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  1. Yes, had the same last night. Started a battle and then the client went into weird graphical meltdown. Apparently it had not actually crashed - trying to close the window gave the "do you want to exit the battle?" script. As I couldn't see anything in the black and red graphics mush, I used ctrl-alt-delete to kill it. Relaunched, to find myself back in port with no record of the game having been played. The game had only just started, so even a tomato team melt-down could not have occurred in the c. 2 minutes it took to get back. I assume that both teams must have been kicked, and the game records deleted (e.g. no change in consumables, credits or XP)
  2. It now appears that you are forced to use it if you have WoWP and want to update the client - so I guess that WG have just wiped out a chunk of WoWP's playerbase! The problem with the first version of the Games Centre, and which appears to be the same in the new version, is that it cannot recognise multiple WG clients of the same genre. I.e. it'll pick up WoT EU, WoWS EU and WoWP EU, but if you happen to also run NA or RU versions of any of those, then the GC breaks.
  3. WG really don't need to pursue the policy of giving ship lines gimmicks or "flavours". I feel that, even if ships in a class mostly had similar characteristics, players would get enough satisfaction from the differentiation of nationality or history. I.e. someone might enjoy playing RN because its the RN, or German BBs because they're iconic German BBs. I wish that the RN cruisers and BBs were "conventional": I'd like to play a mobile, kiting, HE-spamming game in RN cruisers, and I'd like to play a brawling, AP-penning, slug-fest game in those old RN warhorse BBs.
  4. What happens if you accumulate oil as a solo player, but then join a clan? Does your oil get transferred to the clan stocks? Er, and if it does, whats to stop a clan recruiting you, then booting you out and keeping your oil?!
  5. I'm a reformed whale, and I don't feel the slightest temptation to buy the Kii. It really seems to be a lot of money for a ship that genuinely seems to be a weaker version of its near-identical silver counterpart. Of the other near-clones, Warspite seems better than QE, Alabama seems almost identical to SC, Tirpitz is almost identical but with some +/- over Bismarck, Belfast is.... ok, lets not go there... Its not even as if Kii makes sense for those wanting to jump ahead of their grind level - the run up to Amagi is full of really good ships that are painless to play.
  6. Well, we've got..... 30 so far. Not much chance in the foreseeable future of us ever having the resources to build dockyards, seamans' missions, brothels and bars, so we thought about instead using the oil to lubricate Queen Elizabeth's turrets, which seem to be a bit gritty right now.
  7. What do the "achievements" actually do, apart from pile up on the Achievements tab of Profile? The descriptions all show a "reward" icon (the grey crate) and a condition ("once per battle", "can be obtained only once", etc), but I've never seen an actual "reward" of any sort get added to the account. All I see is the usual rewards from Challenges or Combat Missions. Is the "reward" supposed to be the icon itself? If so, why would anyone want, say, 55x "Skipper on Deck!" icons? p.s. Are the "Anniversary Containers" in the premium shop supposed to have an occasional SC/supercontainer mixed in with the ordinary ones? They seem to be pretty mediocre for the price otherwise.
  8. He didn't attack WG in the OP; he made some observations or conclusions about the game mechanic that may or may not be valid. The forums (all WG forums) are default hostile to anyone who does question the game paradigm. The tone and attitude of many of those who regard themselves at the forum gatekeepers is pretty intolerant.
  9. WG confirmed to me in an earlier promotion that "Blue Dragons" are in fact the ones we tend to think of as "Yellow Dragons" (+333% capt XP). Its a blue dragon on a yellow flag!
  10. I can confirm that GZII can take of 80% of KGV health in one hit, even with two fighters up and the bombers selected. If you are already in contact with other enemy ships, then thats the end - you have no health buffer with to disengage and heal. Whatever you think about "BB plague", I think that, if WG goes ahead and introduces a gimmick that can delete BBs in this manner, then they'll simply ignite the same "arty/ [edited]" rage that has blighted WoT for all these years.
  11. This time around, does it work with multiple clients? I have WoWS RU, NA, EU and PTS, and WoT RU, NA, EU, SEA and PTS/Sandbox (oh, and poor old WoWP EU....). Last version of Wargaming Centre couldn't detect more than three clients, and appeared to prevent updates for the others. I had to re-install everything to get rid of it.
  12. " - 10 Anniversary camos and 10x each :Hydra, Ourobouros, RD, Wyvern and Blue Dragon signal flags for every 1000 games played on the account " Noooo.... I'm about 2-300 games short of the "nearest 1,000" on each of three separate accounts. If I could pool the games, I'd get another two lots of pressies...
  13. My view: 1. Give all ships smoke (as in real life); 2. Make that smoke transparent upon firing - so its main use is to turn away and escape (this substantially solves the overall cruiser vulnerability problem); 3. Scrap all the RN line gimmicks; give cruisers HE, give the battleships reduced HE, but proper armour and proper AP.
  14. Its ironic isn't it? The last ranked season was beneficial for the game in that many inexperienced players were taught the benefits of DDs (and RN CAs) smoking up their team-mates and, in return, those BB/CA team-mates pushing in to support, cap and win. We saw more and more potato players making an effort to emulate this basic tactic, and that was a significant step up in the average gameplay from the mass playerbase. Now, at a stroke, WG proposes to eliminate this learned skill - surprising and punishing all those potatoes who perhaps don't follow the forums or developer notes.
  15. WG just need to re-label the RN BBs as heavy cruisers, then all the problems of game balance and team composition go away.....