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  1. Juniper7

    Feedback on Flag Packages

    In my humble opinion it's fine for the exp % and credits % flags to be sold in shop, although I'd really like if they were sold ingame for doubloons. I won't buy them in the shop for money, but ingame I just might buy them with extra doubloons I have lying around... As for the ones providing a boost in matches, I think they should remain only as a reward ingame, as they are a "pay2win" feature - yes a really minor one, but still nonetheless, a "pay2win" feature. I reckon that most players do not want any form of advantage ingame, that you can buy.
  2. Juniper7

    Mikasa in premium shop, is it good?

    I see what you did there, clever, haha! ;) I've only had one battle in the Mikasa so far, which was a tier 4 one, but she performed great anyways. Those secondaries really chew anyone coming too close. She can really take a beating too and the HE damage is superb on the main batteries. I don't know if I was lucky, but atleast around 6-7km the guns were quite accurate, I think atleast 50% of shots hit the target. She is a fun ship definately, pretty much the only bad part is her top speed.
  3. Juniper7

    Free Bonus Code Giveaway (2015-07-29)

    Yes, indeed thank you kind sir!
  4. Juniper7

    The game is now unplayable

    Erm, what? The maps are pretty much as small as possible already. This clearly isn't the game for you. I don't want to be mean, but something like Tetris might be more suitable for you?
  5. Juniper7

    Some ideas that could improve gameplay

    If I have understood correctly, the correct armour mechanics haven't been introduced yet. What we have currently is just a placeholder, so it wouldn't be too wise to balance all the ships HP now and then do it again when the armours are properly made...
  6. Juniper7

    "Sniper view"

    When I saw the "sniper view" on video before I had played the game, I thought the same as OP - it looked to me unrealistic and just kind of immersion breaking. But when I got to play it myself in CBT, I didn't even notice it or thought about it. In game it just feels so natural that you won't notice it.
  7. Juniper7

    Suggestion: New missions with cargo ships

    Well, those kinds of problems could be countered by having the escort battles available after reaching tier x (6-8?) and by having to manually enable it after going through a mandatory tutorial mission which you have to pass. I kind of doubt anything like that will happen, but in this way you would only have people playing the mode who especially want to. Ofcourse there would be the noobs still, but atleast everyone would know what to do... Oh and I definitely like the idea of escort missions, they would really go well with the naval setting.
  8. Juniper7

    Carrier based aircraft, the movement.

    Yeah, I agree completely. Make aircraft move more realistically, especially when performing torpedo runs, so that they have to fly straight for a longer time and at a lower altidute AND buff the dmg on their torpedos! EDIT: Ofcourse if needed, also tweak AA.
  9. Juniper7

    WoWS mods. Should they be allowed?

    I would really hate it, if things like a lead indicator mod etc will be made for WoWS. Just to be safe, I'd say no mods at all.
  10. Juniper7


    Erm, the free xp isn't linked with WOT at this point or atleast shouldn't be. Are you absolutely sure?
  11. Juniper7

    The destroyer problem.

    I haven't reached higher tiers yet, but from everything I've read and seen, you are pretty much spot on OP!
  12. You are correct. Wheter or not it's accurate to real ships, I do not know.
  13. Yup had the same happen to me, a couple of times the sounds came back in the middle of match, but other times I needed to disconnect or restart to get them back.
  14. Juniper7

    The "I can't deal with torpedo bombers" topic

    How fast were torpedos in real life btw? I don't really have a problem with torpedo planes, I think they are quite balanced. I would like it though if their attack runs would be a bit more realistic, as in take a bit longer and drop from lower altidute. If this would make them too vulnerable to AA, then change values there. So, mostly an immersion and visual thing, but also would need a bit more careful maneuvering of the planes...
  15. Juniper7

    sea mines

    That does surely sound interesting gameplay wise, Herman. I think the problem would be, that the maps are too small for that or you would have to limit the mines number heavily which would make the class kind of dull to play maybe...