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  1. Hi guys Here to say that I am now looking for a Clan to help with improving my game play in World of Warships. I have been around for a while, and have researched a few lines to tier 5 / 6 (have not been in a hurry to be honest)! But, have now reached the time where I feel that to learn more needs the assistance of more experienced players. Primary (and only) language is English - only "respectfully" fair to say :) Also, am an aspiring musician - so, may I not be able to remain strictly regimented in attendance times, should training dates be schedules. I say because I used to play WoT's a lot, so have a fair amount of experience with clans and scheduling there. Although I am sure that this game is different! I am more about relationships and game play (even though I am very competitive), than stats (I state this in complete openness, as opposed to conjecture). Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you feel that we could move forward in this game together, please let me know! Yours, sincerely - and thanks in advance Ryan