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  1. Well, you're free to use that vid, or PM me if you need the replay.
  2. Is this the kind of stuff you're looking for? Fun part starts at around the 2:00 mark.
  3. Loved this match.
  4. If you ask me a regular 4 core 4 thread CPU is a terrible upgrade nowdays. At least go with a Ryzen 5 1500 or Ryzen 5 1600 (or i7).
  5. As someone who tried to take their Nagato out to ranked battles I can say that I've hit a hard cap at level 10. Games with 3+ DD's (mostly Shiras) and 2-3 Belfast/Fiji seems to be the norm, resulting in matches where I have absolutely nothing but the occasional kiting DD to shoot at (if I get my guns to turn before they disappear in smoke). It's a pity but I'll stop at Lvl 10 I think.
  6. Just saw a Yamato detonate from a single torp hit.
  7. But he has no life and spends more time on the forums than in the game! That should count for something, right? Right?!
  8. Maybe you should downgrade to Windows ME.
  9. >Runs a brand new OS on a machine that's almost a decade old. >Complains because it's not running properly Am I missing something here or are you seriously this stupid OP? BRB, let me attempt to install Ubuntu on my 386. Wait, it doesn't even work? THIS OS IS WORSE THAN HITLER! PS: The fun thing is that Win10 will work flawlessly on "top of the line" PC from 2006, unlike OP claims. It's not Window's fault he built a potato PC with 2gb ram back then.