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  1. Segal's departing

    Steven Seagal will be sorely missed; Press F To Pay Respects:
  2. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Player skill distribution is not pyramid shaped it is a gaussian distribution.
  3. Battery Mod.3 and Tier 8 BB

    That could work as well but the equipment also serves the purpose of players having to grind credits to be able to afford them which means an inticement to buy premium account and premium ships and that has to be taken into account as well.
  4. Battery Mod.3 and Tier 8 BB

    It would make more sense to remove that equipment altogether and replace it with a new type of equipment, let's call it 'Overstocked Magazines - feed the guns faster lads!' for the sake of the argument, for all tiers of ships that can mount equipment that provides the same increase in rate of fires but which increases the probability of a magazine explosion, by say 50%, and can cause a magazine explosion when a turret or a barbette is damaged and which completely negates the Juliet Charlie signal. Then all ships can increase their dpm but at a tangible risk associated.
  5. Number of active players

    My mission is to save others from the mistakes I made, you have a problem with that?
  6. Number of active players

    I'm a ship fanboy extraordinaire and I dislike this game to the extend that I have uninstalled it and stopped playing for good because it has nothing to do with naval warfare other than the names and 3D models of the ships. Also WoT is just as stupidly bad as WoWS and can hardly be called fun to play with the exact same issues and bad gameplay and game experience as WoWS has. The only reason I have played 7k battles is because I was stupid and naive enough in believing that Wargaming would make the game better, but no they didn't do that and joke is on me. I don't recall the WoWS game experience in CBT being much better than it is now other than there were more team play due to a more dedicated and interested group of players while now that is completely out the window. What Wargaming is really really good at is exploiting gambling/gaming psychology and making players spend a great deal of money and that is clear when looking at Wargaming's business model, especially when looking at the power creep and retard proof vehicles and "ships" that has been introduced into the game. Wargaming's games is not about making good games and players having fun while experiencing a good challenge; no it is only about grinding to tier 10 while making the game experience so frustrating for the players that they will pay through the nose in order to skip to tier 10 or spend money on OP vehicles/"ships" so they can feel superior and the game less frustrating.
  7. Number of active players

    If that was true then WoWS would have focused on realism rather than being the no brain arcade game that it is. What this game caters to is the same player segment as those WoT caters to; namely those who don't want to spend time or effort in learning how the game works and who don't care about stats, playing to the best of their abilities, team play and who is only interested in shooting at what they can see on the screen in front of them and at the same time will throw money at the game in order to reach tier 10. WoWS is not a naval warfare game it is nothing more than World Of Tanks on blue grass.
  8. Paying loads of real money to unlock ships that can be grinded in a few days for free?!? - Well played Wargaming!
  9. Improving weekend experience

    The only way to improve the WoWS weekend experienceTM is to not play at all.
  10. Battleship Plague 1 - the Inevitability

    ^^That is the gospel truth and there is plenty of evidence that that is exactly how Wargaming is dealing with this issue and that they have zero intention or incentive to do change the status quo. Wargaming simply makes more money by keeping the BB meta strong and profit is king. If WoT is used as a measure of Wargaming's business model it is that powercreep is used as a tool to make the players spend money on gold/dubloons in order to convert free xp so they can advance through to tier 10 without having to grind their way through the new line and this is exactly what Wargaming is doing in WoWS as well. The game has only one purpose which is to grind to tier 10, all other things such as CB, ranked etc. etc. are only there to keep competetively minded players in the game as the game in itself really has nothing to offer game experience wise other than repetitive gameplay and frustration over a bad meta and bad players. The only way to get a different, and better, game experience is to play a better multiplayer naval warfare game which, alas, do not exist at this moment.
  11. WTF is going on with this game?!

    Wargaming doesn't care as long as the game makes a profit.
  12. Without realistic weather and sea effects there can be no epic action/game experience and all we have is a stale representation of surface naval battles. Realism or go home.
  13. World of Battleships?

    Even the cruisers are turning into battleships..
  14. Bearing in mind that Wargaming have hitherto kept the muzzle velocities at their historical values I think it is a safe bet to expect it to be the case of Stalingrad's 305mm guns as well. Obviously the ingame maximum range is not going to be its real life maximum range as is the case with most if not all guns in WoWS but it could well be at the same range, or even longer than, the Yamato's and it will reach the target in 20-22 percent shorter time. Those guns are going to be high penetration guns and if the historical rate of fire of 3.26 rpm is retained or even lowered to 3 rpm it will have a reload time of 15.9s to 17.3s when using the Main Battery Modification 3 equipment and with AR even less. Unless it is going to get supernerfed gunstats, dispersion and sigma values it is going to be hell to face the Stalingrad no matter what class of ship the player is in.
  15. Going by the NavWeaps.com information on the Stalingrad's 305mm /62 SM-33 Pattern 48 it is going to have better penetration than the 38cm/L45 SK C/34 and only marginally lower penetration than the 16"/50 Mk7and outrange that and the US 16" Mk7 far by almost 20 and 17km respectively and with a V0 of 950m/s the shells travel time to target will make it easier to hit targets with unless it will get ridiculus bad dispersion and Sigma values. Soviet Stalingrad 305mm: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNRussian_12-62_m1948.php German 38cm/L45 SK C/34: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_15-52_skc34.php US 16inch/50 Mk7: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_16-50_mk7.php