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  1. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Battle Pass: Play and Earn Rewards!

    Trying the premium version with dubloons from the birthday containers - like it already.
  2. I finished the Base XP missions for DDs and Cruisers on CoOp today completing the last build phases in the process. 33k steel is now my in my coffer to be used when next resource coupon is available.
  3. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Toxicity in this game is ridiculous

    Come play CoOp - the toxicity levels are almost non existent. Also do not pay attention to my game handle
  4. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Favourite Premium

    If I only could own one Premium Ship it would be the the tier VII USS Boise CL. I just like to play that ship especially in tier IX battles - perhaps I'm a wee bit masochistic
  5. I intend to for the steel. I just used my steel for the Stalingrad and I don't want to spend 3-4 years solo grinding to get the Bourgogne BB.
  6. G01ngToxicCommand0

    IJN CL incoming

    They look like good looking ships as well
  7. G01ngToxicCommand0

    What is the role of the submarine in World of Warships?

    The role of the submarines is to make every player angry and frustrated with another toxic class of ship?
  8. G01ngToxicCommand0

    General CV related discussions.

    @Wargaming: please revert back to the real plane camos - the new ones look really bad and destroys immersion.
  9. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Finally had enough

    I had a about a year long break from the game and came back for the sno flakes event. I originally stopped due to the hell of playing Random and Ranked. Now I primarily play CoOp/PvE and the game experience have never been so good. Sure the XP/credits earnings are slower but the frustrations are also much much lower which more than compensates for the lower earnings. Perhaps playing CoOp/PvE will benefit you too?
  10. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Love the new Bots in PvE - much better than players!

    ^This. It could make a good challenge and game experience with just an all player division VS. a full bot enemy team of twice the size or larger - perhaps that would how to make historical battles work?
  11. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Love the new Bots in PvE - much better than players!

    Received about 2.9k xp on that defeat.
  12. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Love the new Bots in PvE - much better than players!

    One other human player, which I didn't initially realise
  13. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Love the new Bots in PvE - much better than players!

    CoOp and there was a markedly different playing style by the bots today, even had a 150k damage defeat in the Talinn. Might just be a coincidence.
  14. I love the new bot in CoOp/PvE, they are a real challenge now and better than most players Defeats to bot teams are real now.
  15. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Ranked - nothing but AFK'ers

    Thx, that is good explanation