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  1. Well, there has to be some way to spot the British BBs...
  2. Realisticly citadel hits should rather than doing massive HP damage instead do critical damage to boilers, enginerooms, propeller shafts, stearing motors and gears, barbettes and magazines with seperate damage effects such as decreased engine power to complete dead in the water if damage to the boilers or turbines is completely devastating to reduce, reduced rate of fire due to loss of magazine or damaged barbette etc. etc. I might be mistaken but I believe that WG said during the CBT that they had tried the latter kind of damage but that players disliked it even more than massive citadel damage and that the players felt more empowered when seeing they just instagibbed a cruiser or a BB with multiple citadel hits which they didn't when "just" causing critical damage to citadel modules?
  3. All fighter pilots having 200+ air to air kills on the eastern front which translates to free strafe out and double DPM for the fighter squadrons compared to all other nation's fighters?
  4. Those kind of matches affects you in a smiliar way to the damage ionising radition does to the human body; For a time you're able to cope with the exposure to the frustration but the effect is comultative and the damage it inflict accumulates over time untill the point where the damage is irreversible and fatal. In this case 'fatal' means the player stops playing entirely. Wargaming should aim at being better at preventing that kind of frustrating game experiences that makes players stop playing.
  5. Useless only because his team filled with braindead mongs that couldn't stay alive long enough for him to be able get into gun range before the enemy team either got to 1000 points or the OP's team got to 0 which by the looks of it the latter is what happend. If you had played enough high tier battles you would know that a single BB can spawn at the A position and that if the team all goes for C then that BB will be isolated and outside gunrange due to the large distances of the map and will have to spend several minutes just to get from A to C. That defeat is the result of the OP's team being ultrabad not because he made mistakes.
  6. Perhaps you should have checked the OP's stats before posting that comment...
  7. If you don't find enjoyment in playing WoWS stop playing it - I did. If you, as I have, have thrown a lot of money at WoWS it will be harder to stop playing but if you find the game too frustrating to play then there really is only one thing to do which is to stop playing the game. It certainly did a lot of good for me to not have to suffer the frustration this game provides and now I have far more energy to do usefull stuff such as not murdering random people out of rage induced by WoWS. Joking aside the abscence of frustration, anger and rage coming from this game is liberating though and I can highly recommend it.
  8. On average it will be, there will always be outliers that will have worse or better RNG than the average. On the brighter side of things: RNG = Rigged Number Generator
  9. Or karma?
  10. Interesting. However if winrate were removed from the statistics having a 50% winrate should not matter as the other statistics such as damage, xp etc. etc. would tell the player how good, or bad, they are. Also if players have a problem with having a 50% winrate due to SIMM then the real problem is the game itself because because it fails to provide the player with the good game experienc any player need to continue and enjoy playing. Chasing winrate/stats only as the primary source of game enjoyment is a sign that the game is not good enough in itself in providing the player with the experience that makes them want to keep playing and playing due to a challenging and replayable gameexperience, rather it is a sign that the game is not good enough and the only challenge and replayability lies in chasing a high winrate/stats. The latter is why I have taken an indefinate break from WoWS as I have come to the conclusion that for me the only challenge and reason to keep playing was chasing winrate and not because I found the game experience itself to be challenging and/or entertaining enough to play the game for the reason of playing it because it is fun or provides a good experience in itself. What really nailed it for me was the last month or so by dropping in winrate from 55.70% to 55.36% after having one losingstreak after another due to being on teams of bad players that I could not carry enough even when fighting like a demon and sinking 6 ships and/or doing 200k+ damage. That really rammed it home that my only motivation for playing was winrate and that I don't really enjoy playing WoWS due to its arcady and dumbed down features in addition to not having the ability to play the ships I really wanted to play; which is the World War One era ships such as dreadnoughts, armoured cruisers etc. etc. under far more realistic and challenging conditions with realistic mechanics that would make it an engaging and exciting and meaningful challenge so great that pressing battle would be something that I would look forward to no matter the battle's outcome. It is not like I'm leaving while slamming the door of its hinges in a ragefilled fit, rather it is the sensation of just losing interest of somthing you thought you would love to do but then you realised your expectations exceeded the experience of actually doing it and it turned out just be another chore to do rather than a source of enjoyment and meaningful challenge.
  11. ^This. I feel like I am back in 2015 just after open beta ended
  12. Someone won the internet today
  13. Well that is because Wargaming is catering to bad players by having a detection mechanic that makes sure that using real life tactics is not possible. World of Warships is not a naval warfare simulator but is World of Tanks on blue grass meant to give the illusion of fighting at sea.
  14. If WG releases a tier VIII KGV class premium it will most likely be HMS Duke of York due to it taking part in the Battle of the North Cape. She would probably have replaced the spotter plane with radar though, which KGV and above should have historically speaking as they were removed due to better radars installed.
  15. I tried the Royal Navy battleships and though british battleships, especially the world war one dreadnoughts, were my primary motivation for wanting to play this game my desire to play WoWS has completely vanished after the introduction of this line with Wargaming raping those beautiful ships. I tried the Queen Elizabeth today and though we won the lack of her world war configuration and the lack of a dedicated world war one dreadnought and armoured cruiser era battle mode has completely killed my desire to play this game. This game is dead to me at this moment and I can't see myself going back unless Wargaming makes significant changed to core game mechanics, gameplay, physics, maps and matchmaking.