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  1. There would then be nothing stopping carriers from obliterating each other in the 1st few mins of a match though. Maybe if they had a CAP that stayed within a few hundred meters of the home carrier purely for self defence it could work.
  2. SavageRat

    1st nerf of Conqueror and Lion published

    I wonder if they could generate a stat telling us how much damage each ship does that can NOT be healed back? Would give a better idea of real world effectiveness. Eg. GK has lower damage than Conq, but as it mostly fires AP due to it's poor HE, maybe it is actually a more effective damage dealer overall?
  3. SavageRat

    Jack Dunkirk

    Did everyone playing at the time have an equal opportunity to get Dunkirk? Yes. Will Wg bring out more opportunities for new players to get their own special captains? Yes, I believe they have stated this is their intention? So will new players be disadvantaged because they started playing late? No. They will have an equal opportunity to earn a Captain with similar but different skills. And seeing as you can only have one Captain in your ship at a time, they will not be disadvantaged. Will snowflakes keep demanding equality of result rather than equality of opportunity? Sadly most definitely.
  4. SavageRat

    Jack Dunkirk

    And you don't seem to understand the definition of "Reward". A reward is something special given to someone who makes an effort above and beyond the norm. It's not something given to every snowflake who thinks they're special because mommy says so. But this is what you get from the "Participation Trophy" generation.
  5. SavageRat

    Jack Dunkirk

    Advantage to the one ship you have him trained for, and premiums if you have them. People are carrying on like it's the end of the world.
  6. SavageRat

    Jack Dunkirk

    Boo hoo hoo. Info was all over the website, forum and social media. If you wanted him you would have made the (small) effort. Only now that his advantages are becoming widely known are people now complaining. Lesson learned, if something special is offered for very little effort then make the effort and don't come whining to the forum afterwards.
  7. SavageRat

    This is going to sound ungreatful WG, but

    Why is free stuff even expected on WoWs birthday? I spent a butt load more with Mazda, Toyota and Ktm over the last 2 years than anyone will ever spend on WoWs. Do I expect a free gift from them? Of course not. Put your sense of entitlement away and just show some gratitude.
  8. SavageRat

    Citadels are the dumbest game mechanic ever

    90% of Cruisers that I see get citadelled to death are either, stationary peaking out from an island, or sailing at a constant speed on a constant heading while shells are landing all around them. And funny enough it's those players who rage in chat. Ships zig zagged in rl for a reason...
  9. SavageRat

    HMS King George V

    Personally finding the guns very frustrating at the moment, maybe I'm getting bad Rng, but right now I'm getting - straddle, straddle, 0 dmg pens, straddle, straddle, bounce, overpen, straddle, straddle.
  10. SavageRat

    RNBB fire spam self fulfiling prophecy

    If as you say, you hardly ever get targeted then that can only mean. A) You are staying out of range. Or B) You are making sure that you are never on the front line. Those are the only things you have control over. So which is it? Back line, or letting others be the cannon fodder?
  11. SavageRat

    RNBB fire spam self fulfiling prophecy

    So then you are sitting at the back line firing at max range?
  12. SavageRat

    RNBB fire spam self fulfiling prophecy

    Fire as a balance mechanic has been shoehorned in to the game to give Ships with no or bad torps a presence in the game. It was a bad idea when it was introduced and it's still a bad idea. If Wg had started with Rn and Km (ie cruisers all had torps) we probably would never had this problem. Personally I'd like to see something else tried in a Public Test, like I said above, reduce the ability of a BB to fight efficiently, maybe introduce flooding damage from all the holes in the hull? And no I'm not saying that BBs should Lord over all other ships, but there must be a less frustrating way to make small calibre guns effective in the game.
  13. SavageRat

    RNBB fire spam self fulfiling prophecy

    Maybe, but it's something I'd like to see tried in a Public Test.
  14. SavageRat

    RNBB fire spam self fulfiling prophecy

    Funny that in Alpha and Cbt we didn't have this ridiculous fire mechanic, CL and CA were played alot more and the game was alot more fun? But dare to critize the wonderful fire mechanic and I'm a Bbaby?
  15. SavageRat

    RNBB fire spam self fulfiling prophecy

    Fire as mechanic for balance was always a stupid idea, it is unrealistic and frustrating to deal with in a game that should be fun. CLs with fast fire rates should cause damage like they would in real life. ie. reduce a BBs ability to fight efficiently. This would mean destroying AA and secondaries, radar, range finders, bridge and deck crew etc. In game - reducing accuracy, reducing vision range, AA and Secondary effectiveness, slow down response to steering and speed change etc.