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  1. ilcolo

    HMS Hood

    Quote Perhaps the Hood's extraordinarily low running costs made her indispensable to an increasingly cost sensitive Admiralty. conte vincero, can you explain me this? I always considered BBs to be very expensive ships!
  2. ilcolo

    Yamato Class Battleship

    posted some pic of yamato museum here: http://forum-eu.worl...ns-of-warships/ according to what I red there, some details of the Yamato are still unclear, because part of the original drawings got lost during the severe bombings of Kure.
  3. ilcolo

    HMS Barham - sunk in 1941

    I have to correct you, Falathi, because Szent Istvan was torpedoed not by submarines, but by a MAS (Motoscafo Armato Silurante), a very small patrol boat. I think Szent Istvan is the only capital ship ever sunk by a patrol boat - the commanders of both MAS 15 (lieutenant Rizzo) and MAS 21 (ensign (!) Aonzo) were awarded the Medaglia d'Oro al Valor Militare, the Italian highest reward for bravery. This was Rizzo's second Medaglia d'Oro, something nearly incredible because only 380 such medals were awarded during WWI! sorry for the OT...
  4. ilcolo

    HMS Barham - sunk in 1941

    Impressive. Thanks for sharing, I think it is useful to remember that inside these ships, that for us now are just a game, there were real people - trying to escape like ants on the hull of the Barham whes the ships explodes. Only some 200 crew members survived, and here are some accounts of what happened inside the great ship: http://www.hmsbarham...ounts/index.php
  5. ilcolo

    Art representations of warships

    this is definitely not art (well, the model IS art, not my pics...) but here is the Yamato Museum in Kure, Japan, where the greatest battleship EVER was built. the model is 1/10, so it is as long as a basketball field. outside the museum you can see some "real things", as Kuse is still a base of JMSDF. Kameho, musume wa irumasen, unfortunately. :Smile_sad: the model of the wreck:
  6. ilcolo

    Yamato Class Battleship

    Kameho, on 17 September 2012 - 01:29 AM, said: I feel sorry for the Yamato. So much beating. Such poor leadership. If only the Japanese junta had listened to General Yamamoto, things would have been so much different. (Fatal mistakes at pearl harbour attack), Yamamoto dying in a planecrash, and the incompetent leadership of the IJN command wich put a top-notch battleship into a mission wich would waste it's potential. I mean. It would have been better to just frigging leave it at port somewhere safe during the war. So it could become a museum in todays world. But nooooo. Stupid Japanese leadership again ruins that! No museum for us. Damnit. I want to see the Yamato 1 to 1 size. In May I was in Kure and visited the Yamato Museum - the 1/10 model is simply AWESOME. Maybe I can post some pics... Btw, I thought you wrote "general Yamamoto" instead of "admiral Yamamoto" by mistake, but actually his rank was something like "navy general" as japanese military used the same words for army and navy ranks, so "admiral" sounds exactly as "general of the fleet".
  7. ilcolo

    Yamato Class Battleship

    ...I did not write "ill-fated" by chance, my friend.
  8. ilcolo

    Yamato Class Battleship

    Two monthes ago I was in Japan and I did not miss the opportunity to visit the Yamato Museum in Kure, a few km away from Hiroshima. There is an impressive 1/10 model of the great battleship (this means that is as long as a basketball field...) plus a lot of stuff, including a model of the wreck and lots of memorabilia. The ill-fated Yamato still rules! Ganbatte Nihon Kaigun!
  9. ilcolo

    Project UP.41

    Very interesting, Regia Marina had an interesting lineup at the beginning of the war. One thing to consider is that Italian warships were designed for Mediterranean operations only, so they could spare a little space (and weight) with a slightly reduced autonomy and above all with living quarters suitable for shorter cruises - not very comfortable for crews if compared to ocean-faring navies' dreadnoughts, but very well balanced between armor-guns-propulsion.