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  1. Is that stated by WG somewhere? If so, is it then dynamic? I.e. if the ship is actually 12.5o to the left of the bearing when you start tracking it, does it stay at that "error", or can the ship subsequently move anywhere in that +/- 12.5o arc? It would be interesting to know what the actual performance parameters are. Incidentally, one of the bits of evidence that supports the "grid square" assertion is what happens when you are tracking a single ship for a period of time (e.g. an unspotted DD that is isolated and thus cannot be two separate ships). Occasionally, the "track" suddenly flips forward by a significant amount in the direction that the ship is moving. That would imply that the ship has crossed a grid square boundary, and that therefore the track is somehow linked to the grid square.
  2. Can anyone point to a WG reference that describes the actual performance parameters of "radio location"? Wiki merely states "Shows the direction to the nearest enemy ship." That statement implies that it gives a true bearing to (presumably the centre of) the enemy ship. However various forum posts mention that this was nerfed before release to the public server, and that the bearing is "approximate". If so, how approximate - what is the +/- error range, etc? I've also seen it stated somewhere that it only points to the centre of the grid square in which the enemy ship is located. If so, that could give a huge error at close range - up to 45o. Authoritative link/reference? Thx
  3. 5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    Well, I certainly picked the wrong time to grind the Fushin. Not easy trying to knife-fight with two or three other DDs, constantly out-spotted, swimming in torp spam and not being able to respond in kind.
  4. soveriens

    There are 15x in each of the RN boxes that are sold in the Premium Shop.
  5. What's the most Karma you've had?

    Last night I was 80% T-K'd in a classic "DD fires torp spread behind allies who have no chance to anticipate or avoid". He turned pink for his trouble. Cue lots of "idiotnoob" chat abuse from him (his 46% WR vs my c. 55%). I never uttered a word in reply, but just ignored him and played on as best i could with my sliver of remaining HP. I still managed to help carry the win, ending second or third in the results. Despite this, upon returning to the port, I found that he and his division-mate had evidently knocked off two of my Karma points - I guess because of the inconvenience of becoming a pinkie. This is an example of why Karma is such a worthless system in a multiplayer game...
  6. Kitty Purrfurst code

    So when do we get a 10-point ginger cat as a captain?
  7. Why can't the reward crates be as stated?

    It is a bit silly when you routinely get more signals in "resources" than in "flags and camouflage". I can guess that WG have decided to cut back on the amount of coal that is available to players for balance reasons, but it does render the box "choice" somewhat obsolete.
  8. Sovereigns only for 0.7.09 then

    Looking at how existing in-game Cossacks are nearly rock bottom of the stats tables, the ship seems to be a dud and I wonder whether its even worth bothering to complete the missions grind.
  9. Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    I guess a lot of people have been put off buying premium boxes because of the very poor value of the latest batch - £2.31 or equivalent for just 5x mediocre cammos and 5x special signals. Oh, and enough sovereigns to buy maybe one more flag. The value proposition is about the worst ever - there is just no incentive to buy the things.
  10. SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    I can't see this game mode being playable on the open server, in the way that the previous Halloween iterations were. The problem is that a successful game outcome seems to depend heavily on the presence in the team of two or more players who have unlocked the Gerfalcon, and preferably those players being in a division. Everyone else is usually milling around in the basic submarine, struggling with the clunky controls and being shot to pieces by the AI. Given that PTS players tend to be drawn from the more enthusiastic and skilled end of the playerbase, I think the random version of these games will be chaotic, and that the "hit rate" for being in a relatively coordinated team will be much lower than it was in 2016/17.
  11. Halloween 2018

    Horror of the Deep Blue Sea Tried five times. Four times the team was wiped out without achieving anything. Fifth time, four of the team died, but game was carried to four stars by a Gerfalcon. IMHO this game mode will be almost unplayable on the normal server, at least until a few individuals unlock Gerfalcons.
  12. Salem?

    Salem is so similar to DM that I now regret wasting the coal on it; I don't really need two DMs. I should have waited to see if the next high tier "Coal" ship was something a bit different to the silver line counterpart.

    I don't think even WG intended that a DD be able to "counter" a BB by simply out-gunning it in a straight fight. The game is supposed to be vaguely naval-themed...
  14. Why NA server players are more welcome than us?!

    NA server needs its promotions and its (pretty good) attentive staff; its playerbase is starting to look a bit thin. Playing randoms there last night (their afternoon), I was seeing the same names crop up several times in subsequent games. Thats quite a small pool of players at prime time.

    I've seen a Haragumo defeat a full-health Iowa in a one-on-one gunfight, which was faintly ridiculous. The Haragumo didn't even smoke up at any stage - the Iowa's BB RNG simply wasn't up to the task of hitting the DD sufficient number of times during the DPM race.