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  1. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Planes get smokes now?

    I would definately play it
  2. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Lexington - which modules, which captain skills?

    Thx for input
  3. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Lexington - which modules, which captain skills?

    Are concealment module and CE completely waste of upgrade/cap. skill?
  4. G01ngToxicCommand0

    WG - Something has to give....

    Remember to replace 6 normal dice with 6 six sided dice with only ones or minus ones as well.
  5. G01ngToxicCommand0

    WG - Something has to give....

    Why do people think that the current situation is not 'working as intented'?
  6. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Questions to Wargaming regarding CVs on low tiers

    Ugh.. I consider myself fortunate never to have experienced that hell
  7. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Questions to Wargaming regarding CVs on low tiers

    First question: Why do you allow CVs in game against ships that have no meaningfull AA defence and thus no defence against carriers? Second question: Why do you allow 2 CVs against ships with no meaningfull AA defence and thus have no defence against carriers? Third question: Do you believe that the inclusion of CVs on tiers with ships that has no meaningfull AA defence is a good game experience for the non CV players? Fourth question: Is the inclusion of 2 CVs on low tier a deliberate decision meant to create frustration for the non-CV players? Fifth question: In what way do you believe the inclusion of 2 CVs on low tiers is positive for new players? Thank you
  8. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Hall Of Fame or Shame

    Bot scripts. I have encountered 3 players who without any doubt using that this weekend.
  9. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Double CV games

    I've just begun grinding the British DD line and so far I have had nothing but 2 CV battles from tier 3 upwards. The game experience is utterly ruined by having 2 CVs able to permaspot and attack you with rockets, which CVs shouldn't even have at this tier and time period. CVs completely control and dominate those low tier battles and as a DD you can only hope the enemy CV players are rotten potatoes with zero skill. @Wargaming: Is this really how you want the low tier experience to be like; being the seal clubbers' paradise where toxic CV players are allowed to ruin the game experience for the 20 other players every single battle they play in? If you want to make the community toxic and ragefull at you and CV players in general this is the perfect recipy. I suggest that CVs can only be played in PvP from tier 6 and up so new players and players starting on new tech lines don't have their game experience utterly ruined by seal clubbing toxic CV players.
  10. G01ngToxicCommand0

    CV Rework Discussion

    Is there any other way than doing that?
  11. G01ngToxicCommand0

    CV Rework Discussion

    I have been trying out the CVs for the first time after the rework, and while I am horribad in playing them I still find the class more enjoyable to play than the RTS format. To be more a part of the team and being able to provide air defence I think it would help if the CVs also had access to 2 to 3 fighter squadrons that could be used for BARCAP(BARrier Combat Air Patrol - where fighter planes patrol a fixed geographical zone like a 20 x 3 km area with the objective to intercept and pursue enemy aircraft passing through that zone) or escort for the strike aircraft. BARCAP and Escort would be however they should have a limited time in the air like the fighter and spotting plane consumable so they would have to land to either refuel periodically or when out of MG/cannon ammunition. The BARCAP option could be either a consumable similar to the other squadrons', however they should be unlimited, and after launching the fighter squadron used by clicking on the big map for the BARCAP option and placing a fixed size patrol zone, where the player can set the angle on the zone after which the AI takes over control of the fighter squadron untill it returns to the CV; or An alternative method of using BARCAP would be for the player to fly the fighter squadron to the desired position and then right clicking which would then activate the BARCAP 'attack mode' that enables the player to place the BARCAP zone at the position the fighter squadron is at and the desired direction/angle after which the AI takes over control of the squadron. The BARCAP patrol zone should be a fixed zone pre defined by Wargaming but with varying area sizes depending on tier and nation. The Escort function could be an unlimited consumable placed in the strike aircraft squadrons with a timer and cooldown/reload timer. However this consumable would only be available when there are ready fighter squadrons on the flight deck meaning that it will not always be possible to have fighter escort supporting the strike aircraft. This would add an extra layer of gameplay for CV players and deciding to escort the strike aircraft or provide fleet air defence would have to be a consideration for the CV players. In addition the fighter squadrons could have a manual strafing attack similar to the DB and TB attacks which can only damage AA guns on the targets and can thus help in reducing the AA defence on targets prior to attacking them with the strike aircraft.
  12. G01ngToxicCommand0

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    What class is the submarine class supposed to be the hard counter to?
  13. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Why everyone hate CV players ?

    I can only speak for myself but here are my thoughts about the subject: Wargaming wanted WoWS to be a rock - paper- scissors game with different strengths, weaknesses and roles for the various classes; DDs cap, scout and torpedo inattentive BBs, Cruisers support DDs by hunting and screening for enemy DDs, BBs support Cruisers by blapping enemy Cruisers and by enganging enemy BBs. In short they are each others hard counters, however the CV is a hard counter to all of the above. The CV class is not the hard counter to the CV class and currently has no hard counter. CVs are very hard to set on fire so fire spamming cruisers or DDs will lose a one on one against the average CV player. CVs can do all of the above just as well as the individual classes with impunity and with no risk to the ship. CVs are effectively the 'hand of god' and removes the rock- paper - scisssors balance completely. In fact what the CV does best is to hunt and sink DDs - the class with the least AA to a degree that in games with only one DD per side it is practically impossible to play DD in domination/epicentre battles due to permaspotting or attack aircraft. The 'no risk - high reward' and 'strike with impunity' game mechanics is unique to the CV class and in online competetive gaming such mechanics are a big No-No for the simple fact it is unfair and destroys game balance by having no hard counter. The CV class, not the players, is a class with the intrinsic methodology and nature of a serial killer that gets satisfaction by killing defenceless and hapless victims out of reach by the law. Everyone hates serial killers.
  14. G01ngToxicCommand0

    What did you get from 'Premium T6 Ship' container?

    T-61 which seems like a fine ship.
  15. I like the T-61 I received. Quite a nice boat.