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  1. Ulbricht

    Are you buying the new ARP content ?

    Thank you for keeping this civilized guys it is very much appreciated I'm working my behind off about 220 hours a month and just letting the money rot in my bank account is not why i do it so i will probably whale it as an early christmas present Final decision not made yet though
  2. Please no hate guys just take part in the poll
  3. Ulbricht

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    All other ARP ships could be obtained via quest chains now we get a quest for a 3 year old commander we already got 3 times and now we almost have to pay 200 euros for the new ships... Let the shitstorm begin
  4. Ulbricht

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    just to pick one its the CVs but really its the subs noone needs or wants a second broken class in the game that can not be balanced
  5. Ulbricht

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    So when do we get the fix for the fix ? I have to double my engine sound volume and triple my interface volume to get to the same level as it was before the "rework" My gunfire volume is at maximum and i could barely hear the Missouri guns firing Please just roll back to the old sounds....
  6. Ulbricht

    Rudder bug

    I have to agree to that by now its pissing me off big time... Any ETA on a fix ?
  7. Ulbricht

    fps drops since 8.6

    Ok so i played NUMEROUS games yesterday on many different maps, with many different ships, some with cv some without and didnt have a single fps drop.... Maybe that little repair thingy did its magic yesterday i dont know IF they return im gonna necro this thread and let you know
  8. Ulbricht

    fps drops since 8.6

    No the regular wows launcher I do some more testing tonight and write down when on what map what ship cv or no cv etc and post it here later
  9. Ulbricht

    fps drops since 8.6

    I donr play CVs and after playing some more games the drops seem to appear randomly on all maps right from the beginning of the game all way to the end of the match. Im not using the wglauncher and i cant find another way to use the wgcheck thingy to save my life but i did an integrity check from the wows launcher and everything seems to be fine would a replay file help ?
  10. Ulbricht

    fps drops since 8.6

    Anyone else having MASSIVE fps drops since the patch ? I used to have 60-70 on every map but since the update on certain maps i am down to 25 (islands of ice for example)
  11. Ulbricht

    Game terribly out of sync

    (1) complete salvos vanishing into darkness, no hits no splashes in the water, just gone completely (2) invisible shells hitting the ship, friend had invisible torps hitting him aswell (3) shots at the waterline overshoot the target by a country click (4) killed a ship, got credited with the kill but the shells that actually killed the ship impacted the already sinking hull about 5secs after that
  12. Ulbricht

    trust me, DONT buy that soviet container!

    I got all 4 from 14 containers ^^
  13. Ulbricht

    Air Supply premium container?

    They are not there yet, maybe later today or tomorrow
  14. I already explained it, it never looked like this when i bought it, cause if it did i wouldnt have bought it once, let alone 3 times
  15. cant find a screenshot right now but everything thats bright blue right now was the same gray-ish white color like there is on the rest of the ship