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  1. [Request] Disable emblems/patches

    I don't think so - otherwise your mod would be taking away someone else's game content. Even with the mod installed, there is a way to view other people's emblems - IIRC you can mouse over player names in the team list.
  2. [Request] Disable emblems/patches

    Aslain's mod-pack has a mod that switches them off (they're called "dog tags" by the mod author).
  3. Displaying Emblems/Insignias after being sunk

    I find the icons stupid and irritating. WTF is the point of them - why should you be allocated and forced to view some random graphic rubbish that has no real connection to the game?
  4. The first review of Musashi

    What sort of credit income are you getting for wins? Looking at some of the preview games, Musashi seemed to earn about 60% of what a Missouri would do in a similar game. I was wondering if WG had buffed the earnings before release?
  5. Premium cammo's. Feeling a bit ripped off here

    No need for the breathless exaggeration, is there? We're merely talking about a few percentage points off one or more of the many other variables in the game, just make the permanent cammos a bit different and worth having. The game already has premium consumables, signals, special signals and purchasable 500% XP cammos, so having a few more small bonuses attached to a permanent cammo is hardly going to make a significant difference to game outcomes.
  6. Premium cammo's. Feeling a bit ripped off here

    The premium/permanent cammos really ought to have something that differentiates them from either the silver/purchasable cammos or the many types of event cammos. Its a bit pointless paying money/gold for a cammo that has a paltry 50% XP bonus of some kind, when most regular players probably by now have a large stash of event cammos that give up to 500% on bonuses. Perhaps the permanent cammos should have something unique - perhaps an automatic slow heal, or an additional resistance to fire, or even a shrunken citadel?
  7. Aftvent SC hype: what did you get?

    2x 50x Halloween 2016 cammo, to add to the 700+ I already have. What an absolute waste of time....
  8. Winter Mystery/ Aft-Vent mission bug

    Yes, I had the old (completed) missions re-appear. Funny thing, they were there for about six games, and then vanished again - I didn't even reboot.
  9. What you got in your Santa containers?

    I've bought a few more containers, but its clear that the prizes have flat-lined. About 80% cammo, and a few flags. I reckon that you have to buy in the first 12 hours of the offer, otherwise the content value drops off a cliff.

    It means "To the New Year". Someone wishing you happy new year.
  11. What you got in your Santa containers?

    I went fishing for an Alabama, but got Duc D'A and Oktobrywhatsit instead. Too many flags and cammos - which I regard as valueless - but enough gold to have made the crates just about reasonable value for money. I also bought a 5x big crate for each of my NA and RU accounts. Both delivered a Huanghe (guess they've had a hard time selling those!), and the RU one delivered an Alabama. Both were loaded with gold (no cammos), so were decent value.
  12. Division Invasions

    Whats wierd is having a post-battle chat with your clan-mate back in "Port", and finding that you have a creepy silent stranger sitting there as well. Its a bit like going home for a coffee with a mate, and some random person off the street follows you into the house and sits on the sofa....
  13. The game's major grind bottleneck is in Captain xp/skills, not ship xp or free xp or credits. Captain skills can dramatically improve the performance of a given ship. I'm actually surprised that WG hasn't monetised this aspect, as in - for example - selling 10/14/16 point captains, or dragon flag bundles.
  14. Where is the holiday excitement?

    The Advent Calender is quite a good idea for the run up to Christmas, but not the way its been done in WoT - tanks that people have either had the chance to buy multiple times already, or simply far too expensive for an impulse buy (let alone a daily "advent" present). I think WoWS could have made up some small daily one-off advent packages at reasonable and low cost, e.g. maybe 50 flags, 20 event cammos, 40 consumables, 10k free XP, perhaps all those tier 2 & 3 premium ships, special modules, etc. If the cost of each daily offer was about 5€ or similar, people might be motivated to track the advent calendar and make a series of these micro-transactions.
  15. Huanghe - what do people think?

    B...b...b...b....BUMP. So, evidently the doom laden CC reviews didn't pan out as expected. Based on whichever set of stats you look at, the "feeble" Huanghe actually seems to be topping the T6 cruiser charts in most categories. The ship is obviously finding a way to (a) survive a reasonable time in game and, (b), deal some damage. Obviously a big factor in this is the new premium phenomena - its been bought by enthusiasts, who tend to be above average players, and who are determined to make their (ludicrously expensive) DLC work for its money. Some will also git gud because they are getting plenty of practice grinding through the bundled extra XP missions. Given the dearth of actual RN premium cruisers, I'm thinking of buying the Huanghe because I want to play mid-range British cruisers - even if they are wearing a different flag. Any updates from owners? Is it like Perth - requires a minimum 14-point captain XP investment (IFHE, DE, CE, etc) to make it work? Anyone using an Anshan/Lo Yang captain in it? The skills aren't an exact match, but if you regard the Huanghe as a big fragile DD, there is a fair amount of compatibility - worth the compromises for a triple training boost for a captain.