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  1. Ulbricht

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    well not today but a few days ago sinking a yamato in my conqueror with a 83666 dmg salvo WITHOUT a detonation
  2. Ulbricht

    Bug Reports

    Freedom camo on Cleveland Baltimore and Des Moines is STILL broken ! Screenshots are in the bug reports thread from 2 patches ago...
  3. Ulbricht

    A load of steel and coal just got dumped in my arsenal?

    i played 8 battles on the russian server and got nothing so i think i should get your "double share" of the reward @MrConway when will the rewards be granted ?
  4. exactly my thoughts, well almost make it usable on more than 10 out of 100 things in the shop would be nice im fine with new things like JB being excluded though, wg needs to make profit as a company
  5. Ulbricht

    Bug Reports

    Freedom camo on Cleveland Baltimore and Des Moines still broken. Screenshots are in last patches bug reports thread
  6. Ulbricht

    Bug Reports

    here you go
  7. Ulbricht

    Bug Reports

    Freedom camo on Cleveland and Baltimore is still broken, still half the camo is missing and the missing parts are colored in light blue
  8. Ulbricht

    Best looking ship in the game - which is it?

    if i have to pick only one it is Scharnhorst
  9. Ulbricht

    supplylines bugged

    Needed 80.000 dmg with russian cruisers did 100,000 and 140,000 and both did not count and no my stats are not hidden
  10. Ulbricht

    Bug Reports

    Freedom camo for Cleveland and Baltimore is broken, almost the whole superstructure is colored in a light bright blue instead of the actual camo colors
  11. Ulbricht

    Anniversary Event

    well so far there is no event, when is it supposed to start ?
  12. Ulbricht

    [Poll] How many space patches did you get ?

    I got 4 but i only got half the containers cause i couldnt be botherd to play the space stuff
  13. Ulbricht

    Fehler und Probleme mit 0.7.2

    Bug mit dem Heckturm der Alsace. Ich habs bisher nicht reproduzieren können. aber ab und an dreht sich der Turm 360° durch die Aufbauten anstatt wie normal aussen rum. Bisher 3 mal vorgekommen.
  14. Ulbricht

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    bought the pack with 20 medium boxes the most important things were 3000 dubloons 1x Okhotnik 1x Gallant 1x Leningrad 1x Kidd 1x Kii totally worth it
  15. Ulbricht

    Armistice day

    think about that sentence then try again