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  1. altec012001

    JustANotherSatCHel plays ... World of Warships

    Hi Martin. Thanks for the videos I enjoyed watching them and look forward to more, have also subscribed to your channel
  2. altec012001

    Cry Havoc [EU] Looking for new members.

    New TeamSpeak Server Please join if your interested.
  3. altec012001

    Cry Havoc [EU] Looking for new members.

    yes buzz we are expanding to warships and looking to fill the ranks. M_osama169 just jump on our teamspeak and we will sort ya out mate.
  4. altec012001

    Cry Havoc [EU] Looking for new members.

    Theres only 1 noob wot clan and thats [R3INO] Only joking,and Thanks
  5. altec012001

    Server problems anyone?

    Got this bug today and as the leader of the division im stuck and cant do anything.My friends managed to leave the division and make there own division then got stuck themselves.
  6. altec012001

    My game broke !

    just got this bug.As the division leader I cant do anything.
  7. altec012001

    World of torpedos....

    We have all probably had cancer effect us in someway and it is a horrible disease which should not be mocked, Unfortunately kids these days think it is cool/funny to use in chat and I see it in many online games. These kids need to visit the cancer ward at there local hospital they would soon change there tune. -1