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  1. Ulbricht

    Air Supply premium container?

    They are not there yet, maybe later today or tomorrow
  2. I already explained it, it never looked like this when i bought it, cause if it did i wouldnt have bought it once, let alone 3 times
  3. cant find a screenshot right now but everything thats bright blue right now was the same gray-ish white color like there is on the rest of the ship
  4. Ulbricht

    Sell Lexington perma camo

    Just double checked you can not sell premiom camos alone from the arsenal if you want the dubloons for it you have the sell the carrier
  5. I know that, but not this one The camo was looking perfectly fine when it came out and i bought it, the next patch after that broke it so it looks like this now I see if i can find a screenshot with the camo working
  6. You really dont see the bright blue spots where the camo is missing all along the middle of the ship ?
  7. Ulbricht

    Sell Lexington perma camo

    if you have it it you should find it in the camouflages tab you might need to scroll down a bit to find it
  8. reported for spam, thanks for trying to post a useful answer though, good luck next time
  9. Since i reported it several times over the last months and never got a real answer.... screenshots can be found in several old bugreport threats
  10. Ulbricht

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    well not today but a few days ago sinking a yamato in my conqueror with a 83666 dmg salvo WITHOUT a detonation
  11. Ulbricht

    Bug Reports

    Freedom camo on Cleveland Baltimore and Des Moines is STILL broken ! Screenshots are in the bug reports thread from 2 patches ago...
  12. Ulbricht

    A load of steel and coal just got dumped in my arsenal?

    i played 8 battles on the russian server and got nothing so i think i should get your "double share" of the reward @MrConway when will the rewards be granted ?
  13. exactly my thoughts, well almost make it usable on more than 10 out of 100 things in the shop would be nice im fine with new things like JB being excluded though, wg needs to make profit as a company
  14. Ulbricht

    Bug Reports

    Freedom camo on Cleveland Baltimore and Des Moines still broken. Screenshots are in last patches bug reports thread
  15. Ulbricht

    Bug Reports

    here you go