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  1. WOWS is working as intended. If Wargaming wanted it to work in any other way it would but it works this way because that is how Wargaming wants it to work.
  2. Loyalty?

    Wargaming does as the game's primary target group is the bad players.
  3. How to reduce toxic behaviour

    I need to point out that my list of possible options is only that; a list of possible options available to reduce toxic behaviour and I must stress that there will be more options that I have not thought of and that I do not believe that all of them will have any significant positive effect, such as banning toxic players, in reducing that and this is how it is to be viewed rather than as a end all be all solution. Punishment never yields as good results as rewards do and that positive reinforcement and making a positive gameplay experience with as little as possible of, or even without, frustrating game mechanics, maps and matchmaking is the way to deal with toxic behavior.
  4. How to reduce toxic behaviour

    More specific players who have the ability to consider the consequences while also being able to not act toxic after weighing the pros and cons of behaving toxic; being able to consider the consequences of being toxic the vast majority of players is able to do when not in a frustrating or stressful enviroment, being able to do so and decide against behaving toxic when in such is an entirely different matter.
  5. Map Design - General Thoughts

    ^This Want to add that bad game features/mechanics requires maps designed to hide those defects.
  6. How to reduce toxic behaviour

    Because punishment provides less incentive to changes in behaviour than positive measures do which is well known and proven. Sure some people can be made to change their behaviour by using punishment as a tool but that is only true for people who are executing a premeditated toxic behaviour and which fear the punishment more than they enjoy the reward of their toxic behaviour, people who act on impulses and emotions will not be susceptible to punishment as a method of behavioural change because they are acting on those rather than on conscious thought. For the latter group of people, which is by far the largest of the two, the best and only way to prevent and/or reduce the numbers of those from engaging in toxic behaviour is to take away the circumstances and causes that triggers the toxic behaviour in them. There are some options available to that end: Remove the toxic players from the game entirely by account wipe and IP banning Change the game mechanics that frustrate the players to something that do not or at least has a significant lower amount of frustration Better player education Change frustrating maps Change frustrating game modes Change the matchmaker which is one of the major sources of frustration Improve the gameplay experience with new game features Rewarding good sportmansship with ingame goods, increased XP, and credit gain The keywords are: take away the frustrating parts of the game experience if you really want to reduce toxic behaviour - any other measure will only have very limited effect on the overall level of toxicity.
  7. How to reduce toxic behaviour

    You are a slave to your biological programming which dictate all of your behaviour but you lack the analytical capacity to realise it - my condolences.
  8. How to reduce toxic behaviour

    With regards to Myth#1: Tthe point of contention is whether or not free will exists; if it does then yes toxic players are responsible for their actions, but, if free will is an illusion then toxic players are not responsible for their actions as those would simply be the result of external causes that trigger that exact behaviour rather than the expression of free will, in this case game mechanics, gameplay experience and the actions of other players that force some players to behave toxic or destructive. My life experience has shown me that free will is an illusion and that most of our species' actions are the result of non-conscious events taking place in the brain rather than the result of the expression of free will. Obviously this is a major philosophical topic which has massive societal influence depending on what school of thought is adhered to thus it is not suitable to discuss on this forum; suffice to say I am convinced that the expression of free will is an illusion. I'll concede that we will never reach a common point of view on this as that simply isn't possible but I can recommend this short video on the topic on free will and I hope this adequately explains why I am convinced that the best way to reduce, not eliminate, toxic behaviour is by making a better game that has fewer features that causes and triggers toxic or destructive behaviour in some players:
  9. How to reduce toxic behaviour

    Myth#1 The players are the cause of toxic behaviour Myth#2 We can't do anything about toxic behaviour but punish it Myths busted! Only way to reduce toxic chat and behaviour: Make a better product - it really is that simple
  10. Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    It will more likely be 'Year of the carrion"
  11. Baltimore to Des Moines, what a blast

    If I was forced to have only one ship in this game it would be the Des Moines.
  12. World of Warships lacks atmosphere

    The game doesn't even have wave motion or any other real world weather and enviromental effects and still call itself a naval warfare game, if at least the game had that it would at least have some redeeming elements besides the mindless and pointless grindfest combined with dumbed down game mechanics and gameplay meta. This is what we were promised and what we should expect a naval game made in 2015 to be capable off: We all know what we got If the gameplay was like in the above trailer the game would be epic and a great experience in almost every game, win or loss but the reality is that playing World of Tanks on blue grass simply is not an exciting experience and even when winning the gameplay experience is frustrating and stale. Karma wants a better game experience and so do I and what I want is a gameplay experience like in the above trailer - I don't want the current WoT hard bush kemping just on blue grass which is the current reality of World of Warships. We should all strive to make the best but alas WoWS is not in that category by a long shot and I simply don't understand those who just lie down and accept an inferior, and at best mediocre, product when Wargaming has the developer potential to make a great game and my advice is this:
  13. World of Warships lacks atmosphere

    But he is right though
  14. I did the same in WoT so no big deal, Wargaming is entirely to blame for bad matchmaking designed to make people frustrated. What WOWS mm should work like is that in PvP the server should have a fixed number of rooms, with predefined and fixed tiers and tier spreads, so players wishing to play tier 7 only can do so and those who like the + - 2 tier spread can enjoy that, where the players join and then vote on map and game mode using simple majority to decide; the battle would then start when everyone has pressed 'ready' button and players that do not press ready within x seconds of the majority picking the map and mode would then be kicked. If the room is not full it waits to start the battle until the room is full again and the new players press 'ready'. Sure it would probably give som issues with waiting time but people should be able to endure that unless having the attention span of a gnat. Win-win for all.