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  1. reamun

    German Alpha-Tester

    I hope there will be a big German community in World of Warships....
  2. reamun


    great story Do you write all these articles on your own?
  3. reamun

    Turtle, first military submersible

    +2 ;) thanks for this lovely article
  4. reamun

    Interesting picture on the RU-Server

    I think you can see the rock, paper, scissor system in nearly every game and every genre, it's in action, shooter, battle or even simulation games (another good example would be Pokemon ) so it's not surprising that we also have a similar system in WoWs. If this is as simple as the diagram shows or not, we wil see....
  5. reamun

    Art work - Various ship drawings

    damn that makes me jealous, even good looking smileys are hard work for me :D this guy is blessed with his drawing-talent
  6. reamun

    PQ17 An Arctic Convoy Disaster

    ouuuu I would love that! btt: nice video
  7. reamun

    Improved HMS Exeter (68)

    wow quite an amazing ship can't wait to drive such huge ships on my own in WoWs
  8. reamun

    will we see any ship made from Pykrete?

    there are great prototyps made from pykrete, but I also think it's like the Ratte in WoT, as mr3awsome already said would turn WoWs far away from a (half)realistic game
  9. reamun

    Siebel ferry (Siebelfähre)

    that's what I expected to be a tier 1 ship when they announced world of warships
  10. reamun

    German raider Kormoran

    bourdonnais, on 05 December 2013 - 10:15 AM, said: Such ships would not be in game said Ev1n isn't that quite sad? :sceptic:
  11. reamun

    Art work - Various ship drawings

    looks beautiful! thank you