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  1. The reason WG pulled them out was because there will be a lot of good players at the higher tiers (who have been in since Alpha or early Beta) so to save newcomers the pain of being outclassed at higher tiers as their first experience, WG decided it was best to remove them from Purchase to prevent new players getting the straight away; not because they were highly superior particularly. They will be back on the store at some point in the future, I'm not 100% sure so perhaps someone can clarify this for you. They have not been removed for ever don't worry! It's temporary!
  2. Cattro

    Cruiser Comparison!

    Yeah, totally agree. It's true that ships much lower can cause havoc, I think especially for any DD that gets a good run of torps in - 60k damage is 60k damage at every tier and that like you said is why the game is currently doing much better than some people perhaps like to admit
  3. Cattro

    Cruiser Comparison!

    I found cleveland is strong, but only in the right hands. I was playing in my Kuma (which is a brilliant ship I must say) and went 2v1 with a cleveland and Wyoming. I found the cleveland stayed at range trying to hit me, but the maneuverability of the Kuma allowed me to take perhaps 2 hits every 3 salvos of his. I was able to lay down some heavy fire on the Wyoming with the 6 turrets on the Kuma which put out that impressive DPM and great accuracy, plus got the kill with a nice torpedo lay. I feel if the Cleveland had approached me I would have been dead in a matter of salvos, for which I am grateful for!
  4. Cattro

    Garbled screen

    I thought at first it may be a similar issue I had where the entire think would defract and ships parts would expand until covering the screen; in order to solve this I tweaked my graphics settings, reinstall. However what you've got is a serious issue and it's best to contact support before you bother to reinstall everything. Do you have this happen any other time? Or on any other game? Personally I think this is due to how your GPU responds and handles WoWs as it was for me; I had never experienced it before.
  5. Cattro

    XVM... for WoWs?

    I keep getting downvoted for this, despite the fact I never stated my opinion or said anything regarding a side during my initial comments. I started this thread for people to discuss the possibility, liklihood, response and likes/dislikes regarding - not to say I wanted XVM; or didn't. IF I was to settle my personal opinion, I'd have to say I don't believe XVM to have been the cause of peoples behaviour in WoT. I see it that as the game developed and progressed, more players joined. Add to this people improving, general cockiness and the online gaming community in general, a lot of what people blame on XVM is simply due to people playing games online. A prime example is the use of: *individual 1 in tank is killed* Individual 2: U suck, hold flank, you only have Wn8 of 456... Individual two in this case reinforces his thoughts using Statistics acquired from XVM. At this point, many people see the WN8 of 456 as being proof or a cause Individual one's glorious t-28 being blown to high hell. This is not true however, it is simply a correlation between the fact that in general less practiced players have a lower WN8 and may therefore die more or in situations more experience players could've handled. Now, consider Individual 2 does not have XVM and instead states: U suck, hold flank, you low tier noob In both situations I2 insinuates he is in some way superior to I1, however previously he had some figures to "back him up" in his scientific wisdom. My point is that it doesn't matter if he uses stats or not - he would be calling out I1 in both situations. Does XVM build cockiness? Probably not, the online gaming community is full of it and we will all be victims of it, and we will all do it. In my experience more verbal arguing is spawned by kills gained in that game, and damage done. If you read this mods please feel free to remove this thread. Good luck and happy Sailing!
  6. Cattro

    The Supertest Sea Shanties

    This is glorious haha 10/10 would play guitar to
  7. Cattro

    They really need to fix all these draws.

    Actually, the DD did a good job for his team in hiding in the corner. You can blame WG, or the DD but like has been said above, it was ultimately your team's decisions which lead to the draw; there's nothing to be fixed.
  8. Cattro

    How to make WOWS FUN?

    Answering you're thread title, WoWs is fun to me. It's all about learning and adapting in my opinion - of course there's a few things we all disagree with at the moment but that's Beta. Is what you're say here that maps would be lakes? Or are you saying we would have collisions when impacting with the sides?
  9. Cattro

    Cleveland Shot range?

    Think he means the AFT skill as this is >155mm, Cleveland guns are 152mm, and Cleveland has those 127mm secondaries with 4km range. By taking the Upgrade these guns would fire at a range of 4.8km, whilst AFT would increase main to battery range to 15.96km (based of original 13.3km fire range)
  10. Cattro


    Empezo un hilo sobre XVM en la Comunidad Inglés y creo que XVM vendrá a WoWs como un mod. Sin Embargo, el éxito es muy cuestionable - esto no es World of Tanks jaja. Si habla Inglés: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/11692-xvm-for-wows/page__fromsearch__1 Gracias y Perdón por mi español
  11. Cattro

    Any chance this game will get a realistic mode?

    Plus flash back to when wargaming last implemented a realistic mode... The main problem I think we find with realistic modes is that at the end of the day it uses an Arcade-style hitpoint system. In realistic terms, a ship could go down with one shot or take hundreds, it's simply not viable to say something is realistic with the hitpoint method; we'd require a full modular system including crew which is practically impossible. However, a realistic mode could exist that is based of actual battles, where allied forces are comprised of ships possible to make a fleet, and vice versa, and the battle takes place in a historically realistic setting. But this limits the number of ships and nations possible and may seem restricting to some. This would therefore only be a historical mode.
  12. Ectar is right. This stuff needs to be read by pretty much everyone because it is so tiring reading threads of "This is OP" followed by "this is why it's not OP".... "This is what WG should do..." before you finally get to the most recent messages stating they were aboard HMS Victory so WG should listen to them. It is not feedback. Plus good help for the newcomers of Open testing!
  13. Cattro

    XVM... for WoWs?

    That is so true, some of the worst ones were "lowest tier again ffs quiting" etc.
  14. Cattro

    Getting beached

    There are a few spots on each map where the water is apparently collision boxes (or very shallow). One is between two islands in the top right of North? (I think). But all you can do it screenshot or send the replay to support - they're working on it.
  15. Cattro

    texture "splitting"?

    It does appear like VA, however I only get it on WoWs, which is odd. Game runs perfectly on the full settings too - odd. I'll do a little research thanks Dwaas.