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  1. Vivi_Ornitier

    The state of Zao in 2022

    Ship isn't bad. But it's not really rewarding or interesting to play, there are better ships for both of those purposes. She could use some QoL improvements like turret traverse or slightly better torp angles. I personally play Zao from time to time as she was my first TX ship, but from cruisers I prefer playing Stalin, Mosvka or Venezia. And at Zao's role, Goliath is similar but arguably stronger, I'm looking forward to get it.
  2. Vivi_Ornitier

    Hakuryu and Midway unique upgrades

    I don't play super ships or subs.
  3. Vivi_Ornitier

    Hakuryu and Midway unique upgrades

    Now that we are on it, mind also sharing midway cap and upgrades? It would be very helpful, I made my build based on some youtube videos and threads online but maybe it can be improved.
  4. I'm playing both carriers lately and can get one of their upgrades from the (awful) RB system. Are they better than the normal upgrades in the respective slots? Which one would you get first? Edit: opened thread because there is not much information or discussing after some searching.
  5. Voted yes. Bought the 7500 pack as I had the spare dubs for it. Pr is an appealing ship to me.
  6. Vivi_Ornitier

    Ships that are a liability to your team in ranked.

    Schlieffen. 90% of them simply press W and die in first 3 minutes. "I got good secondaries so i must push no matter the circumstances!!" I saw this in bronze, silver and gold (although to a lesser extent in gold, there are way fewer Schlieffens there than in the other 2)
  7. Vivi_Ornitier

    Dockyard starter packs

    What's the advantage of buying the lower starter pack now over buying 6 phases when (if) you get to 34? Got 8500 spare dubs which were going to t8 prem, but I've always been interested in PR.
  8. Vivi_Ornitier

    access to armory and clan base

    I can never access armory, profiles and clan base after first logging. Always need to close game, open again and then it works perfectly. Has been happening for some weeks by now.
  9. Vivi_Ornitier

    How To Play Petro?

    How is stalingrad trash tier? Mosvka, Stalin and Petro are similar ships but very different at same time. The 3 are tanky, with petro being on a league of its own, but guns of Mosvka and Stalin are good at ranges, while petro isn't. For competitive environment they offer different things and all are meta ships, but on randoms petro might be the worst of the 3 (while still strong). Regarding your first message, Stalin is still a monster and a top (if not #1) cruiser for ranked.
  10. Vivi_Ornitier

    Discord, Can I ask for advice?

    When you share an invitation for the server, anyone who has the invitation (link) can join. Edit: guy above me explained better.
  11. Vivi_Ornitier

    Competitive T8 BBs

    Massa and russians should be solid. Maybe KM BBs?
  12. Vivi_Ornitier

    The experience of a new player

    So, game has lost a new player only because of CVs. Wonder how many times this has happened by now. Surely this is good for the game health, you piss off your regular players and make newcomers quit!
  13. Vivi_Ornitier

    T8 prem CV for ranked/cb

    I already got both Lexington and Haku, so getting the t8 tech tree is an option, but as i mentioned I prefer premium because captains :p. Don't really wanna grind specific commanders for a tier 8 cv. Thanks everyone for replies! Will most likely get Kaga, but since I will wait a bit until they announce if CVs are allowed in next cb and/or ranked season, might consider saipan if I get good by then.
  14. Vivi_Ornitier

    T8 prem CV for ranked/cb

    I don't mind if its easy or hard as long as it's competitive (dont mean it as an "im good cv and can play any", in fact I've just started learning and I'm awful at the moment, but I'll know I'll eventually learn)
  15. Vivi_Ornitier

    T8 prem CV for ranked/cb

    What about Saipan? Thing with prems is that I wouldn't need to train captain for them. Kaga might be the best choice.