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  1. Hi i've played since the game started and i'm looking for a UK based clan that uses either discord or TS. Im a mature player look for a no drama no bs clan my highest tier is 9.
  2. roguetrooperz

    How French are you?

    I'm Very Scottish but I do like French food does that count?
  3. roguetrooperz

    Update 0.6.4 Feedback - Overall Quality and Stability

    Unable to login in
  4. roguetrooperz

    Update 0.6.4 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Wont let me in even after I changed my password? help please
  5. roguetrooperz

    [SOS] Salty Old Sea Dogs are now recruiting. 18+

    Interested in joining pm me, may have another to join as well
  6. roguetrooperz

    Picking the sub freezes the client

    Yup happened to me to
  7. roguetrooperz

    UK Skiper looking for UK fleet

    hi looking for a uk based fleet or as near gmt as you get preferably who team up and use teamspeak.
  8. roguetrooperz

    Looking for UK time zone clan

    thanks for the invites now in a clan ty all
  9. roguetrooperz

    Looking for UK time zone clan

    Hi myself and one other are looking for an active Uk time zone English speaking clan who are looking for mature players.