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  1. Vivi_Ornitier

    8v8 random battles

    Randoms are very frustrating atm for a variety of reasons, namely HE spam, bbs camping, etc. I think some of this problems are fixed by lowering the ships. In ranked (8v8) BBs are usually less scared to push since enemy dont often have enough firepower to just melt em as it happens in random when youre being focused by 6 or 7 ships. Because this, the rankeda gameplay is usually more active and fun, with more margin for individual skill to shine aswell. What do you think? Would you like randoms with less ships?
  2. Vivi_Ornitier

    Post 0.10 Update Decision: Which Tier X to Get Next?

    I found the tier 8 and tier 9 italians really fun and not weak by any means.
  3. Vivi_Ornitier

    HE-AA interaction needs to be adressed

    Read the last two sentences D:
  4. Vivi_Ornitier

    HE-AA interaction needs to be adressed

    I was rushing a thunderer yesterday in ranked as venezia and he perma destroyed both tubes D:
  5. Vivi_Ornitier

    HE-AA interaction needs to be adressed

    Cv can replenish their planes and not give a f about em dying, and we can repair our AA mounts :(. Flawed.
  6. Vivi_Ornitier

    HE-AA interaction needs to be adressed

    I know AA nerf to krem was intended to balance it. At first I laughed, didnt think it would make any difference and krem would still be op, but this + artillery nerf have actually taken krem out.
  7. This topic has probably been discussed more than once, but it's still something really frustrating. HE spam destroying AA mounts and leaving you vulnerable (even more) to CV has always been toxic, but with the rise of heavy caliber HE spammers like thunderer and other HE vessels (colbert, smolensk, etc), it's very bad now. I unlocked Kremlin yesterday and have been getting fun matches... until there is a CV. You'll face thunderers in every game, often together with smolensk, hindenburg, yoshi.. and having just 30% AA left after 2/3 thunderer salvos isnt a pleasing experience. Let's not pretend AA will stop cv from striking, but perhaps we can prevent them from being inside your AA long enough to get 3 or 4 strikes.
  8. 135k is the 75% of a tier x coal ship with voucher, aprox. Equivalent would be the 21k of stalin, a 75% would be 15.575. So enough time to gather around that.
  9. Since Thunderer will soon be removed*, I am going to buy her with coal+steel (sitting at just 110k coal at the moment). By doing this, the risk of WG announcing the leaving of, for example, Stalingrad in the following days would make me unable to purchase her because the gaining of steel is low. Three months isnt enough for a normal player to gather any significant amount of steel, but on the other hand it is enough to get lots of coal. Assuming an average of 1500 coal daily, it makes a total of 90x1500=135k, only 45k less than one of the tx ships if coupon is used. So I think a bigger margin regarding steel ships would be highly appreciated, even more taking into account that obtaining steel isn't even regular, it depends on clan, rankeds etc which vary all the time (you cant assume earnings over time as we do with coal, taking 1500 coal/day as an average) *anyone knows the exact day? I would like to save coal until the day before so I don't spend much steel.
  10. Vivi_Ornitier

    My take on Halsey post commander rework

    Gotcha, thank you very much! Actually I thought the free respecs and retrains would go away today, not yesterday. Counted on changing some things that now I cant. The only good thing about this update is that now you can use your special captain on many different ships.
  11. Vivi_Ornitier

    My take on Halsey post commander rework

    I still dont know how commanders work. Taking US, i have halsey for montana georgia, cybermedes for salem, a free ovechkin, another one for wooster and the twitch girl for gearing. All of them 17-19 pt except ovechkin. Should i dismiss any of em and share more or something?
  12. Vivi_Ornitier

    Stalingrad fire prevention

    I will still buy it, guns still look very fun + I need it for cb and ranked. Probably wont play it much in randoms, bow in isnt my fav playstyle either. Will leave my 19 pts Moskva cap reset for some time, wg will surely change things.
  13. Vivi_Ornitier

    Stalingrad fire prevention

    Well, im close to finally get stalin, which ive been wanting for over a year. Let's hope they fix this somehow, +deadeye for thunderer/conkek - fire prevention for stalin isnt a good combo.
  14. Vivi_Ornitier

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    Since youre talking about bad players complaining about cv and you, who is obviously way better than us plebs dont have any problem, how is it it that time after time unicums directly told you about cvs being op and toxic? Average cvs players are still overpowered and unhealthy for game. Anyways i wont discuss with you anymore. Players with both more knowledge about game and better writers than me already tried without any success. Enjoy your attention.
  15. Vivi_Ornitier

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    You really like acting as Devil's advocate in this forum. Every thread i read there is you arguing against whatever the most shared opinion on the given topic is. Also you refuse to accept other points of view, namely why bombs (and carriers overall) arent balanced, which again youre saying above. Whatever, i guess you like the attention too much.