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  1. Poll: Map Proposal "Dynamic Iceberg Map"

    One problem is that the games are very short - eight to ten minutes, with a couple of minutes of non combat positioning. To have much of a dynamic effect, the icebergs would have to change position very quickly - they'd probably have to move at about 20 knots in order to significantly change the map (20 knots being the speed of a low tier BB, which can take most of a game just to traverse the map). Real icebergs all move in one direction due to ocean currents; game icebergs would have to move in different directions to maintain some sort of map cover/balance. It would make the game even more arcade-like (Asteroids, anyone?). Mind you, it would be amusing (once) if one whole team ended up getting trapped in pack ice because they spawned downwind of the ice migration!
  2. WG Game Center - Your Feedback

    Issues: 1. My in-use Game Center persistently shows old "update" announcements for days or weeks after the event occurred - even if you "read" the item to make it grey out (currently showing a 19th March update as "new"...). 2. On a second PC, I'd long ago deleted all the WG client copies. However the old Game Center on that PC still regularly updates itself. It desperately needs some sort of "uninstall" option. 3. The Game Center doesn't pick up WoT Sandbox, so this updates separately. Suggestions: 4. Game Center could do with a facility to link to WG products previously installed via Steam, such as MoO. 5. The "update" options ought to be configurable for each client copy of each game, so that you can, for example, auto-update some clients, but postpone others. E.g. I have EU, RU, NA and Asia copies of WoT (I used to travel a lot!). During the 1.0 update, my broadband was paralysed for about three days as each copy updated. Given a choice, I'd have auto-updated EU, and postponed or scheduled the others. 6. Maybe a unified user account dashboard would be useful, instead of having to go to a client or webpage to view. It would need to recognise the fact that players do have multiple accounts, and remember & offer the separate logon IDs. P.s. when will Total War Arena get an account dashboard thats accessible outside of the game? 7. If feasible, "personal" WG messages from the clients could be copied to a personal account tab on the Game Center. E.g. things like coupon offers, those in-game discount offers that used to pop up in WoWS, any other personalised items. I have about 13x separate WG clients (different games, different regions), so consolidating messages from all of those in one place would be very useful.
  3. Azur Lane Collab

    Perhaps WG need to think about a separate server/ version of the game for adults. I think there is an age/maturity border past which this sort of content becomes creepy, weird and embarrassing. Viewing sexualised images of under-age girls - even in cartoon form - is quite possibly a criminal offence in UK and some other countries these days.
  4. Space Battles

    The map and effects just seem to disorient players; the game play is even worse than "usual weekend standard" - if such a thing was possible...
  5. now wows has turned into wot

    Lanchester's Laws clearly do not apply to a 1 v 1, as two or more units are needed to provide the increment that overwhelms a single unit. The Laws cannot ensure success in all encounters outside of "all units" vs. "all units" in a simultaneous encounter - because in a game like WoWS the map layout and game features can negate or disadvantage the effect. E.g. a team using pure application of Lanchester's Laws would seek to keep their entire fleet together to maximise the power increment. However, in the WG game scenario, this leads to the "procession of the Arvicolinae" and - on a typical WoWS map with four caps interspersed with mountain ranges - the risk of being outcapped by the weaker but more dispersed team.
  6. now wows has turned into wot

    The flaw in quoting Lanchester's Laws is that they only apply when all the units on one side are in contact with all the units on the other side, and the cascading effect takes place. Now that situation does often occur in WoWS, and that is when focussed fire has the predicted effect. However, in WoWS the game is also often separated into two or more - or many - separate battles, i.e. due to terrain, weapon ranges, player behaviour, other game mechanics. In these situations, a localised superiority of units in one location has little or no effect on the outcomes of battles at other locations on the map. That is why, for example, in some situations a good/lucky player can turn around a 5 v 1 and defy the outcome predicted by Lanchester. What is peculiar in WoWS (and WoT) is the way games often landslide one way or the other, even when units have fought numerous discrete dispersed battles and the overall outcome is decided before Lanchester's Laws can take effect. What seems to happen is that a series of initial 1 v 1 engagements all favour one side, giving rise to the common situation where half of one team has died in the opening minutes and before the main strategic plays by either team have begun to take effect.
  7. cheat possible in cyclone?

    I use Aslains, but have never noticed an "X" mod. Which mod is it? Is it stand-alone, or part of another mod?
  8. County class cruiser

    To be honest, why is it necessary to have a full line for a ship or a tank? Those who are enthusiastic for the game will be happy to go down a partial line, if it offers something different or historically appealing. If the end of the line is Tier 7 but is a decent "keeper", then why not? I'd be quite happy to grind a T7 County, and then just max it out and use it.
  9. I'm about half way, but have now more or less lost interest in the campaign. The rewards seem a bit meh anyway and, if you didn't get lucky with some higher tier French BB drops early on, then it feels like diminishing returns to carry on grinding. I do have Dunkerque, De Grasse and La Galiss available, but playing those in back-to-back Tier 8 games is not particularly thrilling....
  10. Commander Kappa

    I thought I was up to speed on memes, but evidently not - I have no idea who this chap is... As I had Amazon Prime anyway, I linked to Twitch Prime and received the containers & captain (the items arrived in WoWS instantly, btw). Now I wonder whether some mundane "free stuff" was worth the hassle of extending my digital footprint - I try to avoid linking any accounts, if I can help it.
  11. operation Hermes needs rebalance

    Slight thread drift: Are there no further rewards, once you've had the first 5-star win? I've had several 4- and 5-star wins now, but no containers, flags, cammos or credits for any of them - just the containers for the first win.

    So, out of all of the 25 mission containers plus 20 I bought on the off-chance, I got only Bretagne from one of the shop containers. 1/45 is almost as bad a drop rate as my own personal SC rate (which is somewhere less than 0.5%)! What a dismal Collection this one was. Oh well, someone else can jump-start the French BB line; I don't think I'll be bothering to grind them.
  13. Destroyer numbers

    You might ask a similar question about why you get 5x DDs per side in one game, then one or zero the next - all whilst there are 20k players online. Or perhaps why so many DDs appear to be AFK for a lengthy period at the start of a game (to the extent that this phenomena has been commented on in each server forum). Its possible that the game engine deliberately introduces an element of asymmetry into MM, as part of an overall strategy to randomise the outcomes.
  14. Emblems and insignias huge success

    The icons are another feature which makes me wonder whether WG actually spends more than ten minutes designing something. E.g. the current icons are rather pointless, featureless - almost "clip art" - and unrelated to the game in many ways. What is there point? Who wants some generic symbol? However, if it has been decided that players ought to have some symbol to personalise their account then why not use the ones which are actually related to the naval historical content of the game and which are far more likely to have some meaning for players. I.e. why not use the emblems that are already in the game in the collections???!!! Do I want a meaningless symbol on a meaningless background - or would I prefer to use the ship's crest of HMS Hood, or the John Cattling Trawler (Dunkirk), or Cardinal Richelieu's flamboyant coat of arms?
  15. toggle spotter plane point-of-view on and off

    Drifting the thread slightly, is there any particular reason that the spotter plane cool-downs have to be so long - even on the premium version? I don't understand the point of a consumable where you often can't even use half of it in a single game. IMHO WG ought to introduce both short cool-downs and POV switching. That'd give a much more flexible gameplay. In fact, if WG want to make the game a bit more realistic, a spotter plane ought to give a vision bonus to all friendly team ships within a certain distance. In real life, a ground or air spotter might adjust multiple fire units simultaneously.