squadron. I find that, with the current WoWS field of view and controls, its very hard to make quick selection changes at short range - much of the time I even lose the mouse pointer in the constant switching of air/sea/sniper modes. I think your team also needs a huge slice of good "RNG". I have many games where the team has done everything right, brought 9,000+ men and all the ships to the Dover approaches - and then half the team gets deleted for no apparent reason. Funny how many times your troop total drops to 6,999 or less in the last few seconds....
  4. Harekaze is very expensive, even as "bronze" (an 8-point captain doesn't add much value). Lo Yang is "only" 8,000 gold, and has been on offer at some big discounts in the past. If you've obtained some discounted gold via another transaction, the you can probably buy Lo Yang at 50% or less of the Harekaze price. In fact, if you've got gold in the game, then it makes far more economic sense to dump it on an in-game purchase, instead of paying extra real cash for the Harekaze.
  5. I'm trying to do the missions on EU, NA and RU. Its clear now why WG never gave away any 10-point British captains in the xmas boxes! EU and NA are going more or less ok, but - RU! Every RU game: three escorts straight in to the minefield. Two escorts head off - not even bothering to pick any soldiers up - and sail around the outside of the small minefield to the East. One escort invariably heads straight for Dover and then goes AFK (I suppose this is an easy way of farming the mission). I've never seen anyone try to smoke the convoy, or be in the right position to help the fighters, etc. I often end up trying to solo carry the mission, which of course means one or two stars at best if i haven't by then been swarmed and sunk by the enemy. I guess RU has even less naval tradition than Switzerland...
  6. I find Belfast harder to play than Fiji because, in Belfast, I feel that the onus is on me to get forward and use that radar for the team's benefit. For a decent/ conscientious player, Belfast is a tricky ship to play.
  7. Well, arguably it was the Italians who wrecked the German schedule - by invading Greece, being defeated, and thus forcing the German intervention.... We celebrate the Italian involvement by having their sleek, speedy and ineffective Duca in the game.
  8. Does anyone know if the civilian ship convoy speed is influenced by the escorts - either their active positioning or by crossing some coded trigger point - or some other factor such as smoke cover? There are a couple of places where the ships almost come to a halt, and its not clear whether this is because the escorts are hanging back, or if its simply programmed that way. One example is the second "corner" in the big minefield, where everyone has to turn to port (left...) to head up to the choke point. At this second corner, all the ships seem to bunch up and almost come to a halt. After this there seems to be a lot of random stop/go or short sprints by the ships.
  9. Did you physically block him from sailing into the minefield, or did smoking him up at the start just remove that whole panic dialogue sequence?
  10. No SC since January...
  11. Like most WG events, the outcomes do seem a bit....random. Last night I had a game with an excellent team; they did everything right, and we got all the way through the minefields and past the "air battle" section with every ship present and at nearly full health. One of the best games to date, and a certain five stars. Then we lost about eight ships in the final attack - just like that. Boom-boom-boom. It was really as if RNGJesus just said: "sorry, I know you've played exceptionally well, and it seems a bit ridiculous, but you are not going to win this one".
  12. So far, she feels like a Campbeltown who sees Tier 8 - a lot. I'm not a great DD captain, but I find her very weak indeed. The guns are feeble beyond belief: last night I finally found an enemy my own size - a Fujin. In four rounds of gun fighting near one cap, I could not sink that Fuji - twenty-odd HE hits apparently not enough to finish it off. Concealment is very good, but with hydro/ radar/ CVs it seems to be difficult to get close enough to anything for an effective torp strike (and reload is very slow). She's good at passive spotting for a team, but poor at striking. The single-launch torps are annoying for an enemy, but don't seem to achieve much. I did accidentally take her into one Dunkirk mission, and she was a complete liability there, despite being one tier higher than the identical Anthony. She has smoke, but almost no AA, and her lazy shell arcs make it difficult to hit those S-boats. Anthony seems a better DD - and its at tier 5.
  13. Its a bit odd that there is no motivation to play the campaign once you have your daily container. I wonder how that affects the team configurations? By the end of the evening, the teams must be full of just the desperate and the incompetent..... (ok, so not much change then...).
  14. I assume that, if you are wealthy and impetuous enough to buy both the Admiral's and Captain's packages, the x3 missions will stack (or at least the first 15 will) - as they do with the Belfast summer sales packages? Is anyone going to 'fess up and confirm this?
  15. Yes, but what happens six months down the line if you've forgotten who "Jack Dunkirk" is? E.g. when you want to reskill or move some captains? Is it really necessary to go and trawl through a news archive or maybe the Wiki, instead of using a short description somewhere in-game?