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  1. Allowensatory

    New container glitch

    I have kept on at WG and now my ticket has been referred up the line so just keep on at them and raise a ticket or 2
  2. Allowensatory

    Multiple CV in low tier games.

    Is anyone else getting hacked off coming up against 2 or sometimes 3 cv per team in lower tier battles? It makes grinding a bb or dd almost impossible and those games and the result will always go the way of the best cv captains. I understand we have CV in game but why can we not do the sensible thing and limit them to 1 per side per match.
  3. Allowensatory

    New container glitch

    I have had the same problem but was told i needed a screenshot to prove it.....how do you do that when you don't know the containers have vanished and not registered........
  4. Allowensatory

    280 tokens for the Skane... 7 containers obtained...

    WG at it’s greedy best, I need 130 tokens for the Skane and I get, you guessed it 130 from 7 containers.....it’s random you know.........oink oink flap flap.